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Mobile security


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Mobile security

  1. 1.  are convenient and easy to use
  2. 2. Juniper Networks today released a study concerned with potential threats to mobile technology, revealing a 400 percent increase inAndroid malware. The study also found that bothenterprise and consumer mobile devices are beingexposed to a record number of security threats, including highly targeted Wi-Fi attacks.
  3. 3. One of the most unsettling findings of the study was the fact that the greatest distribution point for mobile malware is the application download. With the 400-percent increase of Android malware, now would be as good a time as any to choose an antivirus app.Still, the vast majority of mobile users neglect to employ any form of antivirus software ontheir mobile devices. And Android isn’t the only medium under attack, either. According to a different study from AVG Technologies,Facebook (along with Android) has seen a huge jump in malicious campaigns, specifically three times that of last year.
  4. 4. The study also revealed the risks of SMS, which isparticularly upsetting, as it is the most used activityon a cell phone for about a million years running, andmay just be the preferred form of communication in the next few years. To that end, it is certainly worth noting that 17 percent of all reported infections came from SMSTrojans, which sent texts to premium rate numbers, incurring major charges to the victims. The study also mentioned that 20 percent of all teens admit to sending explicit or inappropriate material from a mobile device.
  5. 5.  Mobile computing devices can store large amounts of data  highly portable  How mobile device are unprotected ?!
  6. 6.  How mobile device are unprotected ?!• They are easy to steal or lose unless precautions are taken an unauth can gain access to the information stored on them or accessed through• Even if not stolen or lost, intruders can sometimes gain all the access they need if the device is left alone and unprotected• if data is "sniffed out of the air" during wireless communications, or if malware is installed.  The results can include crippled devices, personal data loss, and disciplinary actions for the device owner
  7. 7.  The best way to protect your data is to remove unnecessary data from your computer. In particular, Prohibited data should not be stored on your system or device unless you have explicit permission from the Data Governance Board to do so. Prohibited data includes items such as Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, or checking account numbers. tack scheduled back up using cloud service throw mobile Apps
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