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Tips on delivering a good presentation

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  • Presentataion tips

    1. 1. Presentation Tips dennis pipper
    2. 2. AvoidBuilt-in themes
    3. 3. Beautiful Photos stand-out
    4. 4. Solid Colors Dark are best
    5. 5. Use Quality Fonts Classic, Formal Clean, Modern Stylish, Thoughtful Ugly, Unprofessional
    6. 6. Break up your presentation
    7. 7. Break up your presentation
    8. 8. WatchReadability
    9. 9. Keep it Simple Point OneLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur aEtiam eu ultricies diam. Proin in libero ac lectus facilisis tempor eget a quam. In laciniarhoncus orci non blandit. Nullam viverra iaculis feugiat. Integer egestas viverra metus, sedrhoncus nisi eleifend ut. Ut in turpis ligula, vel gravida massa. Aenean mollis vehiculalobortis. Morbi commodo posuere erat, eget aliquet eros tincidunt vel. Donec suscipit quam innibh interdum tempus. Donec in arcu a ipsum blandit suscipit. Nullam laoreet, est in rutrumpellentesque, nisl est lobortis mi, at sollicitudin tellus urna et purus. Phasellus lacus massa,iaculis sit amet scelerisque a, ornare eu justo. Mauris volutpat porttitor diam, consequatvulputate felis aliquam id. Pellentesque at diam vitae orci semper fermentum egetconsectetur leo. Point TwoLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi massa eros, viverra acrhoncus sit amet, semper a nisi. Praesent luctus erat sed felis egestas volutpat. Proin auctorvolutpat pharetra. Vivamus dui massa, euismod sit amet sodales ut, dapibus non arcu. Duisipsum lectus, auctor ut facilisis in, facilisis sed velit. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litoratorquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Sed eu magna velit. Donec eget liberonon ante aliquet pulvinar ac a dolor. Integer vel ante ut ante mollis tempor. Aenean accumsanullamcorper mi blandit pellentesque. Donec diam lorem, volutpat sed egestas in, venenatis eteros. Donec suscipit, quam nec dapibus mollis, neque leo pretium dolor, sed placerat urnaqua
    10. 10. Let’s make moneyHere’s how we’ll do itPoint OnePoint Two
    11. 11. • Avoid too many bullet points• It really detracts from the speaker• People spend more time reading than listening• It is hard to follow• Bullet points are a nice way to summarize• but can be overused• Keep the list to 3 points, with 5 maximum• The list can get out of control quickly
    12. 12. Describe Your Data 9% 1%15% Reading the Chart Watching Me Currently on Facebook Calculating to 100% 75%
    13. 13. Be sure to make a“thank you” slide
    14. 14. Share yourpresentation
    15. 15. Thank You!dennis pipperfamily@pipper.net