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Expanding the Human Possibilities in the Connected World, IoT Israel 2014


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A presentation by Alexander Mathieu the Head of Strategy Development at Nokia Networks at the IoT Israel conference 2014

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Expanding the Human Possibilities in the Connected World, IoT Israel 2014

  1. 1. 1 © Nokia 2014 Dr. Alexander MathieuHead of Strategy Development, Nokia Networks Leveraging the Internet of Things to expand the human possibilities in the connected world
  2. 2. 2 © Nokia 2014 Nokia Technologies Nokia Networks HERE
  3. 3. To expand the human possibilities of the connected world
  4. 4. 4 © Nokia 2014 The programmable world and internet of things <Change information classification in footer> Today Internet 2025 • < 5 Billion connected people • Humans main contributor to traffic • Some internet, video • 50 Billion ‘things’ connected • <50% of ‘things’ traditional devices • Multiple sources of data, manifold signaling • Huge amount of internet, video
  5. 5. 02/12/2014 5 Copyright 2014 Nokia -File Name -Version -Creator -ID For internal use The new Nokia combines an unique combination of expertise, assets, and customer relationships to be successful in the Internet of Things Networks •Deep understanding of connectivity and operator system landscape •(Multivendor)-integration capabilities regarding Network components •Trusted relationships with all major operators HERE •Data-rich map content, applications, geo-location services •Direct access to > 80% of all automotive OEMs •Sales channels and capabilities to sell to Enterprises TECH •Patents on sensor technologies •Unique understanding of the behaviour of sensors
  6. 6. 02/12/2014 6 Copyright 2014 Nokia -File Name -Version -Creator -ID For internal use There are already some use cases in which we have shown that the unique combination creates value and a differentiating proposition Belle Isle, Detroit, USA Honda cars drivingon track Nokia LTE base station with Radio Applications Cloud Server Car simulator withFraunhoferonboard unit Evolved PacketCore Tablet to represent othercars receiving hazard warnings 1 2 3 Hard brake events Continuous updates on events Hazardwarning propagation to other traffic participants •Hazard warnings in real time •Coverage of a national road system with minimal investment •No need for high penetration of ITSG5- enabled cars to relay messages from one to another, works also „beyond the horizon“ •Leveraging Nokia‘s Liquid Apps technology to achieve latency of < 100ms
  7. 7. 7 © Nokia 2014