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IoT Seminar (Oct. 2016) Jong Young Lee - MDS Technology


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OMA Seminar/Webinar, October 27, 2016, "How Developers Can Get the Most Out of IoT Standards and Tools" - Presentation #7 from Jong-Young Lee, Director, R&D Group, MDS Technology

"NEO-IDM (New IOT Device management) platform based on LWM2M protocol"

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IoT Seminar (Oct. 2016) Jong Young Lee - MDS Technology

  1. 1. NEO-IDM (New IoT Device Management) Platform Based on LwM2M MDS Technology Jong-Young Lee ( TM “Public Material”
  2. 2. Neo-IDM Overview
  3. 3. NEO-IDM Platform NEO-IDM Platform is • IOT Platform for monitoring, configuration, controlling, gathering data and update IOT devices • Based on International standard(OMA LWM2M, IETF CoAP) protocol • Providing Toolkit and Engineering Service to IOT customers CoAP SDK LwM2M SDK Management Server Things Gateway/Device Server Platform Things/Sensors Devices Gateway Gateway Gateway Management App IOT App LwM2M LwM2M LwM2M RESTful API CoAP CoAP
  4. 4. Any Device, Any Network, Any Service LwM2M Gateway CS 1 CS 2 CC P LC LwM2M Device CoAP CoAP I/O Edge Device Edge Device LwM2M Server (Device/Data) IWP RESTful API LwM2M LwM2M LwM2M LwM2M AMQP CS:CoAP Server, CC:CoAP Client, P:Proxy, LC:LwM2M Client, IWP: Interworking Proxy CoAP SDK CoAP SDK LwM2M SDK LwM2M SDK IWP SW LwM2M Server Azure LwM2M Framework RESTful API IOT WebApp NEO-IDM Any Device Any Network Any Network Any Service Any Device IOT WebApp LCHAL
  5. 5. 5 NEO-IDM Framework SW 1 2 3Scalability Connectivity DM Application(FOTA+) Advantages
  6. 6. NEO-IDM Framework SW 6 NEO-IDM Framework SW can provide customers with Connectivity between LwM2M and IOT Hub, Both Data and Device Management Application and Scalability based on Azure IOT Suite
  7. 7. NEO-IDM Solution Professional ServiceToolkit Design CoAP SDK LwM2M SDK IWP LwM2M Server Azure LwM2M IoT Web App Engineering Service P2P (Port to Production) Testing System Integration SaaS One-stop IoT Data & Device Management Solution Secure Modules Neo-Falcon IoRT
  8. 8. NEO-IDM Use Cases
  9. 9. NEO-IDM Demo System Demo Kits (NEO-IDM Client) NEO-IDM Server Platform OMA Test Server (Leshan) Azure IoT DM Solution LwM2M Server NEO-IDM Demo App PTC IoT DM Solution RESTful API RESTful API LWM2M LWM2M  Data Management (Rx/Save/Analyze/Forecast)  Device Management (Diagnostic/Control/FOTA) Gateway & Smart Device Smart Home Demo Kit 1 Neo-Falcon & Smart Device NEOS-SP1 Furo-IDM Smart Home Demo Kit 2
  10. 10. NEOS-IoT Security Platform Features:  Hardware Based Security by TPM (Trusted Platform Module)  Secure Firmware Update to check Signature of Firmware Image  Secure Boot to check Signature of OS image  Standard Device Management (Neo-IDM)  Wireless Connectivity of WiFi and etc.
  11. 11. NEO-IDM Neo Falcon
  12. 12. Smart Home Demo 12 NEO-IDM Server Platform Azure IoT DM Solution LwM2M Server NEO-IDM Smart Home Demo-Kit Demo App RESTful API › Home Security Door lock, Camera snapshot › HW Control Light, FAN, Gas valve Control › Monitoring Camera, Gas, Power, Ambient, Dust Sensor › LBS Person, Car, Location Base Tracking › Automation Interaction between ambient sensor and light, gas sensor and valve › FOTA Alternative Download Feature Neo-Falcon Light On!
  13. 13. Smart Home Reference System (MWC2016) LWM2M Server Interworking Proxy IoT Server IoT Server Platform (MDS) IoT Server Platform (MDS) LWM2M LWM2M OR DEMO BOX OR
  14. 14. NEO-IDM for Smart Home Robot
  15. 15. CoAP SDKRTU/DCU Gateway Ifgd (LWM2M) Ifpg (LWM2M) LWM2M Server Server #1 Server #2 LWM2M Gateway SDK LWM2M Server Sensor 1 Sensor 2 Sensor 3 Sample App RESTful eIoT Device eIoT Gateway eIoT Platform eIoT Server ... CoAP Observe Cancel Control (CoAP) Information Inquiry (CoAP) Notify CoAP Subscribe (CoAP Observe) eIOT Device Registration(CoAP-RD) eIOT Device Update(CoAP-RD) Notify CoAP Information Response (CoAP) Cancel ... Control (LWM2M/CoAP) Information Inquiry (LWM2M/CoAP) Notify (LWM2M/CoAP) Observe (LWM2M/CoAP) eIOT GW Cancellation(LWM2M/CoAP) eIOT GW Update(LWM2M/CoAP) Information Response (LWM2M/CoAP) REST API (HTTP) Notify (LWM2M/CoAP) eIOT GW Registration(LWM2M/CoAP) Firmware Update(LWM2M/CoAP) Firmware Download Status Update & Reboot Update Result Result Inquiry << Features>>  eIoT GW Registration/Cancel  Sensor Data Management  Device Monitoring and Control  Firmware Update KEPCO SPIN(Smart Power IOT Network)
  16. 16. NEO-IDM for Window Devices RMS NeoIDM Server Platform FURo NeoIDM LWM2M NEO-IDM
  17. 17. NEO-IDM for Smart Airport(IoRT)IOTdevices-Information IoT Devices Information CourseA CourseB CourseC CourseD 1. Airport Information ① Airport Map ② Airline 2. IoT Device Information ① Light ② Temperature 1. NEO-IDM Platform ① IoT device monitoring ② IoT device control 2. Information BigData ① Airport data ② Airline data ③ Etc
  18. 18. 18 Ecosystem Business expansion MDS Ecosystem Total IOT Service Platform MDS Existing Ecosystem MDS NEO-IDM MDS Existing Customers $14.4T (By 2022) New Ecosystem 1 #1 Embedded SW VAR in Korea
  19. 19. Main office 3 & 4FL. Hancom Tower, 49, Daewangpangyo-ro 644 Beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 463-400, Republic of Korea R&D Center 9FL. Pangyo Seven Venture Valley, 17, Pangyo-ro 228 Beon-gil Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 463-400, Republic of Korea MDS Technology Co., Ltd. Thank you