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Design2Disrupt: Hannu Kauppinen - The Programmable World


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Design2Disrupt: Hannu Kauppinen - The Programmable World

Published in: Technology
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Design2Disrupt: Hannu Kauppinen - The Programmable World

  1. 1. NOKIA REINVENTED Leadership in technologies for a programmable world Hannu Kauppinen, VP, Head of Labs, Nokia Technologies
  2. 2. Over the years Nokia has constantly reinvented itself Nokia Journey to Date Nokia founded Expansion to Branching out The mobile Focus on Acquisitions of New chapter for Nokia as a wood pulp new industries to electronics era begins mobile phones Gate 5 Navteq - Full ownership of NSN mill - Divestment of Devices & Services 18‘65 1898 1979 1992 2006 2008 2013 2014 h . ‘~’J‘~ : . "ii -2!‘ l v (C) E; ;.: .. - ‘ ,7’ o 9.1 l - m 1‘-‘M NAVTEQ Microsoft /7:’ RIDKIA l! DK| A E ‘ ‘G: 03-‘ " (onnemxg People
  3. 3. A—' -4'—d-. J.. &.—. .. J3 ‘TDTECHNOLOGIES IN A » 1 woRLDi, :wHERE EVERYBODY AND 1 WEVEBYTHING WILL BEgg; ;sy "%CoNNEcTED *3:
  4. 4. A PROFOUND TECHNOLOGICAL SHIFT Notjust quantitatively greater, but qualitatively different Q Billions of sensors Intelligent software Improved lives Trillions of connections Cloud analytics Massive data flows Insight and automation
  5. 5. NEW HUMAN POTENTIAL Adapt the network to the traffic carries - ’ I ' Bringing content and applications to the edge of the network
  6. 6. NEW HUNl. £I. il POTENTIAL Roadworks ahead! 1km| eft| aneclosure Trafficlncident gm . ... .. RoadworksAhead " ‘ ‘ " Warning! Speed safely adjusted, vehicle sensors , _ « detect immediate obstruction ahead = s . . . ,. _ : | 4 Route updated, Chan] lanes to avoid cong
  8. 8. NETWORKS . TECHNOLOGIES ‘fig w End-to-end mobile Making the map of the future the Advanced R&D and IP for licensing broadband and services source of location intelligence and new product businesses
  10. 10. Programmable world brings life to physical objects Programmable World builds on the lntemet of Things to To reach the Programmable World with seamless create intelligent and programmable solutions intelligence, we need to Connect 1000x of sensors, actuators and ' '°8'a'""‘3b'° everyday devices and objects to each other and w°"d ‘Pm to a cloud. .. Intelligent, autonomous and re- programmable Enabling future devices to become nternet of things autonomous and cooperative without human intervention. .. . ..Leading to a world with devices and things capable of adapting to real world situations and learning through experience 8 of connections, amount data Generations of Connectivity, time
  11. 11. Programmable world will be present in Our everyday lives in the future She is woken up by her smartwatch that infonns of recovery from yesterday's training and the day's main events. Her intelligent home infomis of placing a grocery order based on her preferences. . ..After work, she goes to the gym where her training program has been updated based on her daily activities and current wellbeing. She retums home where she finds groceries delivered automatically. A typical day in the life of Jane Doe in 2025 . ..Shejumps into an automated car and reads the moming news from her tablet that she folds open from her pocket. The car adjusts the route based on probability of congestion and weather. .. . .At work, an automated concierge shows her desk ' . today which is automatically adjusted to Her first meeting is held in a 3D virtual meeting room with colleagues from China
  12. 12. 5G — 10.000x Internet Lots of small cells needed, which brings major opex challenges for mobile operators. Potential for new operators in small cells. Spectrum up to 100 GHz and wide bandwidth >1 GHz enable ° ' ' ’ 1 _- data rates above 1..10 Gbps. Also low bands below 700 MHz } _I_ _ I. "__. ; ~ - I‘ I ‘ 4G and 5G technologies dominate public and outdoor due to _ J12. ,1~. _; _ ‘ optimized perfonnance — potentially also indoors. WIFI home ' I "/ ’ and enterprise indoor solution. Data consumption driven by video and virtual presence and by , Higher spectrum (up to 100 GHZ) more connected devices - More bandwidth (>1 GHz. 25x) Devices include smart glasses, connected cars, virtual reality . A 10; more gens Wm, shod range (100, more cefls) goggles’ video surveillance - More MIMO antennas (10x more at mmWave) Speed is a feature - tactlle Internet and cloud applications - Different radio for access and backhaul (no mesh) '°““"° "°'Y '°‘” 'a‘e"°‘°5 - 3GPP (40/so) track and IEEE (WiFi) tracks 12 NDKIA
  13. 13. 5G will enhance various aspects of our lives and businesses / -‘1 i H Smart eyewear provides a Opportunity: -Growing device market -Service market ldoud) and advertising Technological requirements: -Connectivity -Video analytics and AV coders - Machine leaming -ifirtuai presence and UX 4+ , V L» . ' 7 ‘ “'96/:0 warnings Translate text (/ )_"er/ ay are interesting M info Calendar aps window to Programmable world ‘G Smart wireless robots available 0 1° changes manufacturing Opportunitw -Manufacturing represent -15% of 19T$ loT market -Autonomous warehouse vehides Tedmologlcal requirements: -Computer vision and machine leaming -Communication (Low latency, ultra reliable) - Mechanics and power management 6'3 PW enabling precision agriculture Opporhmitin -Agriculture -6% of the 19T$ | oT market -E-agriculture -Vertical farming Technological requirements: -Connectivity (long range 8. low power) -Data mining and machine leaming -Energy harvesting -Sensing and actuation Maximize Collect Yield data
  14. 14. Choose Shoes 420 The Street West
  15. 15. .. .,. .,. -1-. -., '¢1’? V.». L ‘
  16. 16. NOKIA TECHNOLOGIES Advanced R&D and IP licensing for a connected world Expand our Help other companies successful IP benefit from our licensing program breakthrough innovations through technology licensing Explore new technologies for use in our potential future products and services
  17. 17. seasons 305 90019 onicnina gfosflggfil LEADER IN TECHNOLOGIES FOR A CONNECTED C ecti b’| l' f I d . . . . . devcitlgs mggugglggzgrslfiiesginagbile Location intelligence Advanced R&D and IP licensing broadband and Services connecting the world for a connected world Deep and loyal base of customers Extraordinary people and a proven leadership team Strong financial foundation and capability to invest Powerful global brand Commitment to responsibility and trust
  18. 18. IIDKIA