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Israel's First Internet of Things Conference


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Did you know that by 2020 there will be 30 billion connected devices?! Internet of Things (IoT) is a world where 'things', both physical and vitual, are linked, and is set to transform daily life as we know it. This exclusive, invitation-only event brought together global thought leaders and business executives who are passionate about innovation and the advancement of technology.

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Israel's First Internet of Things Conference

  1. 1. Thank You to our Sponsors and Partners Partners: Orange, Telefonica, GM, RoboSavvy, Moovit, Media Partners: Geektime, Levy Shapiro, IATI, IGT, Mobile Monday, Garage Geeks Special Thanks: Yossi Vardi, Avner Goren, Talia Rafaeli, Karmit Alon, Shai Windman
  2. 2. Agenda – Welcome & IoT Infrastructure Time Topic Speaker 14:00-14:10 Welcome Eran Wagner Partner, Gemini Israel Ventures 14:10-14:20 Opening Yossi Vardi Chief 14:20-14:40 Networks for the IoT Volker Ziegler Chief Architect, NSN 14:40-15:00 IoT Connectivity Avi Baum CTO, TI 15:00-15:20 Small Data Keith Saft VP M2M Innovation, Telefonica 15:20-15:40 Panel: Starting an IoT Venture Itay Frishman Lawyer, GKH Law 15:40-16:10 Break
  3. 3. Agenda – Application of the IoT Time Topic Speaker 16:10-16:40 Wearables Patrice Slupowski VP Innovation, Orange 16:40-17:00 Internet of Vehicles Barak Hershkovitz Head of OnStar Europe, GM 17:00-17:20 Moovit – Sensing Public Transport Nir Erez CEO, Moovit 17:20-17:40 Robotics, 3D Printing and the IoT Limor Schweitzer CEO, RoboSavvy 17:40-18:00 Internet of Wine Gil Eiges VP Innovation, Amdocs 18:00-18:30 Startup Roundtable Amir Lahat 18:30-19:00 Drinks
  4. 4. What is the Internet of Things?
  5. 5. St. Peter’s 2005
  6. 6. St. Peter’s 2013
  7. 7. Better Life Through Connectivity Source:
  8. 8. The Internet of Things Israel 2013 Blugic 10
  9. 9. Why Israel?  Interdisciplinary, innovative engineering approach (HW/SW) • Deep semiconductor knowhow • Excellence in communication technology • Great software development capabilities  Experience in relevant fields such as • Motors and motor control, movement planning • Big data analytics, AI, “machine learning” • Sensors and machine Vision  Great product design knowledge  Developing consumer orientation  Vibrant eco-system including entrepreneurs, startups, multinationals, academia, investors, design houses, government 11
  10. 10. Thank You 12
  11. 11. The Future of Networks 1st Israel Internet of Things Conference Volker Ziegler Chief Architect December 18, 2013 For internal use ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. The mobile Internet of Things will continue to grow exponentially 3D, high- and ultra-high definition screens Video integrated everywhere Digital universe continues to grow exponentially Everything from and on the cloud Billions of connected objects Mobile networks are able to connect 50 billion self-aware devices and with millisecond latency profitably For internal use 2 ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. NSN Technology Vision 2020 HSPA+ Utilizing new bands LTE HSPA to limits WiFi offload Small cells & HetNet 5G radio and flexible spectrum use LTE-A Unbreakable IP Core, VoLTE Reduce latency to milliseconds Intelligent Broadband Open Core, Liquid Apps Telco apps into cloud and cloud in Telco networks Multi-domain and multi-vendor SON SON and CEM integrated SON CEM as a service Software defined infrastructure (cloud & network) Reinvent Telcos for the cloud Teach networks to be self-aware SON for HetNets Big data and AI Cognitive networks and services Flatten total energy consumption For internal use 3 Support up to 1000 times more capacity ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved. Personalize network experience
  14. 14. Support up to 1000 times more capacity Paving the way to support up to… MIMO & adv. receiver Carrier Aggregation Advanced macros Smart Scheduler New bands HetNet management eCoMP ASA Flexible small cells … times more capacity For internal use 4 ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved. 1000x capacity
  15. 15. Reinvent Telcos for the cloud Enabling the Mobile Internet of Things an Agile, Programmable Network Infrastructure Exponential growth of data and devices On-demand resources • Pooling • Elasticity NFV*/ Cloud orchestration Experience • Decentralization when needed • Quality guarantee Drastic reduction of TCO per GB needed Network intelligence Telco Cloud Cloud computing Network experience becomes a revenue driver Automation • Abstraction • Unification • Centralization SDN* Agility • Programmability • Open interfaces • Design for failure Faster innovation cycles for topline growth *) NFV: Network Function Virtualization; SDN: Software-Defined Networking For internal use 5 ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Reducing latency to milliseconds Key Innovations brought to life (pre-commercial) Reduce latency to milliseconds Sufficient bandwidth Average time to load a video frame > Israel innovation competition to foster ecosystem around Liquid Applications > Cache control enhancements to Liquid Applications framework > Liquid Applications on the cloud 200 ms 150 ms HD 100 ms 50 ms HD SD > 5G research 0 ms HSPA LTE 5G For internal use 6 ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Liquid Applications build the long-term mobile IoT platform for a wealth of rich low latency applications Computing & storage in the BTS Low latency and distributed processing, lower cost of delivery Caching for backhaul relief & step change in video experience Reduce latency to milliseconds Time to start 720 HD video 15 sec. Liquid Applications: 5 sec. Radio data exposure and export Real time, fine granular network context – unexploited to date Standard IT environment Contextualizing applications with real-time networks data Rapid development and flexible application lifecycle management Applications connectivity Ability to export data to/from external applications platforms Augmented reality delivered from the curbside M2M relief: Pre-process locally to reduce upstream traffic and signaling For internal use 7 ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Cognitive Networks to Optimize Connected Device Experience Business optimization Utilize big data and machine intelligence technologies Configuration management Network / Devices Mobile network as a tool for business model transformation Business insight Experience optimization Network optimization Drive experience optimization with business goals Experience insight Performance metrics Networks Experience metrics Users and Things Business metrics Define business metrics and analyze business insights Revenue For internal use 8 Personalize network experience ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Personalize network experience Insight based Optimization of the mobile Internet of Things Dynamically adjusting Policy and Radio settings Insight based traffic steering Insight based dynamic profile management Intelligently steers users between multiple radio technologies (3G, LTE, WiFi) in HetNet environments Provides personalized network experience for high value customers during unpredictable & heavy data Trigger on insight Monitor user ? Lightly loaded network LTE 2600 UMTS 2100 Indoor sites Promote usage Differentiate experience Heavily loaded network <- IbOO -> Dynamic profile management Monetize with personalization LTE 800 WiFi GSM Efficient network utilization Monitor Differentiated experience Restore Profitable data delivery For internal use 9 Optimize ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. Innovations to build the Mobile Internet of Things with Millisecond Latency LTE for Stadiums ASA Liquid Applications Cloud Framework Service Productivity Learning Machine mmWave backhaul Localized content delivery Virtualized network element Big data platform Insight based Optimization Digital self portal orchestration For internal use 10 ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. Thank you For internal use 11 ©2013 Nokia Solutions and Networks. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. The That Matters OR Embedded Thinking Avi Baum, CTO Connectivity, TI Israel Dec, 2013
  23. 23. How Many Internets Are There? Knowledge (static) Services (dynamic) Internet of People (Users) Internet of Machines (M2M) IoT - One Internet For All
  24. 24. Node Range Connectivity Technologies At-A-Glance LTE 900 MHz Proprietary RF Supply Capacity [mAh]: No Supply Low Cap. 200mAh (Coin cell) 300 M Med Cap. 2000mAh Z-Wave 802.11ah Hi Cap. / AC Power 802.11ac 802.11b 802.11g, n 802.15.4 @ 900 MHz Cost [USD]: 100 M <1 802.11a 802.15.4 @ 2.4 GHz 1–2 Bluetooth 10 M 2 – 10 BLE EnOcean > 10 1M RFID 100 Kbps 1 Mbps 10 Mbps 100 Mbps 1 Gbps IoT should allow connectivity agnostic fabric Throughput
  25. 25. Venues Wearables for wellness, health care Personal On-the-Go Cars, roadsides for smart cities Industrial Sensors for production line management and efficiency Infrastructure Metering for building management systems and smart grid IoT solutions should allow venue agnostic fabric
  26. 26. Challenges Energy Should not impose change of power supply No change of energy class Communication Introduces Inherent Overheads In many typical applications the amount of information to transmit is significantly lower than the total bits over the air Need to ensure positive energetic balance Devices cannot consume more than they are supposed to save Source: Zonoff consumer survey (Nov, ‘13)
  27. 27. Challenges Security More endpoints create more penetration options New usage models create new threats capabilities that were not considered remotely accessible, may now become accessible State of the art Security is bare necessity
  28. 28. Challenges Data Client Window Size More endpoints mean higher density resulting in demand for capacity New usage schemes entail new routing paths Large amounts of data create storage need Real network latency introduces a challenge to limited resource systems
  29. 29. Challenges Simplicity & Cost Simplicity and Cost constitute ~85% of the reasons consumers avoid connected devices Connectivity should not be treated as a capability but rather a main virtue of the product Requires seamless operation at minimal cost adder Today, the expectation is more significantly less then $10 Source: Zonoff consumer survey (Nov, ‘13)
  30. 30. Turning Challenges into Opportunities Energy Lots of nodes enable lower energy per node Distributed system topology translates into distributed power dissipation Large number of nodes Higher node density Lower node-to-node average distance Lower per-node power consumption
  31. 31. Turning Challenges into Opportunities Security Many devices allow redundancy for missioncritical system to better handle DoS attacks Distributed topologies enable multi-channel cross-checks making it harder to penetrate No single data store Sensitive data can be distributed There is no single place to attack in order to gain access to the data
  32. 32. Turning Challenges into Opportunities Data Wide deployment introduce more routing paths May give rise to mesh and mesh-resembling topologies The volatile nature of collected data can be leveraged to improve storage demand and reduce capacity needs Localized consumer-producer traffic result in offload from loaded network routes
  33. 33. TI Enables IoT Today! Breadth System Cost Security Low-Power Large portfolio of products in wide range of wireless technologies High focus on reference design and total solution cost Product inherent ultimate security Use case aware design • Low power & long range • Low power mesh network • Proprietary and open protocols Simplicity End-to-end integrated solutions w/standard, minimalistic interfaces • Smart metering and lighting • Metering, security systems • Moving into home automation • Fast – 10Mbps++ • Direct internet connection • Home & Enterprise apps • Lowest power • Connect to tablet/phone • Moving to industrial, automotive • Data over power lines (OFDM) • Developed for smart grid • Lighting, solar, appliances • Fast, low latency Ethernet • Real-time industrial control • Information technology IEEE P1901.2 2.4GHz Enabling IoT. Today. IEEE 802.15.4
  34. 34. Emerging Technology Trends  Silicon technology evolvement • Zero leakage devices • Near-zero dissipation active materials  Energy supply advancements • High-capacity, low-volume batteries • Nano-batteries & cheaper super capacitors • Energy harvesting and ‘harvest at the source’ concepts  SW • SWARM concept for large-scale distributed programming  Data • Efficient stochastic routing for dense deployments • New approaches to pattern detection and clustering of locally distributed data
  35. 35. The biggest Challenge/Opportunity of all..  A mindset shift • The source for x10s billion devices in 2020 • How can I use it? What is it good for? Embedded Thinking  Perpetual motion: Existing Devices Connectivity New services New use cases New usage models  Existing devices revamped New data patterns Demand for new devices
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Small data is the new big Keith Saft Telefonica Digital
  38. 38. Small data
 is information generated 
 by machines and equipment. And by acting on 
 this small data 
 you can achieve 
 meaningful results.
  39. 39. The new value of connected machines Expand Services With small data you can make usage, output, or outcomes the cornerstone of your business model. Optimize Processes Making decisions with real data is the best way to optimize, monetize, and ensure consistency. Reduce Costs Catch performance issues before they become problems that require costly fixes or downtime.
  40. 40. A concrete producer optimizes his supply chain
  41. 41. A deli supply company expands her business
  42. 42. A vintner reduces costs & waste
  43. 43. A small example Fan running? Thermostat working? Cargo? Door open? I can fix that...
 Turning on the I’m
 getting   too hot! Now 
 I’m cool
  44. 44. Small data is
 knowing hot from cold Context Engine BLNK translates raw sensor data into something meaningful based on the what’s being measured. Smart Sensors capture what’s happening and send it on. -15º 4º The ice cream is just right The drinks are getting too cold Dashboards & Actions
 show you the big picture and let you act “auto-magically”
  45. 45. The story of BLNK 
 & 500 fuel tanks
  46. 46. Realtime human readable data allows new services to be offered
  47. 47. By embedding knowledge you can optimize tank servicing
  48. 48. By embedding knowledge you can optimize tank servicing
  49. 49. Being context-aware saves time and resources Primary tank
  50. 50. Being context-aware saves time and resources Backup tank
  51. 51. Thank-you ;-) And check us out:
  52. 52. The Rise of the Wearables Patrice Slupowski @slupowski -Dec 18th, 2013 – Tel Aviv – IoT Israel
  53. 53. Story continues in 2013 6
  54. 54. Every five years a word is dominating the CE industry 1990 : Portable 1995 : Digital 2000 : Connected 2005 : Mobile 2010 : Smart … 2015 : Wearable ? 7
  55. 55. From a floor to your eye: an history of computing Digital Analog 1960 8 1980 1990 2015?
  56. 56. Smartphones are incorporating more and more sensors 9
  57. 57. Sensors price decrease open the way to the internet of things 10
  58. 58. Wearables vs Smartphones  Why not smartphones only ? – – – –  Why not wearables only ? – – – – 11 Weight Accuracy Power Battery life No display Lack of interface Cost Battery life for communication
  59. 59. From a modular smartphone…. …to a hub.
  60. 60. Internet of Things is the next digital revolution wearable cameras sport tracking wellness and e-health smart Clothing motion and brain trackers smart Watches smart Glasses 300 to 500 million devices sales per year in 20172018 according to ABI research compared to 1,7 billion smartphones Mobile is core and the communication hub 13
  61. 61. Cameras 14
  62. 62. Cameras 15
  63. 63. Sport tracking : Devices … 16
  64. 64. Wearables subgroup : sport, wellness and health Sportives, health & beauty-conscious, geeks Misfit Shine Jawbone Consumers as patients GlucoDock iBGStar Withings Nike Carers Withings Fitbit AMBER Alert Withings Fitbit Tagg Remee 17 Equinoxe
  65. 65. More activity and sleep trackers… Larklife Basis Live Smarter Simple. Strong . Wearable SUPERCHARGE YOUR DAY. Loop WakeMate The activity tracker that makes you move. 18 Shine Wake up fresh, sleep smarter iHealth Activity & Sleep Tracker
  66. 66. More health devices… iHealth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Kinsa Thermometer An Even Lighter BP Monitor Wireless Wonder Know More. Keep Your Family Healthier. Medisina GlucoDock My personal blood sugar assistant. 19 Sanofi iBGStar A meter with style, to match your lifestyle.
  67. 67. More devices… HAPIfork Beam Brush Lumoback Eat Slowly - Lose Weight - Feel Great Brush Smart! Meet LUMOback, the Smart Posture & Movement Feedback System Release: Q4 2013 Release: 2013 Muse Breathometer OMsignal The Brainwave sensing headband A Smartphone Breathalyzer Bio-sensing clothing for everyday life Release: ? Release: Q4 2013 20 Release: Q1 2014 Scanadu & Scanaflo Finally, you can know yourself best. Release: Q1 2014 Smart Sock Fitness Tracker Wellness. Reinvented. Release: Q1 2014
  68. 68. Smart clothing 21
  69. 69. Motion and brain trackers : new interfaces 22
  70. 70. Motion and brain trackers 23
  71. 71. Motion and brain trackers : board of imagination 24
  72. 72. Motion and brain trackers : new interfaces 25
  73. 73. Smart watches : Basis vs Pebble 26
  74. 74. Smart Glasses 27
  75. 75. 28
  76. 76. 29
  77. 77. Analysts are betting on those devices success   Are there more devices than customers ?  30 300 to 500 million devices sales per year in 2017-2018 according to ABI research compared to 1 billion smartphones For wellness today’s customer are already doing sport, are technophile, have money to spare for fun and are very concerned with wellbeing. Tomorrow the chase for public health
  78. 78. 32
  79. 79. 33
  80. 80. Sleep tracking 34
  81. 81. Early-user typology Types Objectives Sportive Geek Test, app development Heath-conscious Self-knowledge, healthy life Patient Risk prevention, disease management Carer 35 Performance, risk-management, socialization Monitoring of dependent people (e.g. child, elderly, handicapped)
  82. 82. Health insurers' health prevention programs have started leveraging apps and devices In 2012, Aetna's CEO Mark Bertolini said it is no longer in the insurance business, it is in the information business. In 2013, Aetna launched CarePass, an iPhone app and website for managing your fitness 36
  83. 83. Are wearables useful or scary ? Health improvement Big brother People (& pet) safety Hacking Home automation Bugs Energy management Attention dispersion 37
  84. 84. • • control thanks to a personal dashboard • transparency • 38 security support for all its customers and users
  85. 85. Orange started retailing smart devices and services Orange Romania Orange Horizons Orange Poland Orange Spain 39 Orange France
  86. 86. Orange provides a multi-purpose open cloud  User data is aggregated and securely hosted by Orange  Innovative cross-data services are developed by ecosystem partners plugging into the Orange cloud hub 40
  87. 87. More than gadgets these new devices are providing new use cases and even creating new interfaces   Augmented Reality becomes really possible with natural interfaces  41 Wearables are much more adapted than smartphones for new usages and they use them for communications Will people adapt them is still a question ?
  88. 88. ‫תודה‬ @slupowski
  89. 89. Dr. Barak Hershkovitz Global Connected Consumer
  90. 90. ONSTAR GLOBAL GROWTH More than 17 YEARS experience in the CONNECTED VEHICLE SPACE 24/7/365 Service for 6.5M Global Subscribers: ¶ More than 789 Million subscriber interactions to date ¶ We answer 4 calls per second ¶ Assisted in nearly 2.4 Million emergency situations ¶ Nearly 180 Million navigation requests delivered
  91. 91. INDUSTRY’S FIRST Mobile App More than 1.8Million Downloads More than 49Million Interactions
  92. 92. LARGEST DEPLOYMENT of 4G LTE SERVICES in the automotive industry Connected by
  93. 93. VEHICLE ECOSYSTEM Cloud Services MULTIPLE CHANNELS RemoteLink Mobile App Digital Payment Urban Mobility 4G LTE 3rd Party Apps/App Framework M2M Fuel & Parking Connected by Food & Travel
  94. 94. CAR HEALTH
  96. 96. B2D – “BIZ 2 DRIVER” Eco System Service Providers GM online Service HUB (OnStar) Payment CRM Services “Driver Profile” Car Context User Context
  97. 97. CAR SHARING
  100. 100. Sensing Public Transit Dec 2013
  101. 101. About Moovit • • • • • Founded Nov 2011 Venture funded 3,000,000+ users Coverage in 22 countries, 100 cities Top Navigation app on Google Play & Apple App Store Real Time, Public Transit Info, Navigation & Ticketing App 2
  102. 102. 3.5M Daily Real Time Requests 3M+ Monthly Trip Plans 3 10M Daily User Reports 100K+ Daily Active Users
  103. 103. What’s the best way to my destination now? When will my next bus arrive? Will it be overcrowded? When will I arrive to my destination? Uncertainty & wasted time frustrate public transport riders 4
  104. 104. Providing the most complete real-time PT information, combining agencies data with the power of the crowd. 5
  105. 105. Sensing transit and users location to provide realtime transit information and directions 6
  106. 106. Sensing other users locations to alert and assist others 7
  107. 107. Sensing to power Ticketing 8
  108. 108. | @moovitapp
  109. 109. Dec  18th,  2013   Israel  IoT  Conference  –  Startup  Roundtable    
  110. 110. Dec  18th,  2013   Israel  IoT  Conference  –  Startup  Roundtable    
  111. 111. IoT  Landscape   Middleware   Management  SW  for  SIM,  Device,  Comms’  and  Service   ConnecIvity   Cellular,  Wifi,  Bluetooth,  NFC,  Zigbee,  PLC,  etc   Devices   VerIcals  descripIon  from  Machina  Research  
  112. 112. IoT  Landscape   Emergency  Services   Agriculture   ConstrucIon   Retail  &  Leisure   Manufacturing   Worried   well   UIliIes   Health   Consumer  Electronics   VerIcals  /   Sectors   AutomoIve   Enterprise   Smart  CiIes  &   TransportaIon   Living   Smart  Building   Environment   Supply  chain   Middleware   Management  SW  for  SIM,  Device,  Comms’  and  Service   ConnecIvity   Cellular,  Wifi,  Bluetooth,  NFC,  Zigbee,  PLC,  etc   Devices   VerIcals  descripIon  from  Machina  Research  
  113. 113. IoT  Landscape   Emergency  Services   Agriculture   ConstrucIon   Retail  &  Leisure   Manufacturing   Worried   well   UIliIes   Health   Greenbox   Consumer  Electronics   VerIcals  /   Sectors   AutomoIve   Enterprise   Smart  CiIes  &   TransportaIon   Living   Smart  Building   Environment   Supply  chain   Middleware   Management  SW  for  SIM,  Device,  Comms’  and  Service   ConnecIvity   Cellular,  Wifi,  Bluetooth,  NFC,  Zigbee,  PLC,  etc   Devices   VerIcals  descripIon  from  Machina  Research  
  114. 114. Greenbox   Your garden, connected. A smartphone-controlled watering system for your yard From this   To this.  
  115. 115. Sensors  to  Servers Smart  City  S-­‐2-­‐S   Yarum Locker Chief Executive Officer Miltel Communications Ltd. 7 Gush-Etzion St., Givat Shmuel, Israel 5403007 Tel: +972-7371333 Fax: +972-7371331 E-Mail: Parking   Public  LighIng   Fire  Hydrants   Recycling  /  Garbage   Energy  &  HeaIng   Water  &  Sewage  
  116. 116. Sensors  to  Servers Smart  City  S-­‐2-­‐S  
  117. 117. Sensors  to  Servers Smart  City  S-­‐2-­‐S   Parking   Public  LighIng   Fire  Hydrants   Recycling  /  Garbage   Energy  &  HeaIng   Water  &  Sewage  
  118. 118. Ride  public  transit  smarter  
  119. 119. •  A  unique  and  disrupIve  soluIon  using  Internet  Of  Moving   Things  and  crowd  source  concepts  for  locaIon  and   communicaIon   •  A  Wireless  wristband  providing  parent’s  peace  of  mind              for  child’s  indoor  and  outdoor  locaIon      
  120. 120. The  DarioTM  Plaorm     Healthcare Providers •  •  •  Health Systems •  •  •  Real time patient data portal Proactive alerts when patients need help Clinical decision support Population risk management Clinical trial support Outcome analysis •  Secure data storage and access •  Provide real time trend analysis •  Delivers proactive actionable insights Person Living with Diabetes Caregiver •  •  Health alerts Advocacy tools •  •  •  Track & share data Testing & medication reminders Insights & support