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IoT Seminar (Oct. 2016) Pilgrim Beart - DevicePilot & Duncan Purves - Connect2systems


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Video Presentation from OMA's Seminar/Webinar on October 27, 2016, "How Developers Can Get the Most Out of IoT Standards and Tools" by Pilgrim Beart, DevicePilot and Duncan Purves, Connect2 Systems

"The World of IoT and How Standards Fit-in"

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IoT Seminar (Oct. 2016) Pilgrim Beart - DevicePilot & Duncan Purves - Connect2systems

  1. 1. An end-to-end IoT ecosystem with re-usable infrastructure using open industry standards Presentation to OMA October 2016
  2. 2. Introductions Pilgrim Beart CEO Duncan Purves Co-Founder IBM
  3. 3. What the IoT market might look like
  4. 4. So … what are the new IoT Niches? (the stuff which could consume 80%+ of your time!) • Embedded stacks • Comms • Security, Identity, Trust • Search • Testing • Analytics • Billing • … • Management
  5. 5. Is IoT different? • More numerous, more constrained • No UI • Limited processing power • Limited storage • Poor communications • May have to run on batteries for years • Live in real world (e.g. physical damage) • Need upgrading
  6. 6. “One nine is a good day in IoT” • Configuration, user “error” • Flat batteries • Comms problems • Physical damage • Upgrading non-trivial • Unreliable comms inc. meshes • Flat batteries • Is it in use? • Easy to “brick”, no user to reset
  7. 7. Device Management
  8. 8. Device Management
  9. 9. Device Management
  10. 10. Device Management
  11. 11. Architecture and Components of an open IoT Ecosystem
  12. 12. IPv6 6LoWPAN mesh 802.15.4e RESTful HTTP API Server-Sent Events (SSE) LWM2M LWM2M CoAP inc. observe DTLS UDP IP MQTT FTP LWM2M server Business App Device Management edge gateway tilt sensorstemp sensors Overall Architecture
  13. 13. Wireless Sensor Nodes Connect 2 Systems Inclinometer Wireless Sensor Node Advantech B+B SmartWorx Wzzard Wireless Sensor Nodes
  14. 14. Edge Gateway Network Gateway Edge Gateway IPv6/4 Cellular/Ethernet Interface Wireless Sensor Network Manager LWM2M Client Smart Objects MQTT Broker Sensor Network Manager Interface Cellular/Ethernet Router IoT App Platform Protocols FTP Wireless Sensor Node Wireless Sensor Node Wireless Sensor Node Wireless Sensor Node 802.15.4e 6LoWPAN
  15. 15. Demo
  16. 16. HTTP + TLS Server-Sent Events (SSE) LWM2M CoAP (inc. Observe) DTLS UDP IPv6 6LoWPAN mesh 802.15.4e
  17. 17. Conclusions Open IoT standards, from end to end, so: 1. Each part is replaceable (avoids lock-in, future-proofing) 2. Each can be added to (build an ecosystem) Great for everyone: Faster, bigger market, more scale, more choice and quality
  18. 18.