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Sean Ryan & Vidur Bhandari - The Future of Sales


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Session Overview
Key trends are fundamentally reshaping the world of B2B sales as we know it. These trends have significant implications on how companies can continue to drive sales excellence and enable profitable growth. Traditional approaches to improving sales efficiency and effectiveness will no longer be relevant.

Sean and Vidur will discuss these key trends shaping the future and share examples of how companies are embracing these to stay competitive and relevant.

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Sean Ryan & Vidur Bhandari - The Future of Sales

  1. 1. @ATKearney
  2. 2. @ATKearney The Future of B2B Sales March 2014 Sales Acceleration Summit A.T. Kearney perspective
  3. 3. @ATKearney “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” William Gibson
  4. 4. @ATKearney Three fundamental developments are shaping B2B sales Key developments within recent years …and increasingly have the power to get what they want Customers want more and more… Technology facilitates new interactions and business models
  5. 5. @ATKearney Key trends impacting the world around us Scientific Collabora- tively networked Generating ‘must have’ situations and use of influencer marketing Anywhere, anytime, anyway Sales without selling Collaborative selling with eco- system partners and co-creation Extensive use of digital channels and aligning of multiple channels Big data-enabled customer analytics and predictive models Basic Feet on the street Products, services, solutions Customer myopia Focus on ‘obvious’ customer needs and direct-to-customer only Portfolio sales leveraging cross business unit offerings Overreliance on traditional channels e.g., field sales force Standard management of sales pipeline – the classic sales funnel •From: The world we are in… …To: The future ahead of us vs. vs. vs. vs.( ) Selection
  6. 6. @ATKearney Leading companies are embracing the future today Select examples Scientific Collabora- tively networked • Utility companies and automotive OEMs are partnering in new and interesting ways to capture the e-Mobility opportunity Anywhere, anytim e, anyway Sales without selling • SAP has built a partner ecosystem supported by a web portal that helps partners find one another and develop alliances • Cisco seamlessly integrates direct and indirect channels, with a shared IT platform, and dual credit when both channels are involved • EMC2 combines big data from multiple sources and creates predictive models to understand customer propensity to buy
  7. 7. @ATKearney What will be relevant in ‘The Future of B2B Sales’? The rules of the future No B2B sales without digital technology Web, mobile, and social domination affects sales and customer management Only two types of buyer and seller relationships Collaborative co-creation or no-frills commodity sales - no middle ground New sales roles and cultural attitudes Shift from transaction realization to ecosystem management Sophisticated and forward-looking analytics Mastering big-data provides leading edge in a competitive marketplace
  8. 8. @ATKearney A.T. Kearney…we get it DONE! What makes us different Pragmatic expertise that provides credibility to deliver solutions based on a deep understanding of what it takes to operationally execute your strategy in your industry Pragmatic expertise Authentic Challenges the assumptions and mental models under-pinning business decisions to deliver future- proof solutions Challenge with foresight Forward-thinking Collaborative way of working that builds real internal capabilities deep within the organization Collaborative way of working Collaborative
  9. 9. @ATKearney Thank you! Sean Ryan Vidur Bhandari
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