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India future Society and Future Day


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Siddartha S Verma speak on "The Progress of India Future Society from last two year till now" on the occasion of Online Future Day Conference 2015, India on st March 2015

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India future Society and Future Day

  1. 1. India Future Society (IFS) and Future Day March 1st, 2015 By, Siddartha S Verma Co-Founder (IFS) Present- Systems Engineer at TCS, India Past- B.Tech (CUSAT, India), M.Sc. (UWA, Perth), IBM India Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore)
  2. 2. List of Team members, Advisory board members and Authors- Founder and President Avinash Singh Co-Founder and Secretary Siddartha S Verma Treasurer Vishal Singh Member Dr. Raghuraj Singh Vivek Mishra Gaurav Pathak Dr. Prabhat Verma Team members Thomas Damberger Vivek Anand Manoj Surya Sayane Shome Shahnawaz Alam Zoamma Hassan Kush Kumar Sangeeta Patra Raghavan Nambier Advisory Team members Dr. Aubrey de Grey Elena Milova Dr. Ilia Stambler Dr. James Hughes Dr. Kim Solez Dr. Natasha Vita-More Zoltan Istvan Authors Dr. Miriam J.S.Leis Jameson N. Rohrer B.J.Murphy Clyde DeSouza Dirk Bruere Franco Cortese Christine Gaspar Harish Shah Chris T. Armstrong
  3. 3. Our website and social media- IFS webpage- Facebook page- Twitter- We are- • Chapter of Humanity + • Member of International Longevity Alliance (ILA) • Third year in organizing Future Day First year (2013) was events in Ranchi and Kanpur. 2014- Online 2015- Online
  4. 4. Progress and developments – • Continued collaborated global effort to add to growth of organization • Publishing of articles on emerging and future technologies by founder Avinash Singh • Continued interest from international community • More reach in public and outreach • Co-founder is going to assist David Orban (Hungarian entrepreneur and CEO of Dotsub) in organizing a meeting for Network Society in March, 2015
  5. 5. Why India Future Society? • To spread awareness about future and emerging technologies for masses and use of technology to expand human capacities. An image showing Technology Review publishing about emerging technologies • We focus on the practical aspects and benefit which can be obtained by studying and working on this.
  6. 6. Radical Life Extension Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Researchers around the world are working in this field and studying The implications of this work. Image shows the banner of a conference organized in this area. Picture of Ben Goertzel, an eminent AGI researcher. Longevity activitists around the World are working towards achieving this. One prominent figure in this field Aubrey de Grey
  7. 7. A.) Future Day, Past events in 2014, India
  8. 8. B.) Future Day, March 1st ,Ranchi 2013, India
  9. 9. Future Day • It is being organized in many countries this year- over 20 cities around the world like- Utah, Springfield, San Francisco, Columbia, Paris, Seattle and other places. • It is a day to focus and celebrate the efforts of people around the world who are working in their domains for a better future. • Like Childrens Day (in India), Republic Day, Independence Day and many other national holidays, if Future Day is celebrated as a Global holiday, it will be more effective. • First Future Day was hosted in march, 2012 and the idea was given by AI researcher Ben Goertzel and Humanity + organization is putting effort to make this happen. IFS is contributing for the same. • Other organization which endorse Future Day are- Foresight Education and Research Network (FERN), Second Tree, Kororoit Institute, Open Cog, Amplify and others. • Previous Future Day events have been held in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), Asia (Hong Kong), USA (Edmonton, Berkeley, Hawaii & Houston, Utah, LA, Palo Alto, Washington), Brazil, Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris), Poland (Wroclaw), Virtual Reality (Second Life), and many more places all over the globe!
  10. 10. Thanks.  We look forward to continued collaboration ..