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Khao sat hanh vi mua sam phu nu VN


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Thông tin khảo sát hết sức giá trị dành cho anh chị muốn nghiêm cứu hành vi mua sắm của chị em phụ nữ

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Khao sat hanh vi mua sam phu nu VN

  1. 1. The Index© 2010 A Survey of you !!!! and Thank Women the Internet in Vietnam Juliette Miremont Morton CEO & Founder HerVietnam.comPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  2. 2. Who are we ? is the #1 women portal in the world 29,8 million users worldwide (Comscore) Most popular online womans advertising platform in Europe since 2009 …the leading website for professional women in Vietnam 0,25 MPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  3. 3. We surveyed women online from June 1 to June 30th 2010 2285 online women surveyed •87% have a University Degree or higher 56 % work in private companies 62 % are over 25 years old Are you a visitor ? 50% access the Internet most frequently from home, 31% from the office 58% are professionals 58% in HCMC and 32% in HanoiPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  4. 4. The purchasing profile of the women we surveyed When they do buy for themselves : •81% buy personal hygiene several times a month •74% buy cosmetics four times 57% prefer buying the brands a year or more rather than waiting for •60% buy new clothes several promotions times a monthPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  5. 5. The online women surveyed are decision-makers Which statement describes you best ? ...3% let their husbands decide but 30% are involved in their 62% of women and sole or co- beauty decisions decision makers in their householdPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  6. 6. The most important areas of influence Which decisions have you heavily influenced recently in your family ? Which sources of information are women using to make these decisions ?Private & Confidential – Copyright of
  7. 7. Women check online before they buy For which kind of product purchase do you use the Internet most frequently ? 87% of women checked the Internet before making their purchasing decisionsPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  8. 8. The Internet compared to other media sources The Index © 2010 The Index is calculated every 6 months by summing the frequency each source is cited (x by 100) Where do you find information about these The Internet is the most products ? widely used source of information for key womenPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of purchases
  9. 9. The exchange of experience is a key factor Have you ever been influenced by an online review ? “I don’t mind reading a PR article to learn about a new product on the market. Women are open to giving their However, if the product has opinion online : been around for a while, I 82% declare having already prefer online reviews from others women” commented on a product onlinePrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  10. 10. Women turn to the Internet for advice Women use the Internet most frequently for advice on …cooking, career & finance, and parentingPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  11. 11. Women websites top the score Types of websites cited as most used before buying •Women websites are considered the •most reliable source of information cited by 70% of womenPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  12. 12. Brand websites, a good source of information 71% have been influenced to buy by 56% visit brand websites to clicking on a banner gather information before buying…. 88% have clicked on a banner to visit a brand website What types of websites offer the most reliable information ?Private & Confidential – Copyright of
  13. 13. How about online shopping ? 71% declare having already bought a new product online Fashion and cosmetics are the most frequently purchased online products for womenPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  14. 14. What are the implications of this research ? Women influence or make most purchase decisions To market to professional women, you should consider: Going online Customizing your message for women Finding your women customers online and address their questions The Internet is a preferred source of information for women Building trust and respect for Woman like to rely on shared your brand online in addition experience to make decisions to offlinePrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  15. 15. double-expertise : the online media and womenPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  16. 16. Our campaigns are customized according to your objectives Background Micro-site Sponsorship options theme depend on brandbannerimpact objectives Social Media activation High Direct marketing marketing Community Sponsored contests Women formats Member section Sampling seeding team Alternative newsletter PR visiblility Test & Top bloggers traffic drivers Email blast Review reviews Product TestingPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  17. 17. Some sample clients of HerVietnam.comPrivate & Confidential – Copyright of
  18. 18. For additional questions, please contact us at : To download a copy of the report (in EN and VN) and of the presentation : & Confidential – Copyright of