Real World Application of Trigonometry


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Real World Application of Trigonometry

  1. 1. Trigonometry is thebranch ofmathematics thatstudies triangles andtheir relationships.
  2. 2. ARCHITECTURE In architecture, trigonometry plays a massive role in the compilation of building plans. For example, architects would have to calculate exact angles of intersection for components of their structure to ensure stability and safety. Some instances of trigonometric use in architecture include arches, domes, support beams, and suspension bridges. Architecture remains one of the most important sectors of our society as they plan the design of buildings and ensure that they are able to withstand pressures from inside.
  3. 3. HOW DO I GET INVOLVED IN ARCHITECTURE? SALARY ANDC L AS S E S TO TAK E BENEFITSPhysics  Most architects start out with aGeometry salary of $50,000+, andTrigonometry through experience, may earn up to $140,000+Pre-Calculus and CalculusEngineering3-D Design  Becoming an architect will openDrawing you to many more careers, including interior design and building design! * Art classes will assist you in being able to conceptualize objects!
  4. 4. ASTRONOMY Astronomy has been studied for millennia by civilizations in all regions of the world. In our modern age, being able to apply Astronomy helps us to calculate distances between stars and learn more about the universe. Astronomers use the method of parallax, or the movement of the star against the background as we orbit the sun, to discover new information about galaxies. Menelaus’ Theorem helps astronomers gather information by providing a backdrop in spherical triangle calculation.
  5. 5. HOW DO I GET INVOLVED IN ASTRONOMY?C L A S S E S TO TA K E SALARY AND BENEFITSPhysics  The median salary for Astronomers is $97,270 aElectronics year, with most entry level jobsAdvanced Math amounting to around $50,000 aGeometry year.Precalculus and CalculusAstrophysics  As an aside to being an astronomer, one can also acquire a teaching position at a research university!
  6. 6. GEOLOGY Trigonometry is used in geology to estimate the true dip of bedding angles. Calculating the true dip allows geologists to determine the slope stability. Although not often regarded as an integral profession, geologists contribute to the safety of many building foundations. Any adverse bedding conditions can result in slope failure and the entire collapse of a structure.
  7. 7. HOW DO I GET INVOLVED IN GEOLOGY?C L A S S E S TO TA K E SALARY AND BENEFITSPhysics  Median wages for Geologists are around $70,000. However,Chemistry if involved in oil extraction,Precalculus and Calculus earnings could increase toGeometry over $130,000 a year.GeochemistrySeismology  Geologists can be very flexible in what they decide to do. There are a multitude of job options ranging from agriculture to tourism that require the work of a geologist.