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math in daily life

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application of mathematics in daily life

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math in daily life

  2. 2. ABSTRACT: Introduction-Geometry in- Nature, cars -Math in Medicine, Engineering, Forensic -Trigonometry- Number theory-Calculus- conclusion.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION: In our daily life, we use mathematics in various fields. This paper portraits the role of mathematics in all aspects of our daily life. We know that mathematics is applied directly or indirectly in our everyday life. Let us see some of their applications below:
  4. 4. GEOMETRY IN: NATURE (hexagon): A honeycomb is an array of hexagonal (six sided) cells, made of wax produced by worker bees. Hexagons fit together to fill all the available space, giving a strong structure with no gaps. Squares would also fill the space, but would not give a rigid structure. Triangles would fill the space and be rigid, but it would be difficult to get honey out of their corners.
  5. 5. CARS: The wheels and lights are circles, the doors are rectangular prisms, the main area for a person to drive and sit in it a half a sphere with the sides chopped off which makes it ¼ of a sphere. If a person would look very closely he would see a lot more shapes in the car. Too many to list.
  6. 6. MATH IN: MEDICINE (Protein modeling): Much of the function of a protein is determined by its shape and how the pieces move. Mad cow disease is caused by the introduction of a “shape” into the brain (a shape carried by a protein).Many drugs are designed to change the shape or motions of a protein something that we are just now working to model, even approximately, in computers, using geometry and related areas.
  7. 7. ENGINEERING: If it is rainy and cold outside, you will be happy to stay at a home while longer and have a nice hot cup of tea. But someone has built the house you are in, made sure it keeps the cold out and the warmth in, and provided you with running water for the tea. This someone is most likely an engineer. Engineers are responsible for just about everything we take for granted in the world around us, from tall buildings, tunnels and football stadiums, to access to clean drinking water. They also design and build vehicles, aircraft, boats and ships. What’s more, engineers help to develop things which are important for the future, such as generating energy from the sun, wind or waves. Mathematics is involved in everything an engineer does, whether it is working out how much concrete is needed to build a bridge, or determining the amount of solar energy to power a car.
  8. 8. FORENSIC: Mathematics is applied to clarity the blurred image to clear image. This is done by using differential and integral calculus.
  9. 9. TRIGONOMETRY:   The first  trigonometric table was  apparently compiled by  Hipparchus, who is  now consequently  known as “The father  of trigonometry”.  It helps us to find us  the height of the  objects.
  10. 10. NUMBER THEORY   It is the branch of pure mathematics concerned with properties  of numbers. It is used for creating codes for ATM/Credit cards. An article in The Sunday Times in June 2004 revealed the  fact that you can’t even assume that buying larger bags of  exactly the same pasta would work out cheaper. It is said that in  many of the supermarkets buying in bulk, for example picking  up a six-pack of beer rather than six single cans, was in fact  more expensive. The newspaper found that the difference can be as much as  30%. The supermarkets chains may be exploiting the assumption  people have that buying in bulk is cheaper, but if you work it out  quickly in your head you’ll never be caught out.
  11. 11. CALCULUS:   It is the study of change. It includes limits, derivatives,  integrals and infinite series. It helps us to find the area of figures,  to know the acceleration of a car  moving in a highway with a uniform  speed. Also the movement of an  artificial satellite, ship etc.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION:   At the nut shell, we came to know about  some of the applications of the  mathematics. These are just few in our  daily life.
  13. 13. THANK YOU
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application of mathematics in daily life


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