Google Analytics for Derbyshire Dales CVS


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Slides from Google Analytics workshop held at Derbyshire Dales CVS on 7th May 2013.

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Google Analytics for Derbyshire Dales CVS

  1. 1. Google AnalyticsPaul Webster (Twitter : @watfordgap)7th May 2013
  2. 2. How are you currently marketing what you do now?Attracting people to your online space is an essential part of yourcomms strategy. Visitors inspired → more likely to be followers.Message is clear and unambiguous, your web site is your shop window,often it will be the first public face supporters and donors see.Mobile is now a very significant way that people will reach your website.Tell stories as an authentic picture of what you are doing.Engage in frequent updates & blogs to keep donors informed andinvolved in what you are doing.Conversations with supporters, build relationships and give them spaceto say why they care … and Thank them.Include website and social networks on all communications.Its Social media, not Selling media!Make the Call To Action as plain to see and unambiguous on a socialnetwork as you would in printed copy.
  3. 3. So, how to take some steps - have a plan• Know your objectives and what you want to say• Come and volunteer with us!• Research where your audience are – do you know?• Survey and find out, work in spaces where your target audience are• Plan how to use the tools – have a strategy• An opening event?, e-bulletin update? Do ‘as well as’ what you do• Choose tool to match audience and implement• Look at what other organisations have done, what works elsewhere?• Sustain the conversation and say thank you• Encourage people to return, keep it new, links from websites• Engage with people on line, be receptive, respond, react
  4. 4. Stop and think. Before you measure or analyse ...What objectives is your organisation trying to achieve?How does it fit with the communications planHave you got a website that you can update yourself?Can be simple as Google Sites, Weebly, Flavors or WordpressWho is your target audience? Are you speaking their language?What is your call to action? What do you want visitors do next?Consider how you describe and convey your messagesHave you got the time? (To do, To monitor, To thank)Are you ready and prepared for change & to release some control?THEN Look at Google Analytics, SocialBro, Facebook Insights etc.
  5. 5. Give your website a spring cleanReplace Thin content – less than 15 page views, low contentinterest, could indicate to Google Search a poor quality siteKeep adverts below the fold – people visit for content not advertsTidy up – remove dead or blank pages, check for broken links(Use – Create quality content! Better the quality the morepeople will link to the site, the more page views the site will get,the more visibility on a Google SearchPurchased links and advert heavy websites not liked by GoogleCan visitors understand your homepage in 8 seconds?
  6. 6. Pulling it all together• Consistency across all websites & social networks• Social media sites are only part of the picture–Make sure your core website is current–Dont forget the offline• Add organisation to Google Places or Foursquare• Share links ...–With all your social networking sites–With Like buttons and Share This links–With everyone!
  7. 7. Consistency across all websites& social networks
  8. 8. Show all thechannels on yourmain home pageAdd This (e.g. NAVCA)for sharing andtracking links withothers on line ...
  9. 9. Include one-click direct Follow and Tweet buttons on your website, but also the linkto your Twitter page for visitors not already on Twitter.Visitors can share and tweet about individual stories as they read them.
  10. 10. New way to interact – a QuickResponse from visitors – QR CodesLetting people know how to get involvedWorks well for ...- Direct to difficult web address- Print media & flyers- FREE to create and use- Current buzzCreate with - : Read with - (app)Bear in mind …- No major benefit on a web page- Check location has connection- Needs smart phone- Check link hasnt changed of Smartphone users have scanned one.What for? Magazine/Paper (51%), Product(38%), Poster/Flyer (28%), Business Card (12%)(Comscore - EU5 Jan-Mar 2012)
  11. 11. ..even just to be noticed by a wideraudience - get your organisationlisted with Google Place pagee.g. VoluntaryAction RotherhamDerwentsideCVS & VB here- Verified- Add Photos- List Offers- Streetview Maps- Show Ratings- Comments
  12. 12. Step 2 – Pick one goal to pursue1 Social network use similar to use of phone or newsletters2 Digital space is now the place where people communicate, seek, read,share, purchase & network. Cant ignore any more3 Have Purpose – WHAT, Audience – WHO, Aims – WHERE4 Have Champion/s who can steer, update & reply, allocate time5 Get full organisation buy-in to social media usage guidelines6 Be clear, honest and credible. Build Trust. What you say is traceable &on internet for ever, so if youd not want it in the local paper (or yourmother to hear!) dont put it on the web7 Social media tools are part of your overall resources but with addeddimension they enable of social actions & conversations8 Main website is your hub with many linked social media spokes9 Your social media presence is active the moment it goes live.Be prepared!Summary - Your social networking strategy
  13. 13. Not Just Document Sharing (Google Drive)- Browser (Chrome)- Calendar (Embeddable collaborative calendar)- Mail (Very popular and versatile on-line e-mail system)- Reader (Keep up to date with RSS newsfeeds you subscribe to)- Maps and Streetview (Find an organisation and see the building)- Places (Enhanced search result listing & map integration)- Alerts (Instant e-mail notifications when search term mentioned)- Custom Search (Embeddable search for your site or selected range)- Wallet (Secure money transactions)- Adwords (Advertising and keyword promotion)- Sites (Build simple webpages)- Play (Google App store for Andriod phones)- Plus (Social network, share content in Circles & video Hangouts)Even- Hardware (Chromebook)- Augmented Reality (Glass)Google Analytics – Part of a large family
  14. 14. Google Analytics – Get set up●Sign up for free Google Analytics account●What it enables you to do●Track activity to & within your websitefrom the date you add the Tracking Code●Easy to follow Tables & Graphs●Create Custom Reports●Show Audience, Traffic Sources, Content●Helps you Improve website structure, Marketing information●Add New Account (from Admin → New Account)●Get the Tracking Code to insert into each page of your website●Can be added to any website you have control of the CMS / HTML●Set Goals●Monitor Metrics●Visualize and analyse traffic – in a Real Time view●It does A Lot!
  15. 15. Google Analytics – FundamentalsUnique Visitors vs Visits●John visits your website 12 times from his laptop●Shows as 1 Visitor and 12 Visits●Its good to see returning VisitsPageviews vs Unique Pageviews●Janet visits the news page on your website, clicks a link to visit an externalevents website and then clicks back to your news page●Shows as 2 Pageviews and 1 Unique Pageview●Unique Pageviews gives best indication of reachBounce rate - % of visitors who viewed just entry page & didnt explore●A high bounce rate on a blog or website front page is OK, but should be lowon web pages as visitors will be captivated by content and browseCheck how long people stay on your site browsing●You want people to dwell, but not too long as you want them to findinformation quickly (Good web usability sheet)
  16. 16. Google Analytics – TourDashboard – can have Multiple DashboardsAdd, Edit, Delete Reports & ChartsCustomise look and format & add widgetsAdd in Custom reportsInclude Real Time Widgets too for a dynamic dashboardAdjust Date Range (even to Hourly) in any report or chart to suit / compare resultsRemains set until changed againReal Time – see visitors and popular content live & last 30 minsTrack their progress round the website in real time … can be addictive!Audience – visitors - who, where from, what device/browser, frequency etc.Compare multiple statistics from visitors by superimposing a vs metric– e.g. Visits vs Avg. Visit Duration – spot the trends or exceptionsLook at increasing number of visitors from Mobile & TabletsVisitor Flow shows where people go next on your website– Monitor where people drop off - is it where youd like them to exit?
  17. 17. Google Analytics – TourContentExperiment with pagesList of pages in your website showing most visitedIn-Page Analytics shows links clicked & which pages popular & bouncesSet up Secondary dimensions for specific pages – e.g. keyword or sourceLocation – detailed maps & list of exactly where visitors are coming fromSocial – Based on the Goals you have set this shows which social media websitesdraw visitors to the websiteGoals and ConversionsGetting people to your site & doing something on itSet up as targets for content or routes to donations or sign-upsIntelligence Events – Custom AlertsInstant email notifications when conditions triggers (low / high etc.)
  18. 18. Google Analytics – TourTraffic Sources – websites, keywords (paid & organic),referral links to pageWho are your friendly supporters?What keywords are people putting into search engines to reach youDirect traffic is from Bookmarks (good) or by visitors typing the URLIs your Home Page the only Landing Pages – where do you direct to?Custom Campaign Parameters (e.g. utm_campaign=june set in Mailchimp)Dynamic - Reports and ViewsCreate Custom reports & views with own metricsAdd standard reports/views to DashboardReports can be emailed or exportedFilter reports (from Admin settings) to exclude data that might skew results(e.g. own IP address)
  19. 19. Google Analytics – TourSet up reports from Dashboard●Choose Type for Report Widget (Pie, Bar etc.)●Dimension – categories to filter or refine (e.g. By Browser)●Metric – measured & counted relative to categories (e.g. visitors, %)●Filter – to further refine the report●When happy with the data that builds the report save to Dashboard or Email●Site Content reports can be shown as Line Charts or Motion Charts●Dashboards & reports can be shared by email & PDF●Reports can be sent out by immediate email alert●Report data can be downloaded as Google Spreadsheet, CSV or XLS
  20. 20. Google Analytics – Notes●Its not possible to use on, whichalready has comprehensive statistics built in.●Download the Android or iphone apps to instantlycheck up on statistics at any time on a Tablet or Smartphone●Additional Administrators or Users can be set up for an account beingtracked so that others can see, but not edit the analytic data.●(not set) for device or (not provided) for sources means private browsing●Add Annotations to Graphs – these short notes can be used to explain toa colleagues or just remind yourself of reasons for traffic spikes●What you get from Google Analytics will vary widely across pages andeven on the same page at different times. Numbers only tell part of thestory, so read reports in the context of other organisational factors.
  21. 21. Measuring Marketing Success- Check how many times links are clicked if using Listen whats said about your organisation using Topsy- Monitor Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Wordpress visits- Measure Tweetreach, SocialBro, Twentyfeet, Visualize Infographics on Visual.y,, My Social StrandBUT …. real success is not just about the numbers- Tell stories of real people and real changes- Find out how people heard about you- Build relationships & success by joining in conversations- Social media presence an reflection of your organisation- Engage press, funders, authorities with pictures and videoSay Thank You!
  22. 22. LinksGoogle Analytics Guides and Websites1,,,,,,,,
  23. 23. Thank You – My Email & Twitter contactsPaul Websterpaul @ @watfordgap