Phoenix Muslims


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The first electronic issue of the ICCP monthly newsletter, enjoy.

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Phoenix Muslims

  1. 1. Phoenix Muslims Friday, February 5th 2010 Volume 1, Issue 1 Safar 21st, 1431 Chairman Letter “Cause for optimism…” Assalamu Alykum. Despite Orangewood Church in many bad news around us, cleaning the neighborhood By: Usama Shami our community has many and preparing breakfast for ICCP Chairman reasons to be optimistic needy children. In addition, The newsletter will include about the future. About a they worked on news about Masjid activities, Phoenix Muslims: year ago, the construction of neighborhood outreach upcoming events, and other the new Masjid was just efforts, organized the “Fun informative articles. We Monthly newsletter published underway. Today, the first Day” event for ICCP would like to invite our by the Islamic Community phase of the project is children, and most recently, community to contribute to Center of Phoenix to inform winding down and the organized the “Love Your the success of this newsletter our community of the latest beautiful structure greets us Neighbor” event. Other by first and foremost news and events at ICCP! when we come to pray and fruits of their efforts include supplicating to Allah to announces our faith to the new ICCP website, ICCP reward and help the people driving on I-17. Facebook page, and ICCP volunteers that are working Another reason to be Live webcast. The latest hard to make it happen, and optimistic is Allah’s blessing effort is organizing and to support this effort with a new group of issuing the ICCP newsletter, financially or by volunteers lead by our “Phoenix Muslims”, which volunteering time to help executive committee. We we hope that it will provide producing it. I hope that you Inside this issue: witnessed their efforts in our congregation with enjoy this first issue and several successful events information that will keep future issues. Sister to Sister 2 such as organizing Eid them connected and in touch Warmest regards. Imam Corner 3 Prayers, volunteering to help with the Masjid. Events 4 W.Y PIZZA & WINGS Fall in love with PIZZA all over again! Special for our Muslim community…try our XL Pizza with 1 topping for $9.99 only! We serve all beef, 2/14-2/28 **Maghrib 10 minutes after Azan 8:00 pm chicken, turkey & Halal beef pepperoni toppings. 1819 W. Buckeye Rd. Bring or mention this Ad for the special Isha Phoenix, AZ 85007 602-254-2612 2/01-2/13 7:45 pm Sponsorship Ad Love your Neighbor Dinner Prayer Iqama Time at ICCP By: Adnane Ijai 2/14-2/28 4:30 pm Islamic Community Center rainy weather, to see of Phoenix held its doors presentations on Islam, enjoy wide open for non-Muslim delicious food, and most Asr visitors on Friday January importantly to meet the 2/01-2/13 4:00 pm 22nd, a tradition that it has Muslim community. *Zohr & Jumuah at 1:00 pm kept since the program was The event was an absolute launched after 9/11 to build success as judged by the bridges of understanding and 2/21-2/28 reactions of some of the 6:15 am to increase awareness and people present; everybody From right to left: Imam Mahmoud, Usama educate others about had a good time mingling Shami, & Pastor Jack Moraine. Fajr Muslims. and getting to know each 2/01-2/20 6:30 am Over a hundred and fifty other. Read more on page…3 people turned out to the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, in spite of the Pass this newsletter to friends and family, to dispose please shred & recycle
  2. 2. Page 2 of 4 Phoenix Muslims Al-Zohour Market Modern Islamic Clothing Sister to Sister By: Your sister in Islam Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine Fresh Middle-Eastern Grocery Assalamu Alaykum dearest and many were very personal Try our famous HALAL meat sisters in Islam, but then you didn’t talk to Extra lean ground beef $2.89/lb me again. It was like you just Fresh lamb & goat meat $3.99/lb Leg quarter chicken 99¢ Alhamdouli Allah I was wanted to know about me guided to the truth and the but you didn’t want to help 602-433-5191 glorious path of Islam by me but I don’t believe it 7814 N. 27th Ave Allah (SWT). Never in my because you are a Muslim Phoenix, AZ 85051 wildest dreams could I and you want to teach me maybe I will never learn and Sponsorship Ad imagine I would be standing about Islam. maybe I don’t even belong here today by the grace of I am also confused about here at the Masjid because I Allah blessed with the something else…I tried to don’t want to be embarrassed knowledge of the most enter the Masjid but I so badly again. I am sure that beautiful and magnificent couldn’t because there were you didn’t mean to talk to deen Masha’Allah. too many shoes! I almost me like that because you are I read the Qur’an hurt myself when I tried to a Muslim and you want to Masha’Allah translated into enter because I tripped over teach me about Islam. English and I’ve read so them. I thought in Islam we Well I went to Halaqa Friday 1st Scottsdale Dental many hadiths about the were supposed to be neat and night Masha Allah and I just G. Sroujieh, D.D.S. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) clean. I read that cleanliness and I love to hear the hadiths is half our religion. I think wanted to make mention that Member of the American Dental Association so that I can know him and this big mess must be a I come to the Masjid to gain Discount for our knowledge from the Imam 20% community understand him more mistake because you are a $ because we know that he Muslim and you want to but I couldn’t hear what he 1 Limited exam & X-Rays was the best example of a teach me about Islam. was saying because after he Muslim so pure, so pious, so finished the Halaqa in Arabic Scottsdale: 480-922-5555 humble, so honest, so caring, Also I am so happy that you you started to talk during the Glendale: 623-582-6666 so gentle, such good are correcting me in my English translation and I Sun City: 623-972-4444 manners Masha’Allah. prayer.I want so MUCH to couldn’t hear him and I Sponsorship Ad pray the way the Prophet didn’t get a benefit from the I turn to you oh sisters in (pbuh) prayed but why do lecture. I am sure you don’t Islam to help me and guide you talk to me in that cold mean to take away my rights me along this path and to hard manner? It makes me from gaining a benefit from help me develop into a better feel bad like I cannot do the lecture. I’m extremely Muslim Inshaa Allah. I met something right and that sure that this too is a mistake so many sisters Masha’Allah because you are a Muslim but I am confused…you and you WANT to teach me asked me so many questions about Islam….don’t you? Volunteers Needed The Masjid Needs YOU. With the exciting new changes and Love Your Neighbors - a Quranic Guidance events happening at our Masjid [4:36] Serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him; and comes challenges. Sign up to do good- to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, become a volunteer. Email us at neighbors who are near, neighbors who are strangers, the companion by your side, the wayfarer (ye meet), and what Don’t miss out on your chance your right hands possess: For Allah loveth not the arrogant, to make a difference at our the vainglorious. Masjid. Warning: Due to the Arabic word of Allah on the first page and Sponsorship Ad the Arabic Quranic verse on the second, it is your duty as a Muslim to shred the Arabic content before disposing this letter. 36 ‫النساء‬ Pass this newsletter to friends and family, to dispose please shred & recycle
  3. 3. Phoenix Muslims Page 3 of 4 Legal Service Abu Fatthi Love your Neighbor Dinner continued from page 1… Immigration Services, Notary, Income Tax, Islamic Marriage, and answer session, and then dialogue and even some Bankruptcy, Civil Divorce, The event started around Child Support & Custody, 6pm with a meet and greet. a representative from the friendships were formed. local CAIR chapter spoke Arabic/English Translation, Sheikh Mahmoud Sulaiman Power of Attorney spoke for 30 min, talking briefly about events happening in our 602-995-3200 about the importance of 3544 W. Glendale Ave being a good neighbor in community. (Between Wells Fargo & Little Cesar) Islam, and it was Phoenix, AZ 85051 immediately followed by our After praying Isha *Discount deal with this Ad guest speaker; Pastor Jack everybody enjoyed the Sponsorship Ad who spoke about being a delicious Middle Eastern good neighbor according to food that we had catered for More than 150 people attended the Christianity. After the the occasion. The event Love your neighbor event. lectures we had a question wound down with a lot of Imam Corner By: Imam Dear Brothers and Sisters, Mahmoud Sulaiman Ismaart Driving School Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatulallahi Wa Barakatuh, I'm pleased to start the first issue of the Phoenix Weather you are a high school Muslims newsletter, by saying Salaam "Peace" and to talk about peace in the religion of peace. student, collage student, or a Islam is the religion of peace and humbleness, which started with peacefully calling to Allah against a grad student it is our way to say mighty resistance. Allah says in the Qur'an; welcome to our driving school. $ "And say to those who do not believe, "Work according to your position; indeed, we are working. 35 Off And wait, indeed, we are waiting." Hud 11:121-122. And also "So turn aside from them and say, "Peace." But they are going to know." Al Zukhrof 43:89. 602-354-3558 4801 E. McDowell Rd #205 Islam established the five daily prayers in peace, starting each one of them by saying "Allahu Akbar" to Phoenix, AZ 85008 the creator and ending it with the salaam to his/her right and left. Islam teaches its followers to spread salaam in gatherings, streets and entering their homes. Islam also taught them that peace is their Sponsorship Ad salutation everywhere. In addition Islam came to eliminate falsehood, making fun of others and the ignorance, "And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace," Al-Furqan 25:63. "And when they hear ill speech, they turn away from it and say, "For us are our deeds, and for you are your deeds. Peace will be upon you; we seek not the ignorant." Al Qasas 28:55. The same thing for the daily actions of the Muslim from the time he/she leaves home until he/she comes back, asking Allah to help him with that, and to keep others safe and peaceful, and seek refuge from Ally Construction Inc. their transgression and mighty, this encompasses the manners which the Muslim conducts himself when Home Remodeling, Home he leaves his house, saying what the messenger of peace taught us," O Allah, I take refuge with You Additions, Custom Bathroom lest I should stray or be led astray, or slip or be tripped, or oppress or be oppressed, or behave Remodels, Custom Kitchen foolishly or be treated foolishly" Abu Dawood. When the Muslim enters his/her house, he says Remodels, Custom Tile "Salam" to his family, the way his messenger taught him. Installation, Handyman Services Licensed, Bonded, Insured Brothers and Sisters, this is the Muslim, peaceful in all his actions, following the teaching of the religion AZ ROC #224340 & AZ ROC #224341 of peace, and this is a small part in the peace of our religion and the peace of the Muslim, which what we want others to know us by, and to send a message to everyone, saying: Come work together to 602-320-5907 spread peace among our community and around the world. *Discount deal with this Ad Sponsorship Ad Abdullah bin Omar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "The best of companions with Allah is the one who is best to his companions, and the best of neighbors to Allah is the one who is the best of them to his neighbor". [At-Tirmidhi]. Pass this newsletter to friends and family, to dispose please shred & recycle
  4. 4. News Alert Islamic Distributing flyers, religious material or other printed material is Community not allowed on the ICCP premises without the authorization of the Masjid administration. Center of Phoenix New Masjid Updates 1) The first phase of 2) ICCP reached an Orangewood. Work will 7516 North Black construction is being agreement with Kroll start shortly Insha’Allah. finalized. City of Phoenix Contractors to extend Canyon Highway inspected the building and electrical power from 27th 3) ICCP is preparing to Phoenix, AZ 85051 provided a list of comments. Avenue and Orangewood to solicit bids to prepare and The project manager is the new Masjid. The pave the parking lot of the Phone: working with the architect contractor is in the process new Masjid and to construct (602) 249-0496 and contractor to address of obtaining a Right of Way the perimeter fencing for the Fax: these issues and satisfy the permit from the City of facility to secure the (602) 246-0554 City of Phoenix concerns. Phoenix to start trenching on building. E-mail: Upcoming Events February: March: Friday Halaqah: February 5, 12, 19, Friday Halaqah: March 5, 12, 19, and 26. Available in English and Arabic 26. Available in English and Arabic Make donating your after Isha prayer. after Isha prayer. habit, donate online or Saturday Halaqah: February 6 (Fajr Saturday Halaqah: February 6, 13, 20, at the Masjid, $10 only), 13, 20, 27: After Fajr and Isha. 27: After Fajr and Isha. every Friday makes a Movie Night: February 6, after Isha Love Your Neighbor Dinner follow prayer. up: In the second part of this series, big difference U.S Census Presentation: February 6th we will visit the Vineyard Community after Zohr prayer. Church in Gilbert on March 13th, to Quran Classes: For adults and participate and sign up, send your children, start on February 12th. name and contact information to, or stop We’re on the Web! by the office. Visit us at: OPEN SESAME MARKET Middle-Eastern, Indo Pakistani, & International Groceries The Freshest & Finest HALAL Meat Products in Town ¢ ۞ Chicken Legs 99 /lb ۞ ¢ ۞ Foul Mudammas 69 /can ۞ We Cut & Sponsorship Opportunity 3502 W. Greenway Rd ۞ Lebni 1.99/each ۞ $ Wrap to N.W Corner of 35th Ave & Greenway Your Order Need more customers, room- mate, work, or need to sell Phoenix, AZ 85053 602-866-2555 *Bring or mention this Ad for the special *We will meet or beat any advertised prices in town. your car…? Sponsorship Ad “Donate & become a sponsor of this newsletter” Quran & Islamic Study Programs…Sign up Today! ICCP is offering Quran teaching classes that are open for children and Contact us today adults every Friday and Saturday after Maghrib prayer, the school will start on February 12th. Sunday classes from 10am to 1pm are still offered at the Masjid. For fee schedule and applications, please visit or stop by the office. Thanks to our sponsors: E-Commerce Services Handyman Services 602-330-6455 Pass this newsletter to friends and family, to dispose please shred & recycle