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Imc awards presentation rv

  1. 1. about EACA • Represents full-service advertising and media agencies and agency associations in Europe • Aims to promote honest, effective advertising, high professional standards, and awareness of the contribution of advertising in a free market economy • Encourage close co-operation between agencies, advertisers and media in European advertising bodies • In addition to legal & industry issues, EACA prioritises: – academic education & training – the social acceptance and political understanding of advertising’s role in society – recruitment issues – advertising agency industry developments in "new Europe“ W: LinkedIn: EACA Twitter: @EACA_be
  2. 2. about IMCC •Mission: to represent the integrated marketing communications agencies and agency associations in Europe • Focuses on three key areas: 1. Best Practice 2. Lobbying 3. Recognition by way of the IMC European Awards •Ambition: to promote the use of integrated marketing communications and turn the various threats and issues facing the industry into future opportunities W:
  3. 3. • Rewards the best marketing communications campaigns in Europe • Awards are open to national award winners in the member countries of IMCC and an international category accepts entries from countries outside Europe • Call for entries for the IMC European Awards 2013 runs from 6th May to 15th July 2013 • Entries are judged online by a panel of 60 senior industry European representatives The IMC European Awards
  4. 4. Blister Plaster (2010) Campaign: Blister Plasters. And Club Nights? Country: UK Agency: Jeffries Parsons Myers Harvey Client: Johnson & Johnson Award: Gold
  5. 5. Blister Plaster (2010)
  6. 6. Put a crate behind your window (2010) Campaign: Maes beer - Put a crate behind your window Country: Belgium Agency: TBWA Client: Alken-Maes Award: Gold
  7. 7. Put a crate behind your window (2010)
  8. 8. Hold Your Lion(2010) Campaign: Hold Your Lion Country: Belgium Agency: Proximity BBDO Client: Kluwer Awards: Silver (3)
  9. 9. Hold Your Lion(2010)
  10. 10. Triple Velvet Tree Detective (2010) Campaign: Triple Velvet Tree Detective Country: UK Agency: iris nation ltd Client: SCA Hygiene Products UK Ltd Awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze
  11. 11. Triple Velvet Tree Detective (2010)
  12. 12. Audi A1 Chase (2011) Campaign: Audi A1 Chase Country: Ireland Agency: Tequila Ireland Client: Audi Awards: Gold (2) & Silver
  13. 13. Audi A1 Chase (2011)
  14. 14. Bavaria DutchDress (2011) Campaign: Bavaria DutchDress Country: Netherlands Agency: Selmore Client: Bavaria Awards: Gold (2) & Grand Prix
  15. 15. Bavaria DutchDress (2011)
  16. 16. Look me in the eyes (2011) Campaign: Look me in the eyes Country: Belgium Agency: AIR Client: RTBf Awards: Silver
  17. 17. Look me in the eyes (2011)
  18. 18. The Room (2012) Campaign: The Room Country: Spain Agency: GMR Marketing Client: Telefonica Award: Gold
  19. 19. The Room (2012)
  20. 20. Do It Yourself (2012) Campaign: Do It Yourself Country: Czech Republic Agency: Mindshare s.r.o. Client: Ford Award: Gold
  21. 21. Do It Yourself (2012)
  22. 22. Diet Coke Love It Light(2012) Campaign: Diet Coke Love It Light Country: Ireland Agency: Verve Marketing Client: Coca-Cola Award: Silver & Bronze
  23. 23. Diet Coke Love It Light(2012)
  24. 24. Be A Fairy Godmother(2012) Campaign: Fairy and Make A Wish – Be A Fairy Godmother Country: UK Agency: Dialogue Client: Procter & Gamble Award: Bronze
  25. 25. Be A Fairy Godmother(2012)
  26. 26. 7 days for a change(2012) Campaign: 7 days for a change Country: Spain Agency: DRAFTFCB Spain Client: TUNISAIR Award: Silver & Bronze
  27. 27. 7 days for a change(2012)