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EUdream Presentation InnoPitch 2013


Published on start up presentation for InnoPitch 2013. Our mission is to build the EU Dream by protecting the crafts across Europe and enhancing the people’s talent, skills and extraordinary stories that represent the European vivid tradition.

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EUdream Presentation InnoPitch 2013

  1. 1. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”– John LennonClaudia Iavorenciuc, 32Strategy & ChangeprofessionalEconomist, MBACo-FounderStrategy & OperationsGeorge Iavorenciuc, 26Start-up ManagerStudies in InternationalAffairsCo-FounderPartnership DevelopmentGabriel Bunescu, 27Marketing & PRspecialist, GraphicdesignerMarketing &CommunicationCiprian Cimpan, 26Web DeveloperProject Manager forOnline DevelopmentSoftware PlatformDevelopmentElla Nitura, 26Graphic & WebDesignerspecialistGraphic Design andIdentity Creationwww.eudream.euwww.eudream.orgPresentationInnoPitch, Brussels, June 2013
  2. 2. Why Our mission, goal and objectivesWho Understanding our customer needs and valuesWhere Understanding our market and competitorsHow Our business model for delivering valueWhen Implementation time-lineWhat Project funding needs and financials= Challenges and OpportunitiesSummary
  3. 3. Our mission , goal & objectivesMissionto build the EU Dream by protecting the crafts across Europe and enhancingthe people’s talent, skills and extraordinary stories that represent theEuropean vivid tradition.provide an online platform where craft men and women across Europecome together, present their stories and sell their products.Goal2013 – create platform and introduce on the European marketObjectives2014 – reach critical number of 2,500 craft members2015 – extend support provided with partnerships for micro-financingWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =
  4. 4. Understanding our customer needsand valuesWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =Open to new markets within Western Europe with high buying powerAffordable web-based solutions for marketing, promotion and sales of craft productsSupport through local Associations to build professional trustworthy online presenceAccess to strong network of Craft Associations and members facing similar challengesEU DreamPropositionAccess to limited local markets with low buying powerDecreased local craft productionLow income, high risk - dependent on few buyersLow attractiveness for new generationsShortage of skillsLow capacity, dependent on owner & familyNegative impact on local economyProblems
  5. 5. mymela.comicraftgifts.comUnderstanding our market andcompetitorsWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =Webshop NetworkEurope - Germanyshopwindoz.comdawanda.comEurope - the • Very fragmented market with main online providers in the US• High market growth in the US, with limited coverage of Europeanmarket• Few players in Germany and the UK – focused on creative & giftmarkets, pure web shop business model
  6. 6. Understanding our target marketCraft Buyers in EuropeTarget CraftBuyersWestern Europe developed marketthe UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Western Germany, Switzerland, Austria, North ItalyWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =The most significant purchasing driver is the skill behindthe craft.• Offer of local European craft traditional and creative products• Access to products and craft skills from developing Europe that otherwise arehardly available• Support local Associations to survive, protect and grow the traditional EuropeanidentityEU DreamUniquePropositionAttributes for the crafts: handmade, workmanship,personal, genuine, rural, for everyone.Only in England 40% of adults (16.9 million people) havepurchased a craft object.A further 23% (9.6 million people) would consider buyinga craft object.
  7. 7. Understanding our target marketCraft Producers in Eastern EuropeWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =Target CraftAssociations& MembersDeveloping Eastern Europe countries with local traditionalcrafts still presentHigh quality and craftsmanshipMostly rural presence with limited access to onlinenetworkLow percentage focused on touristic products / giftsVery poor online presence (if any) through own webpageNo online media marketing and promotionLinguistic barrier stopping them to sell outside local countryHard to get funding from financial institutions, because they are considered highly riskbusinesses
  8. 8. Our business model for deliveringvalueWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =EU DreamOnlineProfile• Create Online page for Association• Create Profile for selected members of the Association with storyof presentation (local language and English)Build craftproductsportfolio• Upload info for craft articles for sale, with professionalphotographs, customization and logistics detailsMarket EUDream• We conduct marketing campaign for EU Dream platform in Target Craft Buyers areas andspecialized media• Ensure operability and maintenance for online operations, including email, web-page andweb-shop capabilitiesManageonlineoperations• Once order from buyer received, craft member creates and delivers products withlogistical support from local AssociationCreate anddeliverproducts• Manage security of transactions with confirmation of customers together with onlinepayment service providerConfirmtransaction• Customers give reviews and feedback to craft producers, and Association endorses thereputation of local membersBuildreputation
  9. 9. Our business model for deliveringvalueWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =Value PropositionKey ActivitiesKey Partnerships CustomerRelationshipCustomer SegmentsChannelsRevenues & fundingCostsSpecialized onlineservices for craftsacross Europe fornetworking,presentation,marketing andselling local craftproductsOperationalonlinemaintenanceAssociationrelationshipmanagementSocialmediamarketingEventsmarketingLocal CraftAssociationsRegional &EuropeanCraftOrganizationsChambersofCommerceLocalauthoritiesOnlineplatformmaintenanceSocialmediamarketingpartnersCraftassociationsMembersTalentedindependentartists – craftsOnlineplatform /communitySocialmediaOnline /socialmediaCraftAssociations &OrganizationsSpecializedevents & fairsSpecializedmagazines,radio & TVprogramsOnlineplatformMaintenance& ContenteditingMarketingcampaignsPhotography,translationservicesSalariesoperationalCrafts Re-sellers /networksCommissionsalesOperational –customersmanagementOperationaltransactionsgovernanceKey ResourcesNetwork ofcraftsassociationNetwork ofearly adopters& supportersTeam OnlineplatformApprentice& craftschoolsSubsidiesAdvertisingrevenuesDirect –throughlocal reps
  10. 10. Project funding needs and financialsWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =Type of Cost Details TimeframeAmount(€)InvestmentOnline Platform Development June - Sept 13 20,000Operational CostsAccounting & legal services June 13 - Mar 14 7,000Content editing 1 FTE (first 6 m), 2 FTE (after 6 m) Aug 13 - Mar 14 12,000Marketing specialist 1 FTE (first 6 m), 2 FTE (after 6 m) Aug 13 - Mar 14 12,000Martketing campaign- introduction on 5 major capitals @ 5000 Eur/each location Oct 13 25,000- Christmas campaign @ 3000 Eur/each location Nov-Dec 13 15,000- continous budget @ 2500 Eur/month starting 2014 Jan-Mar 14 7,500- quarterly campains @ 1500 Eur/location Q 1 2014 7,500Other administrative & transport expenses 7,000113,000Revenues Q 4 2013 1,181Revenues Q 1 2014 11,62512,806100,194Total Revenues June 2013 - Mar 2014Total costs June 2013 - Mar 2014Total funding needFunding needed for initialinvestment and operationalcostsBreak-even reached in April2015
  11. 11. Implementation timelineWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =June – Aug2013• Online Platform Development• Build Partnership network with local associations and organizationsAug – Sept2013• Build Association web pages and Members profile with product portfoliosOct2013• We conduct marketing campaign for EU Dream platform in Target Craft Buyers areasand specialized media in London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Bonn, MilanNov - Dec2013• We conduct Christmas marketing campaign in Target Craft Buyers area and media2014onwards• Develop Partnership network and reach total of 2,500 Members on the EU Dreamplatform at end of 20142014onwards• Build online presence and reputation in the Target Craft Buyers areas, maintainsustained sales growth rate in Europe2015• Start Partnerships with Micro-finance institutions and local authorities to supportincreasing capabilities of the local craft EU Dream Members• Develop crowd-funding capabilities on the EU Dream platform• Extend support services for local crafts – according to specific needs
  12. 12. Challenges and OpportunitiesWhy Who Where How WhenWhat =• Reaching critical number of local rural craftassociations• Ensuring good responsiveness and quality ofmaterials provided by members• Control over the quality and quick delivery ofproducts• Building reputation in the Western EuropeanmarketChallenges Opportunities• Unexplored market, with limited online presence• Fragmented network of crafts producers currentlyacross Europe.• Growing interest for buyers of crafts• Change in customer’s values with preference forlocal, hand-made productsCraftsbecame solidbusinessesKeep theEuropeanvivid traditionEUDreamImpactIncrease local craftproductionMake it attractive fornew generations &keep skills
  13. 13. Thank you !Let’s build togetherthe EU Dream!