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Customer Engagement – Going Beyond SEO By Siddhesh Bhobe


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Customer Engagement – Going Beyond SEO By Siddhesh Bhobe

  1. 1. eMee e-Commerce Offerings Engagement Analytics Desire Engine Social Recommendation Engine Sentiment AnalysisHow engaged are your users ?
  2. 2. 343 +ecommerce portals in India and growing The ecommerce market is getting crowded !
  3. 3. 130 In clothing and apparels 107 Fashion and Lifestyle 97 Mobile and ElectronicsLarge numbers of online specialty stores as well !
  4. 4. 98%Of visitors to e-Commerce sites leave without purchasing Conversion rates are very low!
  5. 5. EA dashboard
  6. 6. funnel distribution
  7. 7. geographical trends
  8. 8. site engagement trends Email CampaignInitial Media Release Refer a Friend Campaign
  9. 9. individual engagement trend Loyalty CampaignsInitial Activation Low Awareness Score
  10. 10. gamification toolbar
  11. 11. gamification toolbar
  12. 12. deals map
  13. 13. desire engine
  14. 14. social recommendation engine
  15. 15. social recommendation engine Desire and Recommendations
  16. 16. sentiment analysis
  17. 17. gamified feedback
  18. 18. advantage You…• Engage users and make them keep coming back for more• Get your users to market for you!• eMee’s “Gamification as a service” ensures you focus on your core business while we handle gamification for you
  19. 19. It’s easy with eMee…• eMee can go live in < 2 weeks• eMee is completely customizable to your needs• eMee offers security and access control at the most granular levels• eMee fits right in with your existing investments in IT• eMee requires no additional plug ins• eMee evolves with you!
  20. 20. next steps… • identify first set of goals & metrics • target first roll out in 4 weeks • measure impact • tweak strategy
  21. 21. with eMee, it’s easy to get started! Siddhesh Bhobe CEO, eMee