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Innovation ecosystem human capital


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Innovation ecosystem human capital

  1. 1. Human Capital and theInnovation Ecosystem Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharya Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
  2. 2. Cracking the code of innovation• High rate of knowledge obsolescence is creating messes all around• A mess is a set of highly dynamic problems that are deeply interconnected• Management of mess requires innovative solutions based on systems thinking
  3. 3. Managing the Mess in Education• Deliverables of educational institutions in a knowledge economy• Time to test new innovative models such as, – ‘Fixed performance variable duration’ model, – Student-centric learning models• Business schools need to help students to debate and test the underlying assumptions of the theory they are learning about• Only the ability to think critically can make young managers succeed in managing businesses in a disruptive world
  4. 4. Enabling Factors for the Innovation Ecosystem Enabling Factors for the Innovation Ecosystem Technical Factors • Big data or Social Factors Provide Provide innovative streaming analytics innovative solutions solutions • Organization’s own• Ideation Processes to to Database• Peoples & Skills customers’ customers’ management• Leadership & problems problems • Integration of internal Organization and external• Culture & Values information networks for optimizing decisions
  5. 5. Managing the Ideation Process• Make innovation everyone’s job• Balance between conformity and creativity• New metrics and reward criteria• Measuring Learning Return on Innovation
  6. 6. Developing People and Skills• Maximize creative potential of the organization by balancing: – Divergent & Convergent thinking, Experience & Imagination, Insider & Outsider• Use all possible mechanisms: – time allowance, innovation training and tools, open market for ideas, easy access to seed funding, create structures for mentoring and support
  7. 7. Leadership and Organization• Great opportunities to demonstrate and develop leadership• Leadership/CEO to facilitate Total Innovation Revolution• Leadership has to master the art of managing creative deviation• Need for Innovation in organizational structures (Morning Star, Kyocera, Zappos)
  8. 8. Culture and Values• Encouraging a culture of challenging orthodoxies• Make Transparency synonymous to the organizational identity• Recruitment and reward structure based on creative idea generation and entrepreneurship• Challenges for the Human Resources to free the system from the highest-paid- person’s-opinion (HIPPO) syndrome
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