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Digital Strategy for Roxy


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New digital marketing strategies for Roxy.

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Digital Strategy for Roxy

  1. 1. Digital Strategy for RoxyNew Digital Strategy for Roxy Lu Zhang by Lu Zhang
  2. 2. Main demographic:young people Target market: surfing, snowboarding, swimwear, other extreme sports
  3. 3. Brand image goals: “fun and alive, naturally beautiful, daring and confident”Challenges:face a tough competitionwith other brands that sellsimilar products.
  4. 4. Media outlets:Facebook(1.9m)Twitter(20k)Youtube(10k)Official blog
  5. 5. New Strategies:Social Media StrategyOnline AdvertisingMobile Marketing
  6. 6. PinterestYoutube: Upload teaching videosof surfing, snowboarding,swimming, etc. Hold a contest askingconsumers to upload theirown videos related withRoxy.
  7. 7. Google AdWords campaignKeywords:surfing, snowboard, swimwearand X-sportsAd copy :“Find your Roxy-style suit forsurfing, snowboarding,swimwear and X-sports!”"Wear like a Roxy girl: surfing,snowboarding, swimwear and X-sports."
  8. 8. Create an app:Provide informationabout product,advertisement,promotion, events,blogs, etc.
  9. 9. Metics of success:Pinterest followers,Youtube subscribers,Google Analytics,App downloads.
  10. 10. Budget: $50,000Google AdWord campaign (24,000)reward of Youbute competition winner (1000)the app development (25000)