Public relations, Social media and managing crisis shocks - Is your brand crisis ready??


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Great respected brands have fallen by the wayside for lack of a crisis PR plan. History is replete with such brands, which were NOT crisis ready.

A staid and laid back public relations support, if you can call it so, did not come to the rescue of a handful of big brands, when most needed - when a crisis hit the brand from no-where.

Do you think your brand is crisis ready? Does your PR framework factor in a swift response to real-time crisis, that can hit 24/7/365?

Do a reality check here and now.

Turn crisis into a great brand opportunity... You can! Digital asset management must factor in crisis response too.

Call your PR counsel and check your crisis readiness today - it'll be the best brand investment you make in a long time to come.

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Public relations, Social media and managing crisis shocks - Is your brand crisis ready??

  1. 1. In a hyper-connected world, a crisis can hit anytime, 24/7/365 @muralispeak
  2. 2.  most brands and their custodians think they are immune from any crisis of sorts!  great product, happy customers and stakeholders, perfect business model, so why sweat?  Exactly a mind-set that ushers in a complacent communications framework. @muralispeak
  3. 3.  BP, Enron, United Airlines, Cadbury…. You may know many more  Most of these brands were absolute stakeholder delight…. Unfazed and undeterred…  UNTIL A CRISIS HIT THEM FROM NO-WHERE  Even worse, the CRISIS came as a bolt-in- the-blue @muralispeak
  4. 4.  A cursory look of the brands mentioned will show how a crisis can be-fall.  A crisis can be an external/extraneous event, that shakes the foundation of your brand (or) it can some simple gaffe internal to your brand, that blows out of proportion  It can be the handiwork of a disgruntled customer, employee, your competition, or anyone out there armed with a just face book or twitter account @muralispeak
  5. 5.  Being crisis ready, ALWAYS, is the way out a nasty crisis blow  Make crisis readiness a PR mantra – its an investment with humongous positive returns  An investment in crisis readiness is your brand’s insurance against adverse impact  Invest in a crisis readiness framework for your brand – today. @muralispeak
  6. 6.  A crisis can hit from anywhere, and anytime – and can hit….. anybody  Big brand, small brand, local brand, global brand…. crisis is one awful leveler.  Its even more important for you, a small brand to be crisis ready – as the probability of your decimation in a crisis is high. @muralispeak
  7. 7.  Create a system for constant vigil in the real stakeholder world, & in the social media universe.  Look for even small & miniscule brand ripples… seldom ignore them in the real and social universe  Ignored brand ripples get to be full blown crisis, which debilitate your brand  Monitor, listen, respond in real time. FOLLOW UP on promises, actions and responses. @muralispeak
  8. 8.  If you do not have a crisis management team for your brand, make sure you get one today.  Draw people across functions - with people & technical skills + marketing + social media + customer engagement.  Train them for crisis response. Make this team media-savvy, and to be in a crisis response ready state.  Review crisis readiness, have periodic crisis response drills. @muralispeak
  9. 9.  Lack of a crisis communication plan is what killed the great brands – which got mauled beyond recognition when a crisis fell them  Ask for expert advise on managing crisis public relations  Does your PR counsel keep you crisis ready, 24/7/365? @muralispeak
  10. 10. When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity. - John F. Kennedy With good PR counsel in place, a crisis could be one great opportunity – to reinforce your brand. @muralispeak
  11. 11.  In crisis management, being well prepared is almost 90% won…  Think about a crisis PR investment, today.  Call your PR counsel now and check your brand’s crisis readiness plan THANK YOU @muralispeak