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Bend adbits reputation management and crisis preparation 11 28 12


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Financial Public Relations firm, LT Public Relations take on Reputation Management and Crisis Communications which includes using social media tools to tell your story.

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Bend adbits reputation management and crisis preparation 11 28 12

  1. 1. Bend AdbitsReputation Management and Crisis Preparation November 29, 2012
  2. 2. Today’s Flight Plan Strengthen and Manage ReputationThrough Public Relations Improve Communications with Customers and Staff Prepare for Crises
  3. 3. Introductions Who Are You? Small vs. Medium vs. Large Business Responsible if/when a crisis happens? Prepared if/when a crisis happens?
  4. 4. IntroductionsLT Public Relations
  5. 5. Public Relations is nowReputation Management Good or Bad
  6. 6. Public Relations is also Story TellingWe’re Business Story Tellers
  7. 7. Public Relations…DefinedPublic relations (PR) is:• Managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics• Gaining an organization or individual exposure to its audiences using topics of public interest and news items
  8. 8. Use PR (Not Advertising) to TELL YOUR STORY“Advertising is the price you pay for being unremarkable.” --Robert Stephens, CEO of Geek Squad
  9. 9. PR TOOLS There is no one “Silver Bullet.” News Releases PR Campaigns SEONewsletters Conferences
  10. 10. PR TOOLS
  11. 11. PR Tools: STAFF Staff is the most under-utilized(and un-communicated to) PR tool a company has to leverage.
  12. 12. PR Tools: STAFF Use staff as ambassadors of thecompany’s brand and messages.
  13. 13. PR Tools: STAFF Train them how to bebrand ambassadors and communicators. Inform them before news is distributed. Instruct them on the significance of the news for the company, its customers and the communities it serves.
  14. 14. Crisis is… EVERYWHERE
  15. 15. Crisis Affects Big and Small CompaniesAWE Dental Spa Prineville Police Department Religious discrimination in Alleged Police brutality caughtthe workplace on video Deschutes Mortgage Group Conspiracy to commit bank fraud, mortgage scheme
  16. 16. Crisis PreparationCrisis Management is… 99% Preparation 1% Execution
  17. 17. Crisis PreparationA 2011 Altimeter study reports that… About 76 percent of crises could be avoided or diminished The majority of companies are unprepared for a social media crisis
  18. 18. Crisis PlanAll companies should have an updatedcrisis preparation plan, which includeshow to communicate to: 1. Staff 2. Board 3. Customers 4. Public/Community 5. Media 6. Social Media
  19. 19. Crisis Preparation Identify aCrisis
  20. 20. Crisis PreparationBuild Internal Guidelines and Procedures
  21. 21. Crisis PreparationManage a Crisis……Conduct Dress Rehearsal Image by AFP via @daylife
  22. 22. Crisis Preparation Communicate During a Crisis……staff, customers, board, vendors, media, social media
  23. 23. Crisis PreparationHave Spokesperson(s) and Staff Ready
  24. 24. Crisis ResponseRespond as Soon as Possible!
  25. 25. Crisis Response Monitor the Response
  26. 26. Crisis Response Be Honest!2003- American Airlines Announces Bankruptcy
  27. 27. Crisis ResponseRepair the Mistake…ASAP!
  28. 28. Crisis ResponseApologize Appropriately
  29. 29. Crisis Response Move On!
  30. 30. Learn From The Best“When You’re Going Through Hell…Keep Going.” --Winston Churchill
  31. 31. Learn From The Best When written in Chinese, the word“crisis” is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity. --John F. Kennedy
  32. 32. Crisis Ready??Are You Ready For a CRISIS?
  33. 33. Thank You!! LT Public Relations