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Alexi Bobolia And Marc Ferlo Founded Aurora Exterior Painting


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Aurora Exterior Painting was the brainchild of two business partners who go by the names Marc Ferlo and Alexi Bobolio. These two business partners had long been active as Massachusetts house painters, working to beautify the exteriors of homes in Massachusetts for more than thirty combined years.

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Alexi Bobolia And Marc Ferlo Founded Aurora Exterior Painting

  1. 1. Marc Ferlo and Alexi Bobolia founded Aurora Exterior Painting in 2004. They saw a need to found the business because Massachusetts had a lack of quality home painters organizations. If a person was lookingfor a high quality home painters organization in Massachusetts, they would do well to look into hiring Aurora Exterior Painting. This company has proven that they have what it takes by setting themselves apart from the competition. The painting crews employed by Aurora Exterior Painting know exactly what they are doing. They are made up of experiencedandprofessional Massachusetts home painters who want to do a good joband go to great lengthstoensure thattheydo just that. Aurora Exterior Painting can deliver the facelift that a home needs. This is true regardless of the size of the home, what color it is being painted, or what sort of weather they are dealing with. Aurora ExteriorPaintingunderstandsthat a home is the single most valuable possession owned by manypeople or families. So it is important that it looks good and is treated right. Ensuring that the exteriorof the home isas beautiful aspossible isone waytoensure both.Inthe Massachusettsarea, there is no better company for guaranteeing high quality Massachusetts home painting.