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Tutorial Request: What a Tutor Should Expect


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This slide highlights what happens when a tutor receives an in home or online tutorial request from Tutoring Match. When a tutorial request is made through, the tutor receives information relevant to a student's needs and then needs to decide whether or not to ACCEPT or DECLINE the tutorial.

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Tutorial Request: What a Tutor Should Expect

  1. 1. Request Tutorial Match Payment
  2. 2. You have a Request; A parent/student has selected you! Request Tutorial Match Payment
  3. 3. Responding to your Request: Request Tutorial Match Payment
  4. 4. View the RequestOpen and view the request….. Request Tutorial Match Payment
  5. 5. To ACCEPT, you Bid on the Request Request Tutorial Match Payment
  6. 6. If the Request isn’t a good match, click DECLINE.
  7. 7. My Matches If the parent or student accepts your bid, you will receive an email that directs you to sign in to your Tutoring Match account. Request Tutorial Match Payment(s)
  8. 8. View your Matches Click open My Matches,to find parent / student contact & location info. Request Tutorial Match Payment
  9. 9. Schedule your Tutorial Call the parents or student to introduce yourself to schedule the “NO-RISK” first session. Request Tutorial Match Payment
  10. 10. Contact us for follow-upAfter scheduling your 1st session, email us the date and time of the tutorial.We will then call the parents or student to follow-up after your first session.At that time, we collect feedback for you and clarify payment procedures. Request Tutorial Match Payment
  11. 11. The First Session Prior to your 1st Tutoring Match tutorial, review Your First Tutorial.• Tutoring & Tutorial Tips• Questions Parents ask Tutors• In Person / In Home Tutoring• Online Tutoring• Help Desk Request Tutorial Match Payment
  12. 12. Tutorial Payment: Basic Members receive a 50/50 split for their 1st hour. All subsequent payments are: 80/20 for Basic Members 90/10 for +Plus Members 100/0 for Professional Members. Membership level determines payment frequency: (monthly, bimonthly, weekly or immediately) and payment method: (check, direct deposit, or cash.) Tutorial hours are submitted and recorded online. See TM’s Payment & Billing Services Request Tutorial Match Payment
  13. 13. “Risk-Free” 1st session: Clients pay only if they are 100% satisfied with the first hour.For more information, click Help Desk. Request Tutorial Match Payment
  14. 14. Referral Rewards: Request Tutorial Match Payment