Volleyball Player Inventory


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A research instrument for gather data on the profile of volleyball players

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Volleyball Player Inventory

  1. 1. Dear Respondent: This researcher-made questionnaire is use for research entitled:“Social Support and Pattern of Deliberate Practice: It’s Effecton the Level of Performance of Secondary Volleyball TeamPlayers”. The researcher aimed to determine the differences between theprofile among players and social support and pattern of deliberatepractice. The investigator would also want to determine relationshipbetween profile of players and their level of performance. We assure you our utmost respect and confidentiality of any ofyour information given. --------------------------------------------------------------------Please affix signature below that you accept as subject of this study.Signature of respondent: ________________________________ Thank you very much for your time and cooperation.
  2. 2. VOLLEYBALL PLAYER INVENTORY Part A - Profile: 1. What schools are you belong? (Please write the name of school) ______________________________________ Please put a check (√) mark as your answer of choice from a given options below. 2. What is your gender? ( ) Male ( ) Female 3. How long you have been a volleyball player? ( ) 1 year and less ( ) 1-2 yrs ( ) between 2-3 yrs ( ) between 3-4 yrs ( ) between 4-5 yrs ( ) more than 5 yrs Direction: 1. Put a check (√) mark as your answer of choice on the options given 2. Please be honest in your response in order to get a reliable data. 3. Do not leave any item unanswered. Part B – The Level of Social SupportDo you benefit support being a volleyball 1- 2- 3- 4-player in your team? Such as; Barely/ sometimes Very always Not at all often 1. School scholarship 20% discount of tuition or more 2. Free sports uniform 3. Avail a pair of sport shoes 4. Avail school allowances in kind such as food or and/or vitamin supplements 5. Avail transportation to and from venue of tournament 6. Avail free and comfortable quarters to stay-in for the game 7. Avail prices and kinds (medals or certificate) for good performance done from game 8. Schools had been always supportive by sending representatives to cheer with you during the game 9. Parents motivate and supported you in every practice and during game competition 10. Do you feel supported by your coach
  3. 3. Part C – Pattern of Deliberate Practice How often you do it? How long you do it? More Barely Barely Conditioning & Training 40 than More or 5x & or 15-3 Once 2x a 3x a min. an than never more/ never 0 Drills a wk wk wk - an hour 2 done wk done min. hour – 2 hours it it hrs.1. Strength & Power Training: Squats, dead-lifts, clean and jerk, snatches, bench press etc.2. Endurance Training: low impact jumps, foot-works, ladder drills, dot drills, jogging & sprints3. Agility Training: explosive push-ups, squat jumps, frog jumps, medicine ball throws4. Warm-up drills5. Serving drills: Overhand serve, Underhand serve, Jump serve, Float serve6. Setting drills: Individual setting drills, Back set drill, Quick set drill7. Hitting drills: Outside hitting drill, Middle hitting drill, Hitting quick balls, Backcourt hitting drill8. Passing drills: Individual passing drill, Group passing drill9. Digging drills10.Run Game-like drills11.Game Play Part D – Level of Performance
  4. 4. (Please answer the question as you can remember as possible). How many times? What place did you won? (Please choose the highest Are you able to play level achieved)volleyball tournament on 4 None the following league? 3 Times at all/ 1st once twice 4th 3rd 2nd times & Not Champion more yet1.Inter-Barangay2. Invitational League:Fiesta League, PurokLeague3.Sponsorship League: MiloCup League, Nestea Cupetc. 4. Fund Raising League 5. Unit Meet 6. DCAA Meet 7. DAVRAA 8. PALARO (National League) 9. International League 10.Others: (Pls. specify) ______________ Pmv_2010