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SamurAI Coding 2016-17 World Final, Opening Remarks


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5th IPSJ International AI Programming Contest: SamurAI Coding 2016-17

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SamurAI Coding 2016-17 World Final, Opening Remarks

  1. 1. Opening Remarks Hironori Washizaki (Director, IEEE CS Japan Chapter Former Chair)
  2. 2. Welcome to Nagoya, and SamurAI Coding 2016-17 World Final! Organized by Programming Contest Committee Together with Volunteers Hironori Washizaki (Director), Tasuku Hiraishi (Vice-Director), Takashi Chikayama (Executive Advisor), Ikuo Takeuchi, Shingo Takada, Matsuki Yoshino, Kazunori Sakamoto, Tetsuro Tanaka, Makoto Miwa, Michiko Oba, Noriko Fukazawa, Hiroshi Suzuki
  3. 3. This program is partially supported by a grant of Kayamori Foundation of Informational Science Advancement. Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University International Information Science Foundation The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  4. 4. Mission of SamurAI Coding Be a Samurai! Felice Beato, Armored samurai with sword and dagger. Samurai Coding 2011 Image
  5. 5. Mission of SamurAI Coding • Providing engineers/programmers with opportunities to sharpen and demonstrate AI programming, problem-solving skills • Providing platform for engineers/programmers, IPSJ, industry, and academia to interact with each other and focus attention on the next global and IoT computing era
  6. 6. Previous Contests
  7. 7. N. Participating Teams
  8. 8. JapanChina Korea ‘16-17 Preliminary and World Final 16 incl. 2 international teams selected among 135 VietnamBangladesh
  9. 9. Program • 15:20 ‒ 17:30 Opening Tournament Matches with Introductions of Participants at the First Round • 17:30 ‒ 17:50 Award ceremony • 18:00 ‒ 20:00 Banquet
  10. 10. Enjoy the Contest! Felice Beato, Armored samurai with sword and dagger. Samurai Coding 2011 Image
  11. 11. Special Prize by RecoChoku Co.,Ltd. • remin • Gachapiso (ガチャピソ)
  12. 12. Special Prize by e-Seikatsu Co.,Ltd. • ys • Serval-chan (サーバルちゃん)