Presentatie leo sleuwaegen eindhoven 22 juni


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Presentatie 'The creative region' by Prof Leo Sleuwaegen,
Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School
High Tech Campus Eindhoven, 22 June 2011

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Presentatie leo sleuwaegen eindhoven 22 juni

  1. 1. Prof Leo Sleuwaegen,Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School HTC Eindhoven, 22 June 2011
  2. 2. Business has become global… $ EU - U.SGDP 60 trillion $ EUMarket Value EU - U.S – Asia- BRIC 1900 2000 Year 1.6 billion 6.1 billion 7.7 billion People
  3. 3. World’s GDP still dominated by the Western Economy 16,5 tr $ 18 tr $ 6,4 tr $ 5 tr $ 1,5 tr $ Source : The World Bank-Reshaping Economic Geography, Hinoul
  4. 4. Stage of developmentRegional development: a staged model Innovation driven economyIncome per capita Efficiency driven economy Compete on creativity Compete on Factor driven economy organisational excellence Compete on low cost
  5. 5. From productivity to innovationGolden Sixties : Productivity (labour intensive) Seventies : Quality (skill intensive) Eighties : Flexibility (capital & technology intensive) Nineties : Innovation (knowledge intensive) 21st Century : Creativity new business models
  6. 6. Regions matter: The worldknowledge economy regions Source : Vacature – M.Hinoul
  7. 7.      European  knowledge   economy       regions          
  8. 8. Knowledge economy regions are CREATIVE regions !!
  9. 9. The four I’s
  10. 10. The four I’s
  11. 11. The LeuvenKnowledge Economy Region
  12. 12.  ddd
  13. 13. ABC ddd
  14. 14. ABC ddd
  15. 15. KUL IMEC - Life science IMEC LRD - Nanotechnology VIB Leuven Inc. - Mechatronics and smart systems - Clean-tech- Continuous stream - Licensing to existing companies of new ideas - Attraction of hi-tech towards the multinationals industry - Generation of spin-offs- Encourage supported by venture capital entrepreneurship - Knowledge transfer via people - Joint research projects industry- research institutes
  16. 16. INSTITUTIONS - Solid IPR arrangements - LRD - Partnership Science-Industry-Local Regional Government - Federal/regional pro-innovation incentives and legislation - Venture capital fundsINTELLIGENCE INFRASTRUCTURE- KULeuven and ass. - Incubators, Colleges, Professional laboratories, offices, Higher ed. conference facilities- Vlerick management - Cluster-specific school research centers,- Hospitals - Leuven INC.- IMEC - International- VIB networking - - (venture k groups, INSPIRATION university funding, - Talent (educated multicultural private equity funding work force) - - Flourishing cultural sector - Quality of life  Attractive living and working environment
  17. 17. Multilevel interaction K.U.LEUVEN LRDFINANCIAL Science WORLD GFF parks REGION Leuven.Inc INDUSTRY
  18. 18. Cluster Policy Mechatronics TelematicsCommunications Micro-electronics Nanotechnology
  19. 19. Micro-electronica - nanotechnology Knowledge Centre Eyetronics Telindus B.E.S.T. Newfrom Tyco Electronics Centres of A.C.S. Belgium Resonext Option International Cypress Semi excellence Eonic Systems ARM Luciad FillFactory Assurcard Vivactiss K.U.Leuven STM ICOS Vision Lab Photochemistry & Spectroscopy Tomoton Systems Lab of Solid-state Physics & Magnetism Agilent Techn. JSR Electronics J.W.Lemmens Vector International KULeuven Micro Matic IPCOS IMEC Photovoltec Philips ITCL Xenics IMEC Septentrio Sub-45nm research facility Delcomp Oligosense Nanotechnology Platform Pure innovation Design platform ASM Belgium Krypton Epiq Sensor Nite companies Target Compiler Techn. Data4S Soltech AnSem Easics CoWare Mixed innovation Mind Linux LMS companies Solutions
  20. 20. MechatronicsKnowledgeCentre Stas Alnaco Ora Machines B.E.S.T. OptidriveCentres of ACE Electronics WTCM Air Beraing Prec. Techn.excellence Barco Aarschot Electrical & Mech. Design Donaldson DV Consulting IPCOS Partec Eng Materialise K.U.Leuven Krypton Dept. Mechanics Dynamotor Researh groups Decoster Luyten Automation Metris Somatech KULeuven SST Food Mach Atos Engineering PEC EME K.U.Leuven Camco Entecom Systems Dept of Metall. & Mater. Eng Tecmate Techn Lab Agric Mach & ProcPure innovation Intl. Flexlink D2S Internationalcompanies Systems M&M Corporation Robert Bosch Scala Consultants Data Analys Products CSI LMSMixed innovation Affilips South Lancscompanies Belgium
  21. 21. Life Science ClusterKnowledgeCentre E.S.R.I. Deckers Div Biotest Seralco Benelux Dermat ThrombogenicsCentres of Tigenix ReMynd Terumoexcellence Europe IDT(RNA-TEC) Dakocytomation BioTie Therapies Corp. Norgine Univ hospitals K.U.Leuven Cochlear Algonomics Rega Institute CEHA M-Elect PatientWeb Lab of Exp. Genetics & Transgenese Autocyte Medvision M4S Europe Benelux Materialise K.U.Leuven Neurogenetics L-MTC QMedit @Medical Techn. MXS VIB IVIA VIGOUR Custom8 OncoPure innovation Conti BPC Methylomecompanies Fugeia Regenesys Diatos Medicim New Standard Eng. Malaise&co Formac Ortec CMPGMixed innovation Pharmaceuticalscompanies Centocor VWR International
  22. 22. Cluster policy Leuven 2010 (est.) N° of 380 (120 spin offs) companies Turn-over 8 bi € Jobs 16.000
  23. 23. The Leuven approach1. Basis is a critical mass of high quality research2. Create an appropriate entrepreneurial climate in a university context3. Create a legal framework with respect to exploitation of academic research4. Clear incentives and policies to encourage research groups and departments to actively seek knowledge transfer opportunities5. Create a professional Interface Unit – An Integrated approach on research valorisation: multidisciplinary team & “high value” services6. Create a Seed Capital and/or Venture Capital Fund
  24. 24. The Leuven approach7.Foster spin-offs from university research8.Clear ownership of Intellectual Property9.Improving awareness among federal, regional and localshareholders10.Supporting a forum for business, academia,government and supporting organisations to buildpartnerships by sharing new ideas and best practices.Importance of the networks.11.Focus on Focus and Enthusiasm12.Quality of life
  26. 26. A Top Technology Region
  27. 27. Cluster formation of World Scale
  28. 28. THE ELAt REGION• 6 mill. Inhabitants• 2,9 mi. Active• 170 bill.€ GNP (est.)• 54.000 € GNP/capita
  29. 29. High Tech Systems and Food/Nutrition Life Sciences Total MaterialsNetherlands 127 000 92 000 19 000 238 000Belgium 58 000 39 000 7000 104 000Germany 104 000 58 000 16 000 178 000Total 289 000 189 000 42 000 520 000Total Added Value 20 9 3 32(billion €uro)Total Added Value peremployee 69 000 € 48 000 € 71 000 € 61 000 € Source : Policy Research, Hochschule Niederrhein, Etil.
  30. 30. LIFE SCIENCES TTR Nederland LifeTec Network Flanders’Bio TTR België Technomed Helvoet Pharma Life Life Science E.S.R.I. Sciences Platform Deckers Div Biotest Seralco Supra Tosoh Limburg Benelux (LIOF) Polix Bioscience Dermat Kingfisher Thrombogenics Occam Philips Medical Thromb-X Healthcare Tigenix Terumo Systems ReMynd Europe OncoMethylome IDT(RNA-TEC) Pamgene Medtronic Spronken Dakocytomation BioTie Therapies Corp. Orthopedie BioLiege Norgine KUL Neurgenetics Univ hospitals Healthcare & Pie Medical VIB K.U.Leuven Cochlear Technology AZ Algonomics Rega Institute Maastricht BIOMED Medinvest Knowledge KUleuven Ortec CEHA M-Elect Network Blue U Maastricht Imec Hasselt U Silicos PatientWeb Lab of Exp. Genetics & Transgenese Autocyte Medic Akzo Nobel/ TUMedvision M4S Europe al U UZ Leuven Hasselt Centocor Organon Eindhoven PharmaBenelux Materialise Kath. FH U Luik IME K.U.Leuven Neurogenetics Neuro BioWin NRW C L-MTC Boost Terumo QMedit Human DSM RWTH Forschungszentrum Notox Europe @Medical Techn. Health Aachen Jülich (IME) MXS VIB IVIA UK Aachen VIGOUR Abiomed Custom8 Onco Dräger Europe Methylome Conti BPC Medical Gmbh Activ Care Fugeia Grünenthal Regenesys transcon Gmbh Diatos Spectaris Medicim New Standard Eng. Bioriver Life DASGIP AG Malaise&co Science Cluster Pharma Aldenhoven Formac Ortec CMPG LifeTec Pharmaceuticals Trommsdorff Tri-nationale Aachen-Jülich Centocor MaasRijn triangle VWR International cluster Bundesverband der MetNet NRW Pharmazeutischen TTR Duitsland Aachener Industrie e.v. (BPI) Kompetenzzentrum Medizintechnik AKM Policy Research Corporation
  31. 31. HIGH TECH SYSTEMS & MATERIALS Nederlandse DSP Valley Vereniging Sirris voor Precisie- Vereniging technologie TTR Nederland van de Walonie Espace TTR Belgium Nederlandse DAF nv Graco Chemische Industrie Siemens VDO Vista nv FMTC Knowledge Centre (mechatronica) Philips Alro Holdings Centres of excellence Chemelot Ford Werke Bosch Bosch Hydraulic Packaging Borealis Polymers LAG Akzo Nobel Trailers FLAMAC Netherlands Epiq (materialen Aerospace Campus KUL onderzoek) Nedcar Geleen Pure innovation Group (NAG) Imec DOW Belgium Vanderlande KUleuven Spaas companies ATC DSM Philips UImec Hasselt Kaarsen Eindhoven Industries Campus Agoria ASML Eindhoven U Luik U Hasselt Tessenderlo Nederlandse Fraunhofer Institut Luik U chemie Océ Forschungszentrum Jülich Heraeus vereniging Stork food RWTH Electro-Nite voor rubber Hochschule systems en Aachen Niederrhein International en Continental printing Schumag AG kunststoffen Mixed innovation Flanders Siempelkamp Philips (licht)/ Philips Oerlikon Textile Drive companies Cerobear Onderzoeksinstituut Trützschler Scheidt & Bachmann Pierberg Prüfcentrum Siemens Verband der FEV transportation Systems Voith Paper Chemischen Verband der Motorentechnik industrie (VCI) Elektrotechnik 3M (VDE) AUNDE Cluster Chemie/ Kunststoffe Munters Euroform Networks* Mitteldeutschland CAR e.V. INTRA e.V. Verbundinitiative Automobil TTR Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen (VIA NRW)* Internationaal netwerk: Policy Research Corporation, Hochschule Niederrhein, Etil
  32. 32. FOOD & NUTRITION Regio Uden-Veghel Foodregio Flanders’ FOOD TTR Nederland Helmond e.o./ Greenport Venlo TTR Belgium Interbrew Flora HollandKnowledge Centre Farm Frites Belgium FEVIA Veiling ZONCentres of excellence Foodvalley regio Wageningen Nutreco SES Tropicana Looza Europe Rendac Wessanen Lambrechts nv Better3Fruit Newtrition Choprabisco Food & Orafti Group Masters Food Veiling Nutrition U MaastrichtPure innovation Topinstituut Nedalco KUL Hercules Haspengouw KUleuven Europecompanies HAS Den Bosch DMV Unilever Imec Proefcentrum Tiense Campina U Wageningen Fruitteelt vzw Scana U Hasselt Suiker Noliko Numico Food Fontys HochSchule U Luik Provinciaal Concortium Niederrhein IncoPack Overleg Heineken Citrique Regio Sovion Frauenhofer Belge Tienen Food Gesellschaft Zentis KronenBrot ConnectionMixed innovation Point KGcompanies Chocoladefabriken Lindt Leuchtenberg Nestle Carl kühne FG Deutschland Cargill Landgard Deutsche Food Landwirtschaft Processing Zuckerfabrik Jülich Gesellschaft Initiative (DLG) Walter Rau Neusser ÖlandNetworks Deutsches Institut für Agrobusiness Lebensmitteltechnik Bundesvereinigung Foodcity der Deutschen TTR Germany Ernährungsindustrie Policy Research Corporation, Hochschule Niederrhein, Etil
  33. 33. Characteristics of a Dynamic Region of Innovation1. Network efficiency2. Supportive environment3. Heterogeneity : Universities, VC’s, Cies… e.g. Silicon Valley – Nashville4. Entrepreneurial Culture5. Mobility of people