Tsp fab fuse-promoting sustainable development


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Twinning Sustainable Production is a research projekt which wants to find partners which are interested to share their knowledge about renewable energy infrastructure and open production infrastructure like fablabs or sustainable village

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Tsp fab fuse-promoting sustainable development

  1. 1. Twinning Sustainable Production Open Production and Renewable Energy promoting Sustainable Development
  2. 2. Big Idea - Realistic Scope? "Do not re-invent the wheel and don´t aim for the Nobel prize!" Bernd Möller The change of value adding [1]Rural communities will survive [by Autor] Rural communities will survive [by Autor]
  3. 3. The "killer app" for who?the euro-american socialized world! Neil Gershenfeld MIT / Bits and Atoms: " For the developed world is: "The killer app of personal fabrication is products for the market of one person" Motivation: personal expression and technology... for the rest of the world, it is the instrumentation and fabrication device. People locally developing solutions to local problems!"
  4. 4. FabLabs spread all over the world!... but, do they succeed? What are the F(K)iller Apps for dependent regions? What are the key success factors for independent viability?
  5. 5. Diffusion of InnovationSuccess patterns In addition you have to check: •  compatibility, i.e. consistent with existing values, beliefs and needs; •  complexity, i.e. the ease with which the innovation can be used by all; •  trialability, i.e. possibilities for trying out the innovation on a limited basis; •  observability, i.e. the visibility of being a user of the innovation. “
  6. 6. Effective chain causesUnder which circumstances will sustainable development grow best? added value chain Sustainable Development Basic 1.  socio-culturalServices Renewable Open 2.  economical Energy Production 3.  ecological Services Services Information/ Transport Comunic. Do it! Live it! Services Services Capability Viability Why? Success Motivation "How to foster" Twinning Sustainable Collaboratio ProductionNeed?! n Participation Funding Benefit Case climate How? Knowledge "Best Practice"
  7. 7. Which problem are we trying tosolve (with our research)?Problem:- Input Lessons Learned- Why does development aid not succeed?- Reasons why projects fail- Patterns for failure causesSolution:- Collaboration- Participation- technolgy innovation adaption
  8. 8. How can we focus? Scope & LimitationFind twinnning "Best Practices" ... existing REIs Share ... existing Motivation What do Knowledge you have to do? Base Who can help? How can... existing FABLABs you do it? Twinning Sustainable Production
  9. 9. What are the "f(k)iller applications"? for (Developing) Dependent CountriesWater Treatment Plant - gravitation water vortex power plant- patented - workingopensource! web.mit.edu aguaclara.cornell.edu www.zotloeterer.com www.mgiri.org
  10. 10. What are the "f(k)iller applications"? for "Interdependent" Countries - Knowledge Transfer, Access toInternet and Electricity, Bottom-up-economics
  11. 11. Further positive outcomes•  Community building – self-esteem/ identification•  Using local knowledge and potentials•  economic income sources on a micro-level•  Step by step liberation from the dependency on foreign money and expertise
  12. 12. Thesis:Renewable Energy Production Shelter (REPS)promotes Sustainable Development minimum core service problems in lack of health need dependend lack of cleanwater service countries base lack of eductaion lack of food infrastructure lack of lack of heating lack of electricity base base ressources production tools lack of lack of cooling context communication (local) specific know how lack of storage lack of mobility
  13. 13. Give me power and I will survive!Renewable Energy - local produce - reliable access Independent Development Design produce Sustainable Development FabLab - flexible toolbox products 1.  socio-cultural Build for local 2.  economical problems 3.  ecological Run (Raw)Material - local accessible - remote deliverable Knowlegde.Communication.Education.Support Base
  14. 14. Renewable EnergyProduction Shelter Energy Knowledge Service Service Broadband Fabrication Service ServiceIs this a realistic need?What is the minimum setup?Are kids the driver for innovation diffussion?What kind of maturity is needed on„social-cultural level?
  15. 15. Who want to join the team?Twinnning Partner? ... existing REIs Share ... existing Motivation What do Knowledge you have to do? Base Who can help? How can you do it? ... existing FABLABs Twinning Sustainable Production
  16. 16. Collaboration: People
  17. 17. Science areas Which "added value" for science and society are we looking for?Socio-cultural and socio- Informationtechnology & Engineeringeconomic aspects Knowledge Management & ? E-Storage- REDOX...Sonja Buxbaum-Conradi, M.A. Innovation ? Smart/OpenGrid Peter Heßbrüggen ? Transportation - eMobil ? FABLAB-TOOLS ? WaterTreatment Science Field: Sustainable Development Research project: Twinning Sustainable ProductionPolitical & Economics & managementPsychology Law/legal Viviane KalkuhlSissy-Ve Basmer, M.A. ? OpenSource/Patent Peter Heßbrüggen
  18. 18. BurnDownActivation Initial Plannings Research & ...Research with third-party Identification Approval Design funding... Cloud of Terms & Concepts Respectful Review Respectful Review Scope & Limitation Fields of Funding & Participatory ... PhD Thesis... Twinning Research Fields of Existing Research System Design investigation & formal writing Proposal for Proposal to approve Prototype Testing Research Early Sept 2012 Early Dez 2012 Early Okt 2013 Meeting face/face Meeting face/face Funding Flensburg Hamburg accepted Details at: gdrive -participation colors represent the mostly needed attitude in this stage (Based on WaltDisney et.al.) TSP-Q&A and ActionToGoal green: brainstorming-visionary, blue:planning-operation, orange: risc-review
  19. 19. Reference:Books Weblinks http://www.rhinofablab.com/video/slab-costa-rica[B1] Wulfsberg, Redlich Wertschöpfung in der Bottom-up-Ökonomie http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/472474365/slab-costa-rica- 2011, SpringerVerlag; building-a-recycling-center-for-no[B1] Wettbewerbsstrategie M. Porter 1999 http://scripts.mit.edu/~emu/fab/ http://wiki.fablab.af/index.php/Main_PageScientific publications http://www.fablab.af/fabfi/[S1] IPPC, 2012, Chapter 9 , 9.1 ff http://www.fablab.af/docs/NSF-CCF-0832234_Annual_Report.pdf[S2] IPPC, 2012, Chapter 9 , ff http://www.vigyanashram.com/[S3[ NREL/CP-500-28595, 2000, Renewables for sustainable Statistical Data village power Weltbank (2012a): Access to electricity. http://data.worldbank.org/ indicator/IT.CEL.SETS.P2, 05.07.2012Weblinks Weltbank (2012b): Mobile cellular subscriptions. http://[W1] http://opensource.org/ data.worldbank.org/indicator/EG.ELC.ACCS.ZS/countries/[W2] http://creativecommons.org/ XM-XO-ZG?display=graph, 05.07.2012. ITU (2012): Key Global Telecom Indicators for the World[W3[ http://cba.mit.edu/ Telecommunication Service Sector. http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/[W4] http://fablabinternational.org/ ict/statistics/at_glance/KeyTelecom.html, 05.07.2012. ReportsVideo Links Vigyan Ashram Annual Report 2010/11, Center of Indian Institute[V1] for Education NSF Annual Report Jalalabad FabLab 2009, by Amy Sun, Center http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n- for Bits and Atoms, Massachusetts Institute of Technologies APFrlXDs&feature=player_embedded