Features and Elements of Drama


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Features and Elements of Drama

  2. 2. What is drama?A drama is a serious, intense, or wellplotted story that elicits emotion.The term comes from a Greek wordmeaning “action” which is derived from “todo” or “to act”Traditionally performed on stagebefore an audience, but nowadays canrefer to a TV show, amovie, Broadway show, etc.
  3. 3. Features of dramaThe feature of is to be performed on stage or to be performed in front of an audience.It has to have: Actors Dialogue Actions
  4. 4. Elements of drama Collaboration/Convention Plot Audience Theme Stagecraft Character
  5. 5. Features - Actors Actors are various persons who act in a dramatic or comic production and works in film, television, theatre or radio in that capacity. The ancient Greek word for an actor (hypokrites), means literally "one who interprets"; in this sense, an actor is one who interprets a dramatic character.
  6. 6. Features - Dialogue  Dialogue is a literary and theatri cal form consisting of a written or spoken conversational exch ange between two or more ("dia" means through or across) people.
  7. 7. Elements - Theme Considered as the soul of the drama if plot were to be thought of as the body. The same plots have been and will be used many times; it is the theme’s treatment that supplies each effort with originality or artistic worth. The treatment of theme is equally varied.
  8. 8. Elements - Character Most simply a character is one of the persons who appears in the play. In another sense of the term, the treatment of the character is the basic part of the playwrights work. Conventions of the period and the authors personal vision will affect the treatment of character. Most plays contain major characters and minor characters, and protagonists and antagonists.
  9. 9. Stagecraft  Refers to the surroundings and various props needed to promote the atmospheric effect of the drama.  The stage creates its effects in spite of, and in part because of, definite physical limitations.  Setting and action tend to be suggestive rather than panoramic or colossal. Both setting and action may be little more than hints for the spectator to fill out.
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