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Ask Masters - The Masters Circle - The Best Online Fundraising Tools


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The Masters Circle is a monthly online fundraising discussion session where you can connect with, learn from, and share ideas with some of the most innovative fundraisers and nonprofits on the planet. Each month we answer your questions and cover the topics you suggest.

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In this session we cover:
* The best online tools and platforms for different fundraising situations
*Tools and techniques you will use to build and increase the results of your online campaigns
*Grabbing attention; how to integrate social and mobile to drive traffic

We answer questions about:
* How to find and connect with international donors to support your cause
* Ways to multiply the effect of your fundraising efforts as a one-person-shop

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Ask Masters - The Masters Circle - The Best Online Fundraising Tools

  1. 1. The Masters Circle Innovative Monthly Fundraising Techniques
  2. 2. Before we begin... United States Toll: +1 (909) 259-0012 Access Code: 464-258-869 Audio PIN: Shown after joining the webinar
  3. 3. Your Masters Circle hosts Heidi Hancock, CFRE David A. Svet
  4. 4. Before we begin... Questions Type your questions here.
  5. 5. What do you want to get out of today? How can we help you with your fundraising?
  6. 6. Best Online Fundraising Tools
  7. 7. Best Online Fundraising Tools Platform An online software as a service (SAAS) product
  8. 8. Best Online Fundraising Tools “Best” A quality that is deemed most appropriate
  9. 9. Best Online Fundraising Tools Payment Processor An intermediary institution for financial transactions
  10. 10. Best Online Fundraising Tools Social Media Thousands of websites that promote social interaction
  11. 11. Best Online Fundraising Tools Online Community An online group bound by shared ideals and effort
  12. 12. Platforms!!!
  13. 13. Platforms!!! Tools
  14. 14. Platforms!!!
  15. 15. Platforms!!!
  16. 16. Platforms!!!
  17. 17. Tools & Techniques
  18. 18. Tools & Techniques
  19. 19. Tools & Techniques
  20. 20. Tools & Techniques
  21. 21. Tools & Techniques
  22. 22. Get those eyeballs!!!
  23. 23. Get those eyeballs!!!
  24. 24. Get those eyeballs!!!
  25. 25. Get those eyeballs!!!
  26. 26. Get those eyeballs!!!
  27. 27. OK, bring it! Questions Anyone?
  28. 28. To learn more Promo Code: MOSAIC
  29. 29. Next Masters Circle ● Submit a question ● Next Masters Circle session is on Feb. 26 ● Watch your email for instructions
  30. 30. Help us help you ● Submit a topic request ● Sign up for our blog ● Hang tight for the quick survey
  31. 31. Stay in touch For additional information: Heidi Hancock, CFRE David A. Svet Toll Free 1-800-485-0742 email: Skype: Mosaicnpd
  32. 32. Masters Circle Innovative Monthly Fundraising Techniques