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Stainless Steel Jewelry
| Oversteel Fashion
Thin, light, and infinitely comfortable thanks to the adjusting
locking mechan...
Anklet Popcorn Chain
Stainless Steel
Two tone religious ring from the collection of Ed Hardy.
Truly Ed Hardy…
When it come...
Summary: Lightweight, strong, and beautiful. Will surely
attract attention even of those who are not really anklet fans.
a minimalist chain that resembles one you might find on a
motorcycle or bicycle, giving you that very manly edge that
out of 100% pure silver or even platinum (and some white
gold products as well as) you’ll find that to be something that
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Stainless Steel Jewelry - Oversteel Fashion


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The best source of the latest news and what's hottest in the world of stainless steel jewelry.

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Stainless Steel Jewelry - Oversteel Fashion

  1. 1. Stainless Steel Jewelry | Oversteel Fashion Thin, light, and infinitely comfortable thanks to the adjusting locking mechanism that allows you to custom fit this anklet to your own body better than any other solution out there on the market today, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to ignore this specific option. The beautiful part about the Inox Women’s Stainless Steel Butterfly Charms Anklet Bracelet with Extension is that it has been finish to an extreme luster. When the light hits this anklet – and I mean any source of light, indoor or outdoor – the entire thing is going to really sparkle and glow. You just don’t expect this kind of high-end finish from most stainless steel bracelet or anklet options on the market today, which makes this one such a pleasant surprise. Obviously, the butterflies here are a big part of the show. With three stainless steel stamped butterflies acting as connectors on three sides of this bracelet it’s going to demonstrate just a bit of your youthful personality. While some stainless steel offerings can appear to be a rather cold on the surface, this one is bursting with young energy and has a likeness to it that you simply cannot find elsewhere on the marketplace. All in all, this is one of the most high-end stainless steel anklets on the market right now – the kind of feature piece that you are going to fall in love with the moment that you slide it around your ankle. Summary: One beautiful anklet, simple yet elegant, bright and classy. Inox Women’s Stainless Butterfly Charms Anklet Steel By West Coast Jewelry This beautiful women’s anklet charms for an elegant design. Beautiful and Classy. features simple butterfly If you’ve been dreaming about a classy and almost whimsical anklet that you could wear in casual and more serious settings, then you are going to be absolutely over the moon and the moment that you lock eyes on the Inox Women’s Stainless Steel Butterfly Charms Anklet Bracelet with Extension. Designed specifically to look very delicate – while at the same time offer robust strength thanks to the stainless steel construction – and this is the kind of feature piece that will help to really set your wardrobe and look apart from everyone else’s. Designed from the ground up to be just as whimsical as humanly possible while at the same time offering real class and elegance with the little stainless steel butterflies that adorn three sides of this anklet, the Inox Women’s Stainless Steel Butterfly Charms Anklet Bracelet with Extension takes class and elegance in stainless steel to entirely new heights. Ed Hardy “Iron Cross” Bronze and Stainless Steel 1 Grab your daily dose of what's hot in the world of stainless steel fashion! Read along!
  2. 2. Anklet Popcorn Chain Stainless Steel Two tone religious ring from the collection of Ed Hardy. Truly Ed Hardy… When it comes to men’s jewelry, nobody does the hard-core and heavy metal style quite as well as Ed Hardy. Widely regarded as one of the most influential names in men’s fashion in the last decade or so, Ed Hardy has absolutely revolutionize the industry with his “in your face” design aesthetic – and this specific piece is just another step in the same direction. The first thing that you are going to notice about the Ed Hardy “Iron Cross” Bronze and Stainless Steel is just how truly heavy it is. Designed specifically for those with small fingers were to be used as a pinky ring, this little gem has a tremendous amount of weight and heft to with – a testament to the high-caliber metals and materials that have been used in its creation. Everything feels rock solid across-the-board, and the Iron Cross motif is one that is instantly recognizable all over the world. The bronze inlays throughout this stainless steel piece really give at this specific ring and that pop of class and contrast that you just don’t find in a lot of men’s jewelry out there – without detracting from the very masculine and strong aesthetic that you would expect from an Ed Hardy piece. The craftsmanship on the specific ring is absolutely out of this world, giving you the kind of peace of mind in knowing that it is going to blast far longer than almost any of the other investments in men’s fashion accessories you would have the option of picking up. Have is a very real reason that so many men continued to snap up Ed Hardy jewelry on a regular basis – and the Ed Hardy “Iron Cross” Bronze and Stainless Steel is just another picture-perfect representation of what is available out there today. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing that you’re actually purchasing an Ed Hardy original, as signified by the Ed Hardy signature that you can find right inside of the band. This is going to dramatically increase the value of this ring should you ever decide to pass it along to a new owner – though you’ll probably not even entertain that thought just because of the powerful workmanship and symbolism that at this specific ring holds. If you’ve been looking for the ultimate Ed Hardy ring, and you are going to fall in love with this one here. By HCgems Popcorn Chain, anyone? Picking a new chain is never easy – especially with the myriad of options that are available out there on the market today. However, the moment that you lay eyes on the all new Anklet Popcorn Chain Stainless Steel offering from HCgems, you’re going to have a real hard time and not grabbing it that just as soon as humanly possible. Designed specifically to be one of the more eye-catching stainless steel chains available on the market today – with a unique popcorn like chain aesthetic I that you just don’t find all that often on the market right now – you are certainly going to be turning some heads the moment that you decide to wear this little gem out in public. Of course, getting it fastened is going to be a breeze thanks to the lobster clasp set up, and the flexibility of the 11 ½ inches of stainless steel you’ll be able to work with make sure that it fits nearly anyone and everyone. You’ll also be happy to hear that it can adjust all the way down to 9 ½ inches, making sure that those who really want to have a snug fit – or those who are a bit more petite – will have the opportunity to invest in the Anklet Popcorn Chain Stainless Steel as well. With all stainless steel jewelry there is a bit of maintenance that you’ll want to perform on a regular basis to ensure that it retains its luster, and this piece is no different than the rest. However, you’ll be happy to hear that it has a specific finish already applied to it that resists traditional wear and tear better than nearly everything else on the market right now – helping to keep your high-end jewelry looking absolutely fantastic regardless of how often you are able to attend to its cleaning. If you have been searching high and low for the next real impact piece in your wardrobe and with your accessories, then you will definitely be pleased with what you find in the all new Anklet Popcorn Chain Stainless Steel. Designed from the ground up to be attractive, appealing, and with just the right amount of personality built right in, it would be next to impossible to resist the charms of this stainless steel chain. This is the kind of feature piece that people will be talking about long after you’ve gone, the kind of peace that can really set your wardrobe apart. 2
  3. 3. Summary: Lightweight, strong, and beautiful. Will surely attract attention even of those who are not really anklet fans. The price point is amazingly attractive – far less than what you would pay for precious metal claddagh ring solutions out there that don’t look nearly as nice as this one. If you are looking for the perfect ring to symbolize your affection with another or just need a world class gift to give your loved one, this just might fit the bill. Overall, many find the ring big and beautiful, and that’s exactly also what we think of it. It’s nice and eye catching. Summary: The celtic knot eternity design makes it truly eye catching. Stainless Steel Claddagh Ring with Design Celtic Knot Eternity Stainless Steel Necklace Twist Chain 14-40″ Black, 6.5mm inches, By West Coast Jewelry A Big Beauty If you know anything about the old Celtic legends and respect their rich and deep heritage, then you know exactly what the symbolism behind this claddagh ring really means to people all over the world. Symbolizing deep love and affection, these rings have been romantic symbols and tokens of affection for literally centuries. And while there are a number of traditional materials or solutions out there on the market today, maybe none of them has the same kind of fit and finish as this particular claddagh ring. Thanks to ask entire stainless steel construction, not only is it absolutely stunning to look at but it will also provide you nearly endless durability for as long as you live – and will make the perfect heirloom gift to hand down for generations. The major design element of the band would have to be an intricate and delicate Celtic knot – a symbol that you just don’t see very often on too many claddagh rings. Sure, this has always been a major part of Irish and Celtic jewelry and design, but do have such a fine Celtic knot make up the band is quite the rarity – especially when we’re talking about a ring at this particular price point. The detail work is absolutely fantastic across the board, really popping and exploding all over the ring, making this one of the items that you will absolutely never forget. Because of the highly polished stainless steel finish the light is going to really dance all over this ring regardless of when and where you’re wearing it, catching the eyes and attention of almost every single person in the room. Of course, the real centerpiece is the depiction of the two hands holding the crowned heart, the traditional claddagh symbol that is pulled off to perfection on this particular ring. No detail has gone overlooked, and it doesn’t require a microscope to see that each and every little subtlety has been crafted and perfected in ways that you just don’t often find in the jewelry world rid. By KONOV Jewelry Truly a black beauty Investing in jewelry for men is always a rocky proposition, especially if you’re not exactly sure of what you’re doing. There are designs out there in the men’s jewelry world that are anything but masculine, leading to more and more guys ignoring this avenue of accessory almost altogether. Luckily, this is never a problem you’re going to have when you purchase the 6.5mm KONOV Jewelry Men’s Stainless Steel Necklace Twist Chain. With a distinctly mechanical appearance and influence, and this is very much a masculine piece – one that he’ll be happy to wear almost around-the- clock. Thanks to the stainless steel construction, it will be just as strong and powerful as his personality, unlike all of those delicate and almost dainty chain options out there on the market today. You’ll never have to worry about him saying thank you – and not exactly meaning it – just to make sure that you are happy, this is the kind of product you’ll be more than overjoyed with. It also doesn’t help that thanks to the stainless steel material construction it is significantly cheaper than almost any other chain option out there on the market, but has a ridiculously high-end and almost luxury appearance that makes it look far more valuable and expensive than it actually is. While not exactly simplistic in the utmost respect of the word, it is 3
  4. 4. a minimalist chain that resembles one you might find on a motorcycle or bicycle, giving you that very manly edge that you’re looking for when it comes to purchasing men’s jewelry. The fit and finish of this particular men’s necklace is out of this world, probably the highest that you’re going to find outside of the precious metal jewelry pieces available. The black coating of the stainless steel has been guaranteed not to rub, chip, or fade for years and years – giving you literally decades of wearing without having to worry about it breaking down, looking shabby, or just failing. It is rather on the chunky or sick side, so you’ll want to make sure that your man has the body type to support this has the chain – but of course, you’ll know best whether or not this is going to look as fantastic as it can on him. If you’ve been looking for the perfect necklace to give him, you would be hard-pressed to find anything better than this one. Summary: A truly masculine stainless steel necklace perfect for every man. Thanks to the stainless steel construction, you are guaranteed that this piece (or, I should say, these pieces) are going to be around just as long as your relationship – and probably even longer. Unlike other precious metals available on the market today, stainless steel doesn’t have the same kind of downsides and drawbacks when it comes to tarnishing and oxidization – meaning that you are going to be able to pass these items down as heirloom pieces without losing any of their original luster of today. Including one piece that has been asked in a black design and another that has been left in polished stainless steel – one each for both halves of the couple – and including a perfectly fitted chain for each piece, this is the kind of high-end jewelry that is going to win you some tremendous points the moment you purchase it. The inscription on the side of both halves of the heart (“I love you”) says it all – and you’re sure to demonstrate exactly how deeply you care for your partner the moment that you pull this out of its presentation bag. If you find that you’ve been sick and tired of the traditional jewelry pieces available on the market and really want something that sets you completely apart, the KONOV Jewelry 2pcs His & Hers Couples Gift Heart Stainless Steel Pendant Love Necklace is exactly the kind of set that you’ll want to invest in. Summary: Sweetness Overload! KONOV Jewelry 2pcs His & Hers Couples Gift Heart | Stainless Steel Pendant | Love Necklace Set Jewelry Vintage Stainless Steel Band Cross Ring – Silver 2 pieces pendant + 2 pieces steel chain The perfect couples’ gift. There are innovative jewelry pieces hitting the market every single day of the year –but none of them have the same kind of visual pop and impact that the KONOV Jewelry 2pcs His & Hers Couples Gift Heart Stainless Steel Pendant Love Necklace has been able to enjoy. Taking a relatively new spin on the age-old tradition of splitting up a heart into two separate pieces on a pendant, this is a specific set designed for couples to better illustrate their love and respect for one another. With just the right balance of feminine and masculine design elements – especially in the contrasting colors of each of the halves of the heart – this is the kind of feature piece that is going to be appreciated from both parties in the couple. If you’ve been looking for the perfect romantic gift for a special occasion, holiday, or birthday coming up around the corner, you’d have a hard time topping at this specific piece. By KONOV Jewelry Vintage perfection Known all over the world for their truly innovative jewelry designs in stainless steel, KONOV absolutely knocks it out of the park once again with this cross ring. With a delicate motif surrounding the band and centerpiece of the ring that is really set to new heights with the inlaid cross, it doesn’t get much better than this when you’re looking for truly world-class detailing on a budget based ring. I know, I know – you’re thinking that there’s just no way a stainless steel ring could look nearly as good as a ring that has been crafted out of precious metals – but you would be dead wrong. If you’re trying to tell the difference between this specific stainless steel ring and one that has been crafted 4
  5. 5. out of 100% pure silver or even platinum (and some white gold products as well as) you’ll find that to be something that would be next to impossible. That’s really how fantastically this whole thing looks, and that’s saying nothing about the truly world class craftsmanship and detail work you find all over this particular ring. A bit on the heavy and chunky size, you need to make sure that you have the bold and upfront personality that suits this ring right down to the ground. Offered in a range of sizes you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that fits your fingers perfectly, but you should be aware of the weight and size that this brings to the table before you invest in it. Of course, remember that it’s not nearly as big as those gigantic and often gaudy championship rings that athletes get – but it is pretty big. The detail and design all over this specific ring are not overtly religious aside from the cross that is up front and center, making this even a perfect gift for those who are not specifically religious but much more spiritual or those who love the design element in particular. Everything has a real look and feel of tremendous quality, the kind of look that would have strangers never guessing just how little you had to pay for this world-class piece of jewelry. If you’re looking for a new accessory to really increase the style of your new look or need a cross ring that has more than a little bit of personality, there might not be a better option out there and then this one. Summary: Though a cross is common, this vintage jewelry still knocks it out in terms of design ingenuity. That is how this titanium stainless steel bracelet should be addressed. Designed with solid hearts links, with a rhinestone centered in every other one of the hearts. This bracelet would be a good way to express your love for the lady in your life, whether it is a gift for a spouse, mother, sister or aunt. Titaniumand stainless steel are two of the most durable metals on earth. They also make great looking pieces of jewelry that stand the test of time because they don’t tarnish and they resist rust and corrosion. While they are durable, they can be damaged, but the bracelet’s metal can resist minor scratches. If this piece of jewelry should get dirty, it is easily cleaned with a clean, soft cloth and polish that is specially designed for stainless steel (Of course, it’s not included in the package, though you should get one). Appearance-wise, this bracelet is so well-made that it looks as if it could have been sold at a high end retail store, though it is affordable enough for almost every budget. On our opinion, it is priced that way so a young person could afford to give it to their mom, or girlfriend, for a birthday, to commemorate a special occasion or even just as a token of affection. It is stylish enough to go with anything she will choose to wear it with, whether it be a pair of jeans and sneakers or a dress to go on a date. Unlike some less expensive pieces of jewelry, not only is it stylish, but it is made to last as well. The links are not flimsy and the clasp folds over to close, so it makes it harder to come loose and lose your bracelet. The bracelet is 6mm in height and 8 inches long, giving it the ability to fit nearly any woman who might receive it as a gift or buy it for themselves. The back of the bracelet contains energy magnetic stones. Not that we dispute them or anything, but some people swear by these stones; saying they help with healing and providing energy through the Earth’s natural magnetic field. Even if they don’t believe in the energy, it is an interesting story to tell them when you gift them with the bracelet. Whether you buy it as a gift for someone else or give it to yourself, you will love the pretty and stylish Flying Colors Titanium Stainless Steel Women’s Link Bracelet. Summary: This titanium stainless steel bracelet by Flying Colors perfectly combines elegance and style without the extra cost. Majestic and affordable, two adjectives rarely seen in combination. Oversteel Fashion is your one stop destination to quench your Titanium Stainless Steel Women Link Bracelet Solid Heart Link Bracelet Love with Diamond Cut Rhinestone Accents desire for stainless steel accessories! Read reviews, look for the best, and check out the latest product releases in the world of stainless steel fashion; Stainless steel bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more! By Flying Colors “This gorgeous bracelt is exquisite and is perfect for any occasion. Thirty-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Comes with free gift box. Gift box may be different from the picture.” The perfect gift for every occasion. 5