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The human life cycle


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Published in: Healthcare
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The human life cycle

  2. 2. THE HUMAN LIFE CYCLE By Harriet Fletcher
  3. 3. BABIES  Babies can not do things for themselves so they have help from there parents.  Most babies at the age of 6 mouths are crawling/sitting up some sooner and some later.  They grow very fast and they weigh more as they get older.
  4. 4. CHILD  You grow up very fast and soon become a child.  At this point your bones are strong.  You can do most thing for your self.
  5. 5. TEENAGER  Most teenagers are lazy but most are active.  At this stage you don’t like being seen with your parents.  You don’t like kisses and cuddles at all especially when your friends are watching.  At this stage your body changes lots.  You start having sexual relationships. eg: boyfriends/girlfriends.
  6. 6. ADULT  Lots of things happen when you are an adult.  Most people have children, get married, find a job.  You can legally drive a car.  There are lots of other things.
  7. 7. OLD AGE  When you get old you need help again just like a child.  You can not do much for your self anymore.  Some old people go to care homes where they can get help.  When the time is right they pass away sadly.
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