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Phones are the new PCs. & the Red Fez Playbook, November 2010


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My playbook for November 2010.

There is an increasing flood of smartphones, smartphone operating systems, browsers, and application stores.

No consolidation.

Cp the new "Sketchbook" version in ...

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Phones are the new PCs. & the Red Fez Playbook, November 2010

  1. Playbook  2010.11
  2. &  the  Red  Fez master  slides  and blank  thoughts Image  credit:  >
  3. Phones  are  the  new  PCs.   13  months  later  (cp.  Playbook,  October  2009)  >
  4. 2009
  5. 2010
  6. iOS  4.2 It‘s  hard  to  believe  we   could  fit   so  many  great  ideas  into  something  so  thin. Image  credit:  >
  7. iOS  4.2 iOS  4 iPhone Image  credit:  >
  8. Symbian  S60 Take  amazing  photos   and  videos,  connect  to   your  favourite  social   networks  and  be   entertained  with  the  latest  Web  TV  programs   and  Ovi  Store  apps. Image  credit:  >
  9. Symbian  UIQ Input  text  via  the   keypad,  keyboard,   onscreen  keyboard  or  handwriting  recognition;   go  handsfree  with   speakerphone  or   wireless  headset. Image  credit:  >
  10. Symbian  Qt Cross-­‐‑platform  application  and  UI   framework. Image  credit:  >
  11. Linux  Maemo  brings  the  power  of  computers  to  mobile   devices. Image  credit:  >
  12. 20092010
  13. Linux  MeeGo provides  a  solid  baseline   for  device  vendors  and   developers  to  start   creating  software  for  various  device  categories   on  Intel  Atom*  and   ARMv7  architectures. Image  credit:  >
  14. Windows  Mobile  6.5 delivers  an  experience  your  senses  have  been   waiting  for.   Image  credit:  >
  15. HP  webOS  2.0 New  ways  to  be  amazing.   Just  type…   Image  credit:  >
  16. Blackberry  RIM Use  your  fingers  to  pinch  a  screen  for  a  zoomed  out   effect  and  expand  two   fingers  to  zoom  in. Image  credit:  >
  17. Samsung  bada Activate  communities  at   your  hands  with  email,   Instant  Messaging  and   SNS  during   synchronizing  contacts   and  calendars. Image  credit:  >
  18. Windows  Phone  7 The  most  exciting  thing  to   happen  to  phones  in  a   long  time.   Image  credit:  >
  19. Android  2.3   “Introducing  the  Nexus  S  &  Gingerbread.  I  said   there  wouldn’t  be  a   Nexus  2  but  I  never  said  anything  about  the   leger  S!” —  Eric  Schmidt,  Chariman/  CEO  of  Google   Image  credit:  >
  20. Android  2.3   Android  Market  is  an  open  service  that  lets  you   distribute   your  apps  to  handsets.   Image  credit:  >
  21. “Myth  1:  You  need  to  hire   mobile  experts. Reality:  Hire  great  athletes;  mobile  ‘experts’   will  be  useless  in  6   months.” —  Elad  Gil,  Director  of  Geo  at  Twiger,   5  Myths  of  Building  a  Great  Mobile  Team
  22. Need  more  inspirations? Image  credit:  >