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Phones are the new PCs. & the Red Fez Sketchbook, November 2010


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My sketchbook (was: playbook) for November 2010. Master slides and blank thoughts.

There is an increasing flood of smartphones, smartphone operating systems, browsers, and application stores.

No consolidation. Condensed layout.

New theme and typo ...

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Phones are the new PCs. & the Red Fez Sketchbook, November 2010

  1. 1. Sketchbook 2010.11
  2. 2. & the Red Fezmaster slides and blank thoughts 3611960232/
  3. 3. Phones are the new PCs14 months
  4. 4. 2009 Windows Mobile 6.1 Symbian MOAP, Linux UIQ, S60 3rd 5th The Mobile Palm EcowebOS System RIM 5 1.2 Android iPhone 1.6 3.1
  5. 5. Win 2010 Mobile Symbian 6.5 MOAP , Win Phone 7 UIQ, S60 3rd 5th Samsung Symbian bada ^2 MeeGo Qt The Symbian ^3 Qt Mobile Eco System Symbian Maemo 5 ^4 HP webOS RIM 6 2.0 Android 2.3 iOS 4.2Peter-Paul Koch,
  6. 6. iOS 4.2 It‘s hard to believe we could fit so manygreat ideas intosomething so thin.
  7. 7. iOS 4.2 iPhone .
  8. 8. Symbian S60 Take amazing photos and videos,connect to your favorite social networks and beentertained with the latest Web TV programsand Ovi Store
  9. 9. Symbian UIQ Input text via the keypad, keyboard, onscreen keyboard or handwritingrecognition; go handsfree with speakerphone or wireless headset.
  10. 10. Symbian QtCross-platformapplicationand
  11. 11. Maemo brings the power of computers to mobile devices.
  12. 12. MeeGo provides a solid baseline for device vendors and developers to startcreating software for various device categories on Intel Atom* and ARMv7 architectures.
  13. 13. Windows Mobile 6.5 delivers an experience your senses have been waiting for.
  14. 14. HP webOS 2.0 New ways to be amazing. Just type…
  15. 15. Blackberry RIM Use your fingers to pinch ascreen for a zoomed out effect and expand twofingers to zoom
  16. 16. Samsung bada Activatecommunities at your hands withemail, Instant Messaging andSNS during synchronizingcontacts and
  17. 17. Windows Phone 7 The most exciting thingto happen to phones in a long time.
  18. 18. Android 2.3 “Introducing the Nexus S Gingerbread. I said there wouldn’t be a Nexus 2 but I never said anything about the letter S!” — Eric Schmidt, Chariman/ CEO of Google
  19. 19. Android 2.3 Android Market is anopen service that lets youdistribute your apps to
  20. 20. Opera 2010 Mini, Opera Mobile iOS iPhone, UCWeb iPod Touch, iPad Obigo RIM OS5 Mobile Browsers RIM NetFront WebKit Samsung Nokia Dolfin WebKit Android Android Firefox WebKitPeter-Paul Koch,
  21. 21. “Myth 1: You need to hire mobile experts.Reality: Hire great athletes; mobile ‘experts’ will be useless in 6 months.” — Elad Gil, Director of Geo at Twitter, 5 Myths of Building a Great Mobile Team
  22. 22. Need more inspirations?
  23. 23.