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    Tên đầy đủ: Công ty TNHH Nét Mới
    Tên tiếng Anh: NEOcre8tiv Co,.Ltd
    50/10 Ba Vân, F14, Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM
    VPĐD: 33 Hoa Hồng II, F2, Q.Phú Nhuận, TP.HCM
    Tel: 35 17 14 54 Fax: 35 17 13 91
    Mọi chi tiết xin liên hệ:
    Trần Hải Yến/ Nhân viên Marketing
    Mobile: 01676746129
    Email: yen.tran@neocre8tiv.com
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Dịch vụ quảng cáo, thiết kế và phát triển website

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  2. 2. what Graphics for Print Interactive Media Branding - Marketing Collaterals: Brochures, Cata- - Corporate Sites - Naming louges, Direct Mails, Annual Reports... - Brand Marketing Sites - Corporate Identity - Advertisements, Outdoor Promotions, - B2B & eCommerce Sites Exhibitions... - Viral Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM... - Multimedia & Presentation Video & Photography Production Production Events - Commercial films for training, Promo- Our printing and finishing is widely agreed - Brand Activations, Roadshows tions, Internal Communications and Docu- to be the highest quality available in - Press Conferences, Tradashows mentaries Vietnam - All areas of commercial photography - specialize in fashion & hospitality
  3. 3. what Client: ICC Project: Packaging Design Client: Urban Interiors Project: AXOR Product Launch - Communication Materials Client: GUNZE Underwear Project: Packaging Design
  4. 4. VIETNAM ECONOMIC OVERV EW V ETNAM IS ONE OF THE MOST ROBUST EMERGING MARKETS IN THE WORLD TODAY AND OFFERS MANY EXCITING INVEST what MENT OPPORTUNIT ES W TH ECONOM C REFORMS THAT HAVE CREATED EXCEPTIONAL GROWTH N ALL KEY AREAS NCLUD ING GDP MANUFACTURING RETAIL EXPORT FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENTS (FD ) AND CAPITAL MARKETS VIETNAM S FAST HA NOI LAOS MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT THAILAND Dr Lee G Lam Chairman Independent Di ec or CAMB MANAGEMENT OUR STRATEGY FOR VIETNAM EQUITY HOLDINGS (VEH) Dr Lee G Lam is an experienced banker and has over 25 yea s of We aim to achieve ou standing stable capi al apprecia ion through investment in an actively managed por folio of li ted and OTC equity SOE equitiza ions governance and nance expe ie and private equity and technology consumer/reta in the Asia Paci c egion He has TYPE OF INVESTMENT TARGETS SPECIFICS Kong Telecom A T Kea ney M l venture par ner with VMS Mob f Ma ket leaders • Under valued Current market weakness o e s very opportunities to buy into ma ket Vie nam) Singapore Technolog Good co porate governance leade s in the isted and OTC market at very reasonable valuation Holdings (“BOCI”) (the internatio St ong management team of China group) While at BOCI Inves ment Banking Division BO 10% Mr Henrik (Hien) Vu Mr Ha Nguyen Major SOEs Equi izations of major s a e owned en e p ise provide 330.000 r v te President & CEO and Vice Chair Director Vietnam Prope ty Holding VPH) Director Vietnam Equity Holding (VEH) e u ty Value plays izable deal ow key publicly is ed leading over St ategic s akes Abi ity to create p o t due to investing at ear iest stages and g owth 30% square and one of the oldest and larges also Vice Chai man of Shanghai Henr k Hien Vu has over 10 years of on the ground experience in real Ha Nguyen has over 10 years of experience in investment marketing SOE qu t at on 60% i t d OTC qu ty of post equitization SOES estate in Vie nam including development consul ancy research and human e ources and operation management Cur en ly Mr Nguyen is 04 of Chia Tai Department Store th valuation Prior to joining Saigon Asset Management Mr Vu was a the Chief Inve tment O cer of Hanoi Fund Management Company Growth capital High growth private company looking for value adding investor board member of various opera Managing Director at Ci iPlus Corporation one of the leading local (HFM) the sub investment manager of Vie nam Equity Holding VEH) Highly scalable business model ourced h ough local fund management company Kong listed Hutchison Harbour proper y consultants p oviding a fu l range of eal esta e services f om P ior to joining HFM Mr Nguyen was an inves ment manager of Mekong Exceptional management eam Limi ed Lotus China com Singa project marketing valuation and e ea ch development consultancy to Capi al Vietnam’s leading private equity rm where he was e ponsible St ong commitment o st engthen TRUE Co poration PCL and Paki proper y management services for high p o le local and multina ional for deal sou cing and app aising inves ment opportuni ies as we l as corporate governance cur ently Senior Advi or to Bank clien s in Vietnam Prior to CitiPlus Mr Vu was at CB Richard Ellis managing post inves ment process Prior to joining Mekong Capital Mr Vie nam one of the largest Sta e (CBRE) where he was instrumental in the setting up of he Corporate Nguyen worked for the AP Moller Maersk G oup for 8 yea s through DETAILS MacQua ie Investment Bank As Services and Investment Properties Divisions in Vietnam Prior to CBRE va ious in erna ional as ignments including Head of Americas’ marketing Term of Fund Companies Vote after 5 years and then eve y 3 years to continue Mr Vu was a C ient Manager wi h Calyon Corporate & Investment Bank team based in Copenhagen Denmark where he was respon ible for Fund St uc u e Listed Closed end fund where he was in charge of nancial analysis p oject based nancing market and competi or in e ligence Before that he held various posi ions Cayman Islands exempted company loan appraisal and marketing of the bank’s faci ities and services to wi hin the AP Mo ler Maersk G oup in Marketing Human Resources Investment Manager Saigon Asset Management (SAM) Cayman Islands mul inational clients Mr Vu graduated from University of G eenwich and Ope ations ba ed in Singapore Ho Chi Minh City and Johannes Sub Inve tment Manager Hanoi Fund Management (HFM) 06 (London) with a Master Degree in Real Esta e Development and burg Sou h Africa Mr Nguyen ob ained an MBA f om the Universi y of Fees 2% of NAV Investment He is a frequent lecturer at related professional courses South Austra ia and has a Bachelor of International Business from Hanoi 20% incentive fee of total inc ease of NAV over hurdle ate of 8% conducted by he National Economics University Vietnam He is a Foreign Trade Unive sity in Vietnam He is uent in Eng ish and wi h high wate mark and catch up member of the Royal Institution of Char e ed Su veyors (UK) Mr Vu is Vietname e Custodian/ Administrator Deutsche Bank uent in English and Vietnamese Legal Advisors Reed Smith Appleby Tax Advisor P icewate house Coopers Auditor Grant Thornton VEH Reuters 3MT DE ISIN KYG9361R1074 Bloomberg 3MT GR German Security Code A0M12V 08 08 Client: SAM (Saigon Asset Management) Project: Corporate Identity Design - Brochure Design Client: Saigon Asset Management Project: Corporate Website & Search Marketing
  5. 5. what HEADLINE DUMMY Dummy dummy text d dymmy text, dummy http://www.myduchospital.com dummy text. Dummy dummy dummy text. dummy dummy dymm dummy text dummy t dumm Dumm text. 04 Nuùi Thaønh ÑT: (08) 38 100 290 Dumm Phöôøng 13, Quaän Taân Bình Fax: (08) 38 100 290 dymm Thaønh phoá Hoà Chí Minh Email: info@myduchospital.com dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm Dumm text.D dymm Dumm dymm www.myduchospital.com dumm dumm dumm Dumm dymm NGUYEÃN ÑÌNH THAÂN Giaùm ñoác Thöông maïi 0903 331 338 kelvin@myduchospital.com 04 Nuùi Thaønh ÑT: (08) 38 100 290 Phöôøng 13, Quaän Taân Bình Fax: (08) 38 100 290 Thaønh phoá Hoà Chí Minh Email: info@myduchospital.com 04 Nuùi Thaønh ÑT: (08) 38 100 290 http://www.myduchospital.com P. 13, Q. Taân ình TP. Hoà Chí M nh Fax: (08) 38 100 290 nfo@myduchosp tal.com Client: My Duc General Hospital Client: My Duc General Hospital Project: Corporate Identity Guideline Design Project: Influenza A (H1N1) - PR Campaign Planning & Design
  6. 6. what Client: My Duc General Hospital Client: My Duc General Hospital Project: Promo Campaign Planning & Design Project: 02 Years Anniversary Event
  7. 7. what Client: Non-profit Organization US Vietnam Foundation Client: Anlene Project: Corporate Identity Guidelines & Corporate Profiles Project: Activation Booth Design & Production
  8. 8. what Client: Effem Vietnam Client: D-Link Project: Dove Chocolate - Activation Booth Design & Production Project: Exhibition Booth Design & Production
  9. 9. what Client: Philips Client: Kodak Project: Event Theme Design & Installation Project: New Product Launch
  10. 10. what Client: Intercontinental West Lake Hanoi Client: Sofitel Hotel Saigon & Hanoi Project: Photography Project: Photography
  11. 11. what Client: Evason Project: F&B Photography
  12. 12. what Client: Vina Halla Client: Scancom Project: Photography Project: Photography for Galapagos Collection
  13. 13. who Danny Truong Tam Thieu Hung Tran Hieu Do founder & ceo project manager project manager - interactive media photographer & art director With 10 years experience in advertising in Tam has been working in advertising Hung has been working in software devel- Hieu started his own studio specializing in Vietnam. Danny has interacted with vary production since 2002. He has gained opment industry for 6 years. With many portrait and wedding reportagé photogra- types of clients from small, local to large, many practical experiences in print, exhibi- experiences in web development and phy 7 years ago. He became a freelance multi-national businesses, from tion and event production. Prior to e-commerce, he is currently in charge of commercial photographer and designer NGOs/non-profit to governmental serv- NEOcre8tiv, he hold the position of Sales & Interactive Media project development for specializing in interior & hospitality. He has ices. Danny is the strategist behind the Marketing Manager at QA Advertising - NEOcre8tiv. taken projects for clients such as: Carav- campaigns that NEOcre8tiv tackles. one of the biggest print, exhibition and He started his career as a team leader of elle Hotel Saigon, Sheraton Hotel Saigon, Prior to founding NEOcre8tiv, Danny has event production house in HCMC. He has a CRM project when he was still a student Park Hyatt Saigon, Sofitel Hotel Saigon & started his career as the Project Director been working with many international & and then joined a financial software com- Hanoi, Charm Cham Fine Cuisine... Assistant of the Vietnam Day in Sweden - a local brands such as: KFC, GSK, SABECO, pany as a key member of portfolio manage- Hieu currently take the art director posi- national event held by the Vietnamese Exxon Mobil, Isuzu... ment system development team. After tion aside from undertaking professional Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was the first Tam has joined NEOcre8tiv in 2009 and that he worked for an outsourcing photographic assignments with Account Manager of Stitch - a start-up brought his skill set in project management software company for 2 years before NEOcre8tiv. Years experience in advertis- subsidiary of Lowe Vietnam before joining to assure the best quality commitment to joining NEOcre8tiv in 2009. ing photography & creative projects makes My Duc General Hospital as its Customer all works for clients. Besides working at NEOcre8tiv, Hung is him the senior mentor for our design team. Service & Marketing Director. also a facilitator at FPT Aptech education His art is of the highest standard and most Danny currently joins the non-profit organi- center. of our best portfolio pieces were made by zation US - Vietnam Foundation Hieu or under his direct influence. (www.usvf.org) as its Vietnam Representa- tive.
  14. 14. any inquiries please contact us at: NEOcre8tiv Studio 33 hoa hong II st / wrd 02 / phu nhuan dist hcmc / vietnam t: +843-517-1454 / f: +843-517-1391 w: www.neocre8tiv.com graphics & production tam thieu (mr.) project manager m: 090-756-7692 e: tam.thieu@neocre8tiv.com interactive media hung tran (mr.) interactive media - project manager m: 098-383-2408 e: hung.tran@neocre8tiv.com others danny truong (mr.) ceo m: 090-741-1407 e: danny.truong@neocre8tiv.com