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  • Phase 3 focus:To turn our capable companies to generate revenue and export. Support wealth creation of the country.
  • Misti2012 infotech new engines of growth rajen

    1. 1. INFOTECH CLUSTER: NEW ENGINES OF GROWTH Moving Forward: Enabling the Growth of ICT in Malaysia 20 June 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• Overview of Infotech Cluster• Program Highlights of 2011• 2012 Plans – Go-to-Market Strategy – Growth and Development• Conclusion
    3. 3. INFOTECH MissionCreate GloballyCompetitiveINFOTECH CompaniesStrengthen and enhanceINFOTECH companiescompetitivenessAccess to Domesticand Global Market
    4. 4. MSC Malaysia Status Awarded
    5. 5. MSC Malaysia Status by Cluster
    6. 6. INFOTECH Is The Largest Cluster
    7. 7. INFOTECH Companies Equity Ownership
    8. 8. 2011 INFOTECH Companies Performance MYR 10.12b MYR 10.54b MYR 10.50b Revenue between 0%-5% for each vertical grouped
    9. 9. SCORE+ : More Companies Moving Up The Rank Year INFOTECH Avg OVERALL Avg Business Performance 2009 2.11 2.24 3 2011 2.5 2.67 2.5 Management 2 Financial Capability Capability 1.5 1 0.5 0 OperationTalent Development Management Innovation Marketing Capability Year 2009 Year 2010 Year 2011
    10. 10. Program Highlights of 2011
    11. 11. 2011 Key Highlights 18-23 July 2011 Specialised Trade Mission to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia  12 companies took part  23 ISVs  6 channel partners recruited  RM 32 million potential trade reported26-29 September 2011Specialised Trade Mission to Jakarta, Indonesia In collaboration with MATRADE 23 MSC Malaysia companies took part in the mission. 4 channel partners recruited Potential trade of RM42.43 million.
    12. 12. 2011 Key Highlights 5 October 2011 Launch of MSC Malaysia Cloud  4 partners  23 ISVs  137 SMEs enabled6 October 2011Silicon Valley Nexus : Connecting MSC Malaysia companieswith Malaysia Diaspora in Silicon Valley A collaboration with Talent Corp Win-win model for the Malaysian diaspora to contribute to the countrys technology sector. 16 companies participated 4 companies selected to pitch to SV professionals
    13. 13. 2011 Key Highlights November 2011 Creating Market Access via INFOTECH InnovAsian Catalyst Camp Series …  Use innovation framework to create access to Local Large corporation and GLC  Pilot camp hosted by Air Asia Berhad with 15 MSC Malaysia Status Companies  Winner company was invited to submit RFP
    14. 14. 2012 PlansGo-to-Market Strategy
    15. 15. 2012 - End to End Nurturing and Development Inbound Outbound
    16. 16. Priority Target Market Primary Market Secondary Market Southeast Asia – Middle East & Malaysia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan Vietnam Malaysia USD 28.3BilSaudi Arabia USD 39.5Bil Telco USD 3738MileGov Gulf CountriesUSD 3934MilEnergy USD 3294Mil Manufacturing USD 2704Mil eGov USD 1982MilTelco USD 1340Mil Indonesia USD 30.5BilUAE USD 15.3Bil Telco USD 1645MilEnergy USD 3383Mil Manufacturing USD 1529MilTelco USD 1720Mil eGov USD 1478MilTransportation USD 849Mil Vietnam USD 9.8Bil Manufacturing USD 1534Mil N. Resources USD 500Mil Telco USD 447Mil*2012 ICT Spending Source – Digital Planet
    17. 17. Outbound Strategy Framework Revenue Generation Process High Qualified Sales Awareness Mindshare Potential Leads Closed Leads DD & SS matching Partners/Channel B2B Platforms Super BuyersProduct Stacking Focus segments • Malaysia Solution • BFSI • Vietnam Target • Government • Indonesia Market • Telco SCORE 2.5+ • E&E Embedded • Middle East & Kazakstan DDI (Secondary Market)
    18. 18. Enhance Roles for Account Management Internal ExternalProactive Visits Window to MSC Malaysia •Inbound •MATRADE Portfolio •SME Corp •Outbound •PotentialFeedback Solicitation Portfolio VC/Banks •Developmental PortfolioAnalysis and Programme •Talent“Fitting” and Recommendation Development •FundingHIGH POTENTIAL (MGS, Risk MSC Capital)ACCOUNTS Malaysia •Enterprise Stakeholders Development Companies KEY ACCOUNT SUPPLY & DEMAND MATCHING • Added focus on stack development matching to identified “Super-Buyers” • Identification of potential synergistic partnership or “Stacks” for Key Account Matching to SuperBuyer
    19. 19. Key Sector Development – Stacking ProcessDemand driven Key Supply driven SolutionIndustry Verticals Stack identificationidentification • Indentify Industry verticals that will • Select INFOTECH MSC companies provide the greatest opportunities offering the indentified solutions and package these solutions into • Superbuyers from specific Industry Matching end-to-end Solutions Stacks Verticals or Superagents that have existing, specific needs for end-to- • Identify gaps in the Solution end solutions Identified Stack, recruit new companies or retrain existing companies to fill • Identify solutions that fits within the gap the solution value-chain of each Industry Vertical Promote Other Potential Superbuyers or Superagents within same Industry Verticlas
    20. 20. Key Sector Development – Stacking Approach Eg: Banking, Financial Service and Insurance Industry Self-service, Online, Bringing best of breed Mobile Banking together to form logical solution stacks Treasury Insurance Systems Network Integrated Core Banking CRM SFA Security Portfolio ManagementSolution Stacks: Credit Cards MgmtStacking complimentaryproduct categories and Loan and Risk Mgmtsubsystems to deliver avertically and horizontally Collection Managementintegrated end-to-endsolution
    21. 21. 2012 PlansGrowth and Development
    22. 22. Growth and Development Enterprise Export Accelerator Connectivity & Management Program MentorshipEnhance professional Accelerate INFOTECH Access to network and organizational companies of experts whocapability of INFOTECH readiness to enter offer insights to companies overseas market market, funding & innovation Augmenting Capability Development and Skills
    23. 23. Augmenting Capability Development BD Understand market andidentify buyer requirement Superbuyer G&D GAPS: INPUTS & REQUIREMENTS  Develop Capabilities Growth & Development required to compete INFOTECH : AM Market Capability & Access to Markets Market Intel Management DevelopmentIdentify match Profiling Globally competitive  Align capabilities Enterpriseand build stack. Priority Markets program to market BFSI requirements Self- Product Stacksservice, Online,Mobile Banking  Accelerate company Treasury Insurance Collection Management readiness Portfolio ManagementCredit Cards Mgmt Loan and Risk MgmtIntegrated Core Banking
    24. 24. Conclusion
    25. 25. INFOTECH Creating Next Engine of Growth Market Development Product Stacking and Develop local andGrowth and Development international market byDevelopment Increase capability aligning INFOTECHDevelop capabilities through innovation and companies competitiverequired to compete product development advantage to market requirements.