A tutorial on GreenCloud


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A tutorial on GreenCloud

  1. 1. GreenCloud: A TutorialGreenCloud: A Tutorial Presented by: Md. Habibur Rahman (11-94853-2) Adnan Mehedi (12-95467-1)Adnan Mehedi (12-95467-1) Course: Simulation and Modeling Techniques Instructor: Dr. Md. Shamim Akhter
  2. 2. Introduction to GreenCloud Reasons for Learning GreenCloud Prerequisites How to install GreenCloud in Ubuntu 11.10 AgendaAgenda How to install GreenCloud in Ubuntu 11.10 Exciting example on GreenCloud
  3. 3. GreenCloudGreenCloud Motivation • The lack of detailed simulators on the market was the motivation to develop GreenCloud that allows researchers to observe, interact and measure cloud performance.measure cloud performance. GreenCloud is a sophisticated open source cloud computing simulator Greencloud as been elaborated in the context of the GreenIT project. http://greencloud.gforge.uni.lu/index.html
  4. 4. There also was no provisioning for observing clouds for their energy-efficiency Simulation environment for energy-aware cloud computing data centers. GreenCloud FeatureGreenCloud Feature GreenCloud is an extension of the well- known NS2 network simulator Focused primarily on the communications within a cloud, i.e., all of the communication processes are simulated on packet level.
  5. 5. GreenCloudGreenCloud ArchitectureArchitecture GreenCloud: A Packet-level Simulator of Energy-aware Cloud Computing Data Centers by D. Kliazovich et al.
  6. 6. GreenCloud: A Packet-level Simulator of Energy-aware Cloud Computing Data Centers by D. Kliazovich et al.
  7. 7. Basic knowledge in C++ Terminal Command Language (TCL) Knowing Network Simulator (NS2) is a plus point PrerequisitesPrerequisites plus point
  8. 8. Operating System requirements – Ubuntu 11.10 (Tested) Install GreenCloud in two ways • Simple way How to install GreenCloud?How to install GreenCloud? • Simple way • Complex way GreenCloud Download Link: http://greencloud.gforge.uni.lu/index.html
  9. 9. We need to download the virtual machine (Ubuntu) with GreenCloud simulator and VM contains: • default Ubuntu installation, with many extraneous packages removed Simple way to install GreenCloudSimple way to install GreenCloud packages removed • TCL, TK, OTCL, TclCL packages are installed • NS2 and GreenCloud installed from source • Eclipse with the NS2/GreenCloud project already set up • Only need the VMware Player or VMware Workstation VM Download Link : http://greencloud.gforge.uni.lu/vm.html
  10. 10. VMware Player 4 is a free software To download VMware Player : http://www.vmware.com/go/downloadplayer/ Download and install VMware player according to the instruction on the screen Simple way: Run SimulationSimple way: Run Simulation the instruction on the screen Extract ubuntu-greencloud-v1.02.tar.gz Start VMware player from menu select open and select your ubuntu-greencloud-v1.02 extracted Power on ubuntu-GreenCloud
  11. 11. Start VM using VMware PlayerStart VM using VMware Player
  12. 12. cd ~/greencloud-* ./run or ns example.tcl 0.30 100000 Run Simulation ExampleRun Simulation Example “run” script to test simulation
  13. 13. For example you’ve installed ubuntu 11.10 in your machine. Now you want to install GreenCloud in your machine to simulate cloud. Complex way to installComplex way to install GGreenCloudreenCloud machine to simulate cloud. You need to download GreenCloud: http://greencloud.gforge.uni.lu/ Unpack the downloaded GreenCloud software. Install GreenCloud using a setup script
  14. 14. Setup GreenCloud using scriptSetup GreenCloud using script
  15. 15. From home directory “sudo gedit .bashrc” SettingSetting Environmental PathEnvironmental Path
  16. 16. Navigate to the root GreenCloud directory Copy “simulation_DC.tcl” and “setup_params.tcl” into “/home/sadamon/greencloud/ns2/ns-2.35gc/” directory To run the test simulation: Complex way to install GreenCloudComplex way to install GreenCloud To run the test simulation: • cd ~/greencloud • ./run
  17. 17. Simulation ResultSimulation Result
  18. 18. Thank you ☺Thank you ☺