Refugees Of The Blue Planet


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Refugees Of The Blue Planet

  1. 1. Humanities 10 Social Studies 10 DVD: REFUGEES OF THE BLUE PLANET Define the following: 1. Environmental Refugee 2. Political Refugee 3. Global Warming 4. Cellulose 5. Crimes against Humanity 6. Collective Crimes 7. Sour Gas Wells-wells drilled to collect gas that is contaminated with H S gas (highly poisonous!) They clean it on site and burn off the H S to achieve sweet (clean) gas. 8. Hydrogen Sulphate (H S) 9. Environmental Sustainability 10. Sustainable Prosperity (Economic Sustainability) Maldives: 1. What specific environmental problem destroyed Soraya’s home in the Maldives? 2. What struggles do Soraya and Ismael face as environmental refugees? 3. According to Andrew Simm, who is to blame for the environmental problems the world is facing? What practices are causing these problems?
  2. 2. 4. Globally there are _________million environmental refugees and _______ million political /war refugees. 5._______% of the cellulose produced in Brazil is destined for export to Europe, Asia and North America. 6.______% of the cellulose pulp is used to make toilet paper 7.Based on what Marcelo Calazans says, what is your opinion of the relationship between the Aracruz Cellulose Company and the Brazilian Government? Do you think this situation differs greatly in other parts of the world? 8.Why does Valmir Noventa feel large companies like Aracruz have committed crimes against humanity? 9. What does George Marshall mean when he calls environmental issues such as these “collective crimes?” Do you agree or disagree with his assessment? 10. In your opinion, why do many people refuse to take any responsibility for issues such as climate change? Alberta: 11.Why is the drilling of sour gas wells considered to be an alarming proposition for some Alberta land owners? 12.What recourse do Alberta residents have if they do not want sour gas wells drilled on their land? 13. Why is it possible for the government to continue its aggressive drilling program regardless of landowners’ wishes?
  3. 3. 14. In 2006, what did Premier Klein say regarding job sustainability vs environmental sustainability? 15.Ultimately, what is the cost of economic sustainability? (Think of Daryl Graf’s story of being exposed to a sour gas well burn off) 16.Ultimately, who is responsible for changing the environmental situation that exists in the world today? 17. Do you agree or disagree with the idea that climate change is irreversible? Explain. 18.How are those who are environmental refugees in Brazil, Moldives, and Alberta: Similar? 1. 2. 3. Different? 1. 2. 3. 19. In your opinion, do you think it is possible to balance economic sustainability with environmental sustainability? Explain. 20.What needs to be done LOCALLY in order to achieve environmental sustainability in a province like Alberta?
  4. 4. Some things to think about: *** Think Globally; Act Locally. ***Only when the last bird has stopped soaring, when the last animal has rotted on the ground, when the last river has been poisoned, the last breath of fresh air has been gasped……will human beings realize that you can’t eat money. ***Maybe when each of us has become a victim of global climate change, will each of us see the need to take action. Have you heard any other sayings that fit in with these? Add them.