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May And Kate Slideshow RabbitProofFence


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This is our hot slideshow about Rabbit Proof fence. These slides were the work & question we did in room 13.

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May And Kate Slideshow RabbitProofFence

  1. 1. The Stolen Generation
  2. 2. Aboriginal half-caste. The Australian government between 1885-1969 refused to acknowledge the cruel events involving the Aboriginal people of Australia. They took them away from their homes and families to be used as domestic servants. .
  3. 3. Who were the people involved? The people involved were governments that decided decisions, churches, welfare bodies and high authority. Half- casts and their family. White families children were sold to.....
  4. 4. When did this happen? Kids started being taken in the early 20th Century between they years 1885-1969 and some places carried on in the 1970s. They apologized only last year. Kids as young as one years old were taken.
  5. 5. Were did this take place? This half-cast problem took place in all parts of Australia, New South Wales, Government controlled reserves. Every state in Australia was effected and the taken half-castes went to settlements & Churches
  6. 6. Why were children and land taken? Aboriginals were taken because it was government policy that aboriginal children be taken from their parents. People only wanted two races and were planning to sell the land later to future settlers. The aboriginals then became nomads.
  7. 7. What happened to the children that were taken?? Children taken were raised in church or state institutions. Some were fostered by white families. They were expected to grow into domestic and farming work. Many aboriginals refused and were killed.
  8. 8. What was the thinking behind this Government truly believed it was the right thing to do, thought they didn’t belong and only wanted two races. People were planning on selling land to future settlers later on but couldn’t do it with people there.
  9. 9. How were the people involved affected? The physical & emotional damage was huge like hyperactivity, Loss of trust of Government & police for decisions. No family ties or cultural identity. Some died of disease brought from Europeans.
  10. 10. What is being done now? Why? A national inquiry was set up in 1995. Present government officials felt bad for racism and letters of apologies were sent to families and over $5 million in compensation was paid.
  11. 11. Consequences of actions? Compared with other Indigenous children, the children of members of the Stolen Generations are twice as likely to have emotional and behavioral problems, to be at high risk for emotional and conduct disorders, and twice as likely to abuse alcohol and drugs. But did this help?
  12. 12. Will the Australia government ever be forgiven?Were The Stolen generation: By Kate and May