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Idea Lab

  1. 1. You’re up (Cyber radio) As the Ideea Lab talk’s about innovation and collaboration principles, so is our idea inspired by creative and innovative thinking. It’s been about a year since our vision of an global alternative radio began. Since then we have been gathering information from different cyber radios round the globe, adding our own experience of 4 years on a college radio. We found that this sort of entertainment attracts a certain type of creative and innovative young people. Alternative modern culture, consisting of known and amateur dj’s, band’s, young producers, street artists, designers and this type of creative mind, is a culture that represents young ambitious people and their abilities. Because this way of expression has no limits or instructions, and is not forced, but done purely because of an emotional attachment to their profession, it expresses a lot more innovation and creativity. The perfect way to create a global platform acting as a matchmaker between corporate, governmental and academic organizations on one side and youth in another would be creating a media. Because our goal is to find young talented and inspired individuals and develop a network between them, we have to look for them in activities they enjoy and flourish the most. Music has always been the international language between the younger population, by adding modern art and extreme sports in the mix, we`ll have a fulfilled multifunctional collaboration. A media that allows any amateur or professional to interact in the program, or to broadcast their sound or video art form, offers every individual a chance of personal promotion and career development. A mutual interest creates a personal bond between all these artists and organizations, which can lead to a very successful cooperation. Building a loyal interactive community this way is easy. Our concept is already based on an interactive relationship between artists and the public. The key to a loyal community is making this community a part of the project, creating as much value for all parties involved as possible. In our case this is solved very elegantly. Because we encourage creativite and self- initiative life, we want our listeners to cocreate the program. As we said in the first round, our international program, which consists of a daily program, shows made by various artists from different cultures and our public, we`ll stream from our web page. Every listener will be able to browse through our page and listen to our broadcast, or login and participate in creating the movement. Al three segments (daily program, shows, public) will have their own profile, where you`re be able to find usefull information about every activity. The profile of our daily program will contain world news, eventing forcasts (concerts, art exibithions, festivals,…), interviews, concert reviews,the playlist of our daily program and much more. Because our target audience is the younger population and students, we want to keep them up to date on their education possibilities. Giving them information about different computer courses, internet seminars and global student competitions,
  2. 2. promoting a self-initiative active life. All of this will be wrapped in quality alternative music, giving our listener a friendly relaxed vibe. The profile of our copyright shows is divided into separete profiles for every individual show that will broadcast over our radio. Anyone who allready has a radio show on a local basis or has acces to basic studio equipment and the enthusiasm to record a show, will be able to air it on our radio, according to an individual contract. This way we can host shows from any part of the world, using the filesharing services for exchanging audio material. This segment of our page is ment to create a network between various artists of different styles and giving them a chance to promote themselves on a media that is ment for connecting the global alternative scene. The profiles will give you information for every individual artist or creator of a show, work experience, concerts, music, moves past shows and contact for future cooperation and booking. The profile of our public is the part where you come in. We will dedicate a part of our program to any individual or a group of people who are creating any kind of entertainment. This profile will enable anyone to upload their work and copmete in various competitions. For example modern art features, a lot of street and grafitti art that has shown a big popularity in cloth designing for extreem sports and urban ware. At the same time music and VJ-ing have opened new doors for advedrtising. Competing in various competitions of music, comedy, art and urban culture, they will have a chance to present themselves over our stream . Winers will be able to host a show on our radio or get connections suitable to their profession. Each experience they gain from this interactive community will enrich their CV. All this is ment to encourage young artists to procede their dream and not to give up. Because our project will work only on the internet we face very low starting and fixed expenses. All we need to start this project is a good internet connection and a comptuer, from where we will broadcast our test program. In the first stage we have to set up a computer with full studio gear and create a website containing alink to our 24/7 radio steram. The program will be broadcasted directly from the computer, accesable only by IP. With just 5 Mbps upload we`re able to host about 40 listeners, who can login simultaniously, which is more than enough for the test period. In this time our broadcast is moastly ment for a wider crew that will be helping to establish this radio. From the point of setting up a link and establishing a program our goal is to air our music playlists 24h a day. During this test period we want to create and perfect the program as it should be, in three segments: the daily program from 5am to 4pm each day to copyright shows from 4pm till late into the evening. In this period we will prepare the copyright shows with artists on a local basis. Thanks to our recent activities in our part of europe we can use the connections we made over the years and present a clear picture of our concept and style. We are in contact with about 30 different radio stations in Europe and 1 in Canada, who are willing to exchange shows and in this way exchange listeners. Meaning, if they host a 2 hour show each weak on our radio, our listeners on a local basis will have a glimpse at what`s going on around the world and vice-versa.
  3. 3. Once we have a firm schedule of the program and we are satisfied with the technical and conceptual results, we can make the next step in our project. 5 Mbps upload was enough for the test period, but once we achieve a certain level of quality and have enough material prepared, including a web page, that will work as a portal, we`ll have to broadcast to a wider audience. This is the point where we have to enable a bigger upload, creating enough space for all our listeners. At the same time we have to launch our marketing strategies on a local basis and throughout the web. Let`s not forget that video and audio production is a part of our daily routine, which is a crutial part of modern advertising. We found out that the most efficient video and audio advertising comes with a comical or humorous approach to presenting any product or activity. Our main team comes from a line of comedy entertainment. From our past experience, where we hosted a comedy show on our previous radio, we found that this type of approach is closer to every listener individualy. Everybody enjoys having a good time and a few laughs, therefore humor is a wonderful way to approach our public and present our ideas in a relaxed and funloving atmosphere. Creating humorous video clips and adverds according to a certain theme, presenting our idea and inviting people to visit our site, browse it and find themselfs in a part of the program, they like the best. Internet use is growing faster by the day, playing a big part in developing this scene, because many artists see it as a good promoting opportunity. This means, if we make a big marketing campaign, with our creative adverds and invites, on the internet, we can reach all this artists and many more world-wide. Internet is much more effective then TV and radio, because these people can connect back to us. As the accesibility of wireless internet rises, we can expect a revolution of media. We already have acces to wireless from mobile phones, laptops and PDA`s. Once wireless becomes avaliable everywhere and all the time, media will become more flexible to move with you anywhere you go. Making a new space for creative expressing, for example: students of journalism and photography would have a chance to report about any activity or event around the world. With selecting material send to us, we would get a constant link to certain parts of the world, while students would get work experience in their profession with reporting about things they already enjoy. The selected material would be aired in our daily program. This is the part where acadamic organizations, in collaboration with us, can coordinate the students to participate in various creative contests and challenges, promoting them over our media. This is the type of environment in which fresh and innovative ideas are born. Creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with good music, which can`t be heared on any commercial radio, we want to make an example of self-initiative thinking, encouraging a creativite lifestyle instead of the materialistic values of our time. We are aware, that like every other project, this one is going to need financing too. In the beginning our own inputs will be enough to prepare the radio for the test broadcast period. Setting up a host computer and establishing a good internet connection causes a minor financial damage. Our team will then crate a web page with a link to our 24/h radio
  4. 4. stream, using our own two studios to record and produce the program. Luckilly all the artist who we curently work with have their own studio equipment, which enables them to produce their shows. Modern technology helps our artists to produce on a higher level of quality with low costs and basic equipment, which lowers our production costs and saves us time, so the work can run more fluently. The test period is assumed to be from around 6 to maximum 12 months of broadcasting on 5 Mbps upload. Once our goals of the test broadcasting period are achieved and we have enough material allong with the shows, we will need a bigger upload in order of broadcasting to a wider audience. This is the breaking point where we`ll need to search for potential investors in our project. We have several bussines ideas on how to finance the radio from it`s own advantages. Being a global internet radio means we can offer our potential investors a big media space, promotion and young creative personnel, which is the main advantage of this cultural community. A perfect way of reaching a sustainable upload is proposing these ideas to various internet providers or academic organizations, who have access to this kind of internet connection. Our project could also be interesting to different mobile operators and providers. Mobile operators are already offering internet connection over your mobile phone for a certain fee. Our proposition is, that they create a package, where access to our radio, from a mobile, would be free, while other internet services would be according to their fee. In exchange we offer them free advertising and global propaganda. Working as a multifunctional organization we have a lot to offer to our potential investors, from any form of advertising, to web designs, logos, animation, organizing public or bussines events and creating useful connections. On a long term this type of radio can finance its projects from public tender (ministry of culture, european funds,…), which keeps our artists active and produces a lot of new events, activities and with this igniting new ideas and creativity. Knowing that this can be a global hit, we want our audience, from every part of the world, to have the same program schedule, according to their timezone. This can be solved by putting a delay on our recorded program, so when a listener logs in, it recognizes his timezone and broadcasts the program according to their local time. This means that the daily program in every part of the world would start at 4 a.m., local time. As the technology progresses by each year, so do our possibilities. The outcome of this project can be a lot of things: from concerts, extreme sport events, art exibitions, street art shows, festivals, partys, DJ camps, music competitions to new web pages, new projects, advertising, design solutions, movies and so much more. You`re up (Cyber radio) is a name that stands for anyone who has the will and passion to express their talent, meaning that it`s your turn to bring the goods.