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#artistTRANSFORM is an idea collectively, that we can have a greater impact, and transform ourselves as well as others, as a collective of independent artists.

What began this summer as a project called #artistENGAGE, we set out to develop a short workshop series designed to spark collaboration, dialogue and action within the local community of independent artists. We suspected and knew that independent artists faced significant challenges in today’s music environment.

#artistTRANSFORM is the next step in revolution of independent artists. This project specifically, is the first collaboration between Spectrum City B-Side Radio and #MassivelyEpic.

“One of the biggest challenges of being an independent artist, always has been and still is today, promotion and distribution of releases.”

#artistTRANSFORM is an outlet for artists, djs, producers and musicians to get involved with a larger crew through collaboration and creation of content.

The idea will launch on both Spectrum City B-Side Radio and #MassivelyEpic Radio Shows, with each show featuring mix sets of artists, producers and DJs from across boarders and generations. As we gain support and funding, we will continue to grow the platform to expand beyond digital radio, into events, showcases and mobile.

The goal of this collaboration is to bridge the gap between the generations of independent hip hop artists and fans through discovery and education around the culture, heritage, technology and progression of the art form.

Spectrum City B-Side Radio and Massively Epic Radio are weekly digital streaming shows on RAPstation.com, the worlds loudest rap station, hosted by independent artists – Keith Shocklee, DJ Journey and Ravin Dave.

Visit: http://artistTRANSFORM.com

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#artistTRANSFORM Overview

  1. 1. Get involved and transform your game! Visit http://artistTRANSFORM.com for more information or to submit content.
  2. 2. 150 words plant the seeds... Education, motivation, consistency and quality of work are all keys to driving transformation as an artist. Today is extremely challenging for independent artists to transform, especially in the music industry. a producer collective of independent artists, musicians and djs -believe that through collaboration, we can collectively create sustainable business models for ourselves as well as others. Through the collective and strategic partnerships with other artists, we create programs and channels for collaborators to leverage individually and collectively. Following #artistENGAGE, is the collective’s newest project. The collaboration between #MassivelyEpic Radio and Spectrum City B-Side Radio will focus on creating a pop-up studio as the centralized place to bring emerging and veteran independent artists together to collaborate on content creation. #artistTRANSFORM is an awareness and fundraising campaign to create a space and channel for independent artists to collaborate, create, produce and distribute content for collective, personal, commercial and communal purposes.
  3. 3. Can a song, spark a revolution? This track is a mash-up of projects all created by the collaborators below. Credits: - DJ Journey, Producer - Ravin Dave, Producer Tracks: - “Did It” - DJ Journey - “The What” - KB Jones & The Kontraband - “Epic Life” - Bella Saona - “Monsters in the Street” - DJ Journey Vocals: - Ravin Dave - Lilith Chawa - Bella Saona - KB Jones - DJ Journey - Keith Shocklee
  4. 4. Challenge Distribution of content and engagement with fans has been and is now, more difficult than ever for independent artists. Insights ● Music hasn’t devalued, it’s now just very fragmented, fans are looking for engagement in more places and still willing to pay. ● Massive growth in EDM is a big opportunity for crossover independent artists and seasoned veterans to collaborate, educate and engage each other to recruit new fans. Hypothesis Strength in numbers, shared experience and expertise along with guided and reverse mentorship, between talented artists across generations, in an iconic NYC Music Building, will cause an equal or greater reaction to any action that is created through this collective.
  5. 5. #MassivelyEpic | http:/facebook.com/massivelyepic A collective of independent artists working collaboratively, in order to create sustainable models for successful independent careers, creating artistic and commercially viable content. The “ME” seed was planted at Lollapalooza 2011, and germinated at SXSW 2013. It will begin to bud in 2014, and bloom in in 2015. It will by then spread like a global blanket of wildflowers throughout 2016 and beyond… Founding collaborators include: ● Rock and Roll Hall of Famer turned Indie Artist ● Former Ultra Music recording artist turned Indie Artist ● Industry veterans ● Emerging Indie Artists ● Professional Marketers
  6. 6. Spectrum City B-Side Radio Show | http://rapstation.com/kshocklee Conceived by Chuck D in 1982, brought to digital life by Keith Shocklee and DJ Journey twenty years later as an “Open Source” format mixtape radio show on Rapstation.com with (x) shows produced to date. #artistENGAGE | http://soundgroove.info/content/education/artistengage Artist discovery and education workshops that inspire and capture dialogue between artists uncovering challenges, insights and need for further collaboration; in exchange for strategy, tactics and best practices from industry professionals. #artistTRANSFORM | http://artistransform.com Recruitment campaign targeting artists to join in collaboration on cross platform and genre content projects including, our National Radio Shows streaming across Rapstation.com and Pubic Enemy Site through the Public Enemy Stream on iTunes and TuneIn, as well as Performance Showcases, Live Mash-up Productions and bookings.
  7. 7. Collaborative Content Creation Studio A three-month pop-up collaboration between new artists, veteran artist mentors, and professional strategic marketers creating original content and case studies around production process and distribution of content. Output will be collaborative content, a distribution model for the collaborators, week-long mobile prototype of the pop-up studio concept. Expected Collaborative Content Deliverables: ● 24 hours of produced and aired radio shows on RAPstation.com ● Interviews with participating collaborators ● (x) Commercially published collaborations ● Social media content from the development process ● Case study, analytics and best practices #artistTRANSFORM
  8. 8. COLLABORATORS: Artists: Keith Shocklee, DJ Journey, Ravin Dave, DJ Flash Gee, Bella Saona, KB Jones & The Kontraband, Invisible Garden, Luke Logic, DJ Abyde, DJ Julia Gunz, Seth Goldstein, Kelly Bruce, Modern Gypsies Productions. Partners: The Music Building, RAPstation.com, Gemini Pro Sound, JBL, Native Instruments, Serato, CBGB, Sound Groove Entertainment, Trip Digital Inc.
  9. 9. ● ● ● $20,000 to officially establish the collective and rent studio space for a threemonth pop-up content production and distribution concept. In order to transform this organic, creative, talented and business minded collective of artists who have established access to production equipment and veteran mentors To raise capital - we are seeking artists grants, private and crowd sourced 2013 Item Description Qnty Cost Total Incorporation Fees associated with registering the entity 1 $2000 $2000 Studio Rental Studio Space - The Music Building 3 $2000 $6000 Insurance 90 day policy 1 $1000 $1000 Intellectual Property Licensing, Copyright, Registration, Legal 10 $500 $5000 Production Weekly costs for studio mastering, mixing, sound engineering, editing, etc. 12 $500 $6000 Total $20,000
  10. 10. .COM