Getting Creative with QR Codes: How to Maximize Conversions Through Color and Effective Placement


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Getting Creative with QR Codes: How to Maximize Conversions Through Color and Effective Placement

  1. 1. Getting Creative with QR Codes:How to Maximize Conversions Through Colorand Effective Placement
  2. 2. MEET THE QR CODEA Marketer’s Secret Weapon
  3. 3. YEAR OF BIRTH - 1994What was happening in the world?• Popular Movies• Popular Music
  4. 4. THE BIRTH OF THE QR CODEWhere did they come from?• First designed for use in Japan’s automotive industry• Invented by Denso Wave company to track the vehicle manufacturing process• Because QR Codes are two-dimensional, they can hold several hundred timesthe amount of information that a traditional barcode can
  5. 5. QR = “QUICK RESPONSE”The need for functionality.• Upon scanning, you are immediately directed to a web page
  6. 6. SCANNING APPLICATIONSCountless possibilities.
  7. 7. A SOLUTION IN ACTIONA Marketer’s Secret Weapon
  8. 8. SOLUTION IN ACTIONPoint and shoot.• Scan the QR Code!
  9. 9. CREATION AND DESIGNA Marketer’s Secret Weapon
  10. 10. CREATION OPTIONSPlenty to choose from.• A Google search will reveal countless QR Code generators.
  11. 11. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A CREATORSome of the tell-tale signs of a good program.• Can you change the URL?• Does the solution shorten the URL?• Bulk-uploading capabilities?• Measurement and tracking?
  12. 12. QREATEANDTRACK.COMinterlinkONE’s QR Code solution.
  13. 13. MORE THAN JUST URL’SDiversity in marketing strategy.
  14. 14. SIMPLE VS. COMPLEXLess is more.
  15. 15. SACRIFICE PIXELS FOR CREATIVITYNot all pixels are created equal.
  16. 16. INSERT YOUR LOGOAdd branding to your Codes.
  17. 17. ADDING COLORBrighten up your QR Codes to set them apart.• Contrast is key!• Test, test, and test again.
  18. 18. A DIFFERENT TYPE OF QR CODECatch the eye of the consumer.• Tips on how to do this:
  19. 19. A WORD OF CAUTION!Make sure you have plenty of padding.
  20. 20. SUPER SIZE ME!QR Codes for buildings and billboards.
  21. 21. SHRINK IT DOWNBig things come in small packages.
  22. 22. CUSTOM QR CODESSet your pixels free.
  23. 23. BEST PRACTICES FORIMPLEMENTATIONA Marketer’s Secret Weapon
  24. 24. SHORTEN YOUR URLMake it easy on yourself.
  25. 25. PROVIDE CLEAR DIRECTIONSMake it easy on your audience.
  26. 26. MOBILIZE YOUR CONTENTUnderstand your audience.
  27. 27. MOBILIZE YOUR CONTENTWhat makes content mobile-friendly?• Easy to read and click.• Inquiry forms.• Social integration.
  28. 28. MOBILE NETWORKINGReaching consumers on the go.
  29. 29. WHY WOULD YOU SCAN?Ask the question.• Provide directions and a map.• Click to call or click to SMS.• To easily learn important details.• To opt-in for more information.
  30. 30. THE KEY TO SUCCESSTrack. Measure. Test.
  31. 31. THE KEY TO SUCCESSTrack. Measure. Test.
  32. 32. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSA Marketer’s Secret Weapon
  33. 33. HOW DO I MAKE MONEY?The biggest question of all.• Custom QR Code design.• Mobile website creation.• Build their database!• Reporting• Multi-channel• i.e. PURL vs. QR vs. Email, etc.
  34. 34. CREATE PERSONALIZED QR CODESBe the ultimate provider.
  35. 35. BULK PURLS/QR CODESBe the ultimate
  36. 36. HOW TO CREATE A MOBILE WEBSITEBe the ultimate provider.• Custom code• Third party services• Mobile website building applications
  37. 37. MOBILE CMSWhich product features to look for.• Easily-built mobile websites• Color-scheme pickers• WYSIWYG editor• Form builder• Real-time reporting
  38. 38. TEMPLATES FOR DIFFERENT NEEDSWhy reinvent the wheel?
  39. 39. EASY TO USE ADMIN FEATURESSimplicity in operation.
  40. 40. COLOR SCHEME / PICKER OPTIONSChoose wisely.
  41. 41. MOBILE FORMSCapture your data.• For surveys, inquiries, lead generation,registrations, etc.• Specify response routing informationfor each form
  42. 42. REMEMBER THE FUNDAMENTALSIt’s still marketing.• Give a compelling reason to scan• Know your audience• Focus on the mobile experience
  43. 43. DOWNLOAD QR CODE TOOL KITLet’s get started.•
  44. 44. CONTACT ME!Let’s connect.iFlyMobi.comQR Code
  45. 45. THANK YOU!Any questions?
  46. 46. HOW CAN INTERLINKONE HELP?We aim to please.••• Call us with questions!• 978-694-9992