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Connecting the Dots from Offline to Online Marketing

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Connecting the Dots from Offline to Online Marketing

  1. 1. Intro: John Foley, Jr.Grow Socially I love• Marketing from start to finish. Mar(H)keting!• Websites, strategic planning, online marketing, social, mobile.interlinkONE – Software (SaaS)• Enterprise Marketing Management Software.• Warehouse, order management, sales, CRM, fulfillment
  2. 2. The Books
  3. 3. The Book:Specific For Emerging Marketing Tools  Strategies, Tools, Campaign Ideas, and More!  A guide to help you market your newspaper!
  4. 4. Keep Your Phone On!Feel free to Tweet, Post, Update, Email, take notes, photos, and more! @JohnFoleyJr
  5. 5. Today’s Overview• Brief Introduction• Convergence of Traditional Print and Digital Media• Tools to Use• Marketing Your Business• Final Thoughts and Questions
  6. 6. The Convergence ofTraditional Print and Electronic Media
  7. 7. Why Cross-Media Marketing?• It’s a multi-channel world – We’re just living in it.• Disruption is the name of the game• Is everyone interested in the same type of communication? – Absolutely not!
  8. 8. How much media does any one person consumes each day?inMobi
  9. 9. How does your audiences get their information? Magazines Email Social Search Results Videos Mobile Images What types of information do they like?
  10. 10. Communications Today• “Kitchen Table Effect”• Generational Differences• Everyone looks for information differently• Information delivered to multiple medias
  11. 11. The Plight Of Print
  12. 12. US Major Media Ad Spending, by Media, 2009-2015 billionseMarketer
  13. 13. Digital Grows as Source for News Percentage of Respondents Who Got News “Yesterday” From Each PlatformPew Research Center
  14. 14. Diversification of Media Trust in Information Sources 2011 Informed Public 2012 Informed
  15. 15. Converting Offline Viewers to Online Purchasers 63% of purchasers convert offline Online Search • Magazines & • PurchaseAWARENESS CONVERSION RESEARCH Newspapers • Search Engines • Conversion • TV • Online Reviews Offline Media Offline Store Consumption 42% motivated to begin an online search after viewing
  16. 16. Making Print Interactive WithThese Technologies
  17. 17. Online & Mobile: Disrupters
  18. 18. Mobile Devices: Game-Changers!
  19. 19. Smartphones Are Just About Everywhere! 50% Smartphone AdoptionNielson
  20. 20. US Smartphone Users, 2009-2015 millions and % change Note: individuals of any age who use a smartphone at least once a montheMarketer, Dec 2010
  21. 21. Mobile Internet UsageMorgan Stanley
  22. 22. Opportunities For You• Responsive web design• Make Print Interactive: QR, NFC, etc.• Integrate SMS/Text Into Your Capabilities
  23. 23. Mobile Websites: Build & Host Mobile Websites Mobile CommerceMorgan Stanley
  24. 24. Make Print Interactive
  25. 25. Key Resource for You Free White Paper on Mobile Marketing and Content Distribution! Get it at
  26. 26. Near Field Communication (NFC)• A set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters.Wikipedia
  27. 27. Near Field Communication (NFC)
  28. 28. Augmented Reality• Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.Wikipedia
  29. 29. Augmented Reality
  30. 30. Responsive Web Design• Responsive web design (often abbreviated to RWD) is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices.Wikipedia
  31. 31. Responsive Web Design
  32. 32. Responsive ResultsFree White Paper onResponsive Web Design!
  33. 33. Online Marketing Opportunities 1. Improve your own marketing! 2. Attract and nurture existing customers and new prospects! 3. Be accessible at all times!
  34. 34. Walk the Talk• Follow Your Marketing Plan• Self Promote• Multi-Channel• Multi-Media• E-Newsletters• Campaigns• Nurture• Personalize 1 to 1• Etc…
  35. 35. State of Social Media Today 1 400 MILLION BILLION tweets users daily 400 80 12MILLION MILLION MILLION users users users 72 hours of 2 MILLION videos uploaded searches each minute each minute 36
  36. 36. Why use SOCIAL MEDIA?• Your audience is there • Loyalty• More prospects to sell to • Position your• Generate interest company• Build your brand • Customer Service • Another Channel Countless Opportunities Social Ads Limitless Videos
  37. 37. Optimize / Social Friendly Get Noticed eNewsletter Sign-Ups White Papers Offers Emails Polls Blogs Landing Pages Engage and Nurture Engage and Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Nurture Start with MKTGAction - Publish - Engage - Converse - Share - Social Media - Blogging - Analytics - Plan Content Mgmt - SEO Product? Service? Asset? $ Questions or Comments? Copyright © 2010 Grow Socially, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2011 Phone 1.800.948.0113 Email
  38. 38. Strategy before Tactics!• Step 1: Describe the Business• Step 2: Business Goal• Step 3: Where Is the Audience Cyclically?• Step 4: How Does the Audience Use Social Media?• Step 5: The One Thing• Step 6: How Will You Humanize the Brand• Step 7: Content Resource and Distribution Strategy• Step 8: How Will You Measure Success?
  39. 39. Tools You Should Use• Twitter• Facebook• YouTube• LinkedIn• Google+?• Pinterest?
  40. 40. Fundamentals for All Networks1. Build your network2. Engage with the network you have built3. Be relevant4. Be consistent5. Track and analyze
  41. 41. Tip! CRM/Social Intelligence
  42. 42. How to Measure Success?• How many – Downloads – eNewsletter Sign-Ups – Blog Comments – Questions – Shared Links – Re-Tweets – Followers – Site Traffic
  43. 43. Measure Inbound & Outbound Together WEBSITE Social Whitepapers Media & eBooks 3500 SEO Visitors eNewsletter Sign-UpsPrinted Copy 2000 Visitors Blog CRM E-mail Comments 800 Visitors Links Inquiries 100 Visitors Other Webinar Sign-Ups
  44. 44. Marketing Calendar, Take 1 Call for Announce eBlast contributors on websitePhone Calls eNewsletterPress release Send printed versionSend thankyou cards Enter new contacts in CRM
  45. 45. Marketing Calendar, Take 2Call for Create Announce Announce on eBlastcontributors Post, Link on website & back to websitePhone Calls Comment on Connect with Share event Email event’s Keynote article on eNewsletter page Speakers on (Announce)Announce Tell Share event Join in on Send printedbooth # colleagues article on event’s versionwith you’re hashtagvideo post attending Send thank Enter newFollow-Up Share Friend new you cards contacts inwith speaking contacts on ExcelPost & Post presentationPictures on
  46. 46. Content MarketingMashable
  47. 47. Growing Awareness with Content Marketing Capture Content Share Content Increase Awareness Website Photo Social Media Email Blog Post Related Promotion
  48. 48. Create a Content Library• Constant access to resources. Infographics• Allow advertisers to contribute content. Webinars• Store past content here. Articles Bookstore• Attach email captures to content. Surveys• Enhance SEO with longer, more frequent website visits. Videos Photos• Organize all past content.
  49. 49. Create Awareness Through Contributors Contributor Contributor’s The content Publish networks shares content continues to be contributor’s share with with their shared withcontent online. their networks. networks. more people. Your Website Ultimately, this strategy will bring more visits to your website.
  50. 50. Why Should You Care?
  51. 51. Automated Marketing: Trigger-Based/Closed Loop• Based on inquiry need, assign track• Auto step through timed events• Lead Generation – Nurturing – Qualification – Close• Sales
  52. 52. Landing Pages • Compelling title • Few but essential information fields • Automatic email fulfillment • Contact information automatically entered into CRM • Sales team receives a notification
  53. 53. How Can You Benefit?• Use social media to build awareness of your Key Resource for You Free White Paper on Inbound Marketing! business• Use content to increase SEO, generate interest, and grow inquiries• Reach more prospects!
  54. 54. YourWebsite
  55. 55. 2013-2014 Tools• Automated Marketing• Content Marketing• Mobile Marketing – AR/QR/NFC• Advanced Personalization• Web to Anything• Product Fulfillment• Digital Color• Dimensional Mailers
  56. 56. Read the Books 
  57. 57. Final thoughts…Commitment leads to action, ActionLeads to brings your dream closer .…Marcia Wieder Date unknownIn business, commitment and actionraises your probability of success.…(ME) John Foley, Jr. – 9/20/2012
  58. 58. Q & A / Contact Me!: QR Code
  59. 59. Learn More http://GrowSocially.com
  60. 60. THANK YOU!