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Grayling Russia - Credentials General (May 2016)



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Grayling Russia - Credentials General (May 2016)

  1. 1. creatingadvantage
  2. 2. ourphilosophy Smart multimedia content is weaved through everything that we do. That’s content that goes beyond just storytelling and measurably moves the needle on behalf of our clients. Proactive risk management is key to protecting a brand and building its authority. Our proprietary data analytics solution helps our clients manage their risk profile and build brand and reputation capital. Grayling people are connected in all sorts of ways – within the sectors in which they specialize, with media and other influencers, political and other stakeholders… we will leverage those connections to benefit you. With on-call senior counsel, powerful content, and unrivalled connections, we help our clients to engage, adapt and evolve in fast- changing landscapes — building brand resilience and creating measurable advantage. We operate a flat structure so that you always have access to our senior experts, working on your business, every day; 24/7 if needed. This is our promise to our clients, pure and simple. We will not stop until your business objectives have been met and exceeded. It’s what we do.
  4. 4. ournetworkRussia&CIS Operating on Western standards, fully ethical and FCPA-compliant, Russian and CIS offices of Grayling demonstrates highly professional attitude and deliver outstanding results for clients Russia • Office in Moscow • 18 years on the local market • Team of 38 consultants Ukraine • Office in Kiev • 10 years on the local market • Team of 12 consultants Kazakhstan • Offices in Astana and Alma-Ata • 16 years on the local market • Team of 10 consultants Azerbaijan • Representatives in Baku • 10 years on the local market • Team of 4 consultants Belarus • Representatives in Minsk • 10 years on the local market • Team of 4 consultants
  5. 5. graylingrussia team of 38 1999 year <100 clients Grayling Russia has 38 English- speaking 38 consultants providing strategic advice to C-level executive of leading multinational firms Operating on Western standards, fully ethical and FCPA-compliant, Russian office of Grayling demonstrates year-on-year stable organic growth We deliver tailored creative brand & Digital campaigns, high-level corporate & B2B communications, Government Relations and event management service Fast facts
  6. 6. integratedservices Business-to-Business Communications Risk and Crisis Communications Corporate Communications Investor Relations Government Relations Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Media and Influencer Relations Media Training Consumer Brand Marketing In a world where risks and opportunities can emerge every day, working with us provides access to specialist skills and services that may be dialled up or down at a moment’s notice. That’s one of the many ways we create advantage.
  7. 7. clientexperience We are a trusted partner of the world’s leading organizations in Russia. And we won absolute majority of our clients in open local tenders.
  8. 8. we’re not constrained by boundaries real or imagined Vladimir Melnikov President, Russia & CIS Expertise: Leading PA consultant and Crisis Communications Guru Eugenia Skobeleva Country Manager, Russia Expertise: IPOs, Financial Communications and B2B professional Milana Valieva Deputy Country Manager, Russia Expertise: Corporate Communications and Financial relations Anastasia Elaeva Head of Corporate Communications, Russia Expertise: Corporate Communications, Financial relations, crisis communications, public diplomacy Valeriya Sizova Head of Lifestyle&Consumer. Russia Expertise: Lifestyle and marketing communications Anna Kovalenko Senior Director, Digital & Social Media, Russia Expertise: Social media and digital communications strategy This ‘one team’ approach is fundamental to our success. Everything is connected, so we are, too. We bring together experts with different skills to solve our clients’ complex communication challenges, working together across disciplines and, if necessary, across borders and time zones. Meet your team...
  9. 9. Eugenia Skobeleva Country Manager Vladimir is well-known amongst business journalists in the CIS for his work for UES CEO and President of the CIS Energy Committee, Anatoly Chubais as well as for his work with System Capital Management, the biggest investor in Ukraine. He has advised many CEOs of the international companies in different sectors and knows Russian media market extremely well. He runs some of our most complex projects where media and politics collide. He joined Grayling in 2004. Vladimir Melnikov President, General Director Eugenia Skobeleva has been with Grayling since 2005 and worked on corporate PR mandates including top-tier media relations campaigns for Citibank and the IPO communications campaigns for TMK and TGK5, corporate affairs for private equity group, TPG and GE Money, Visa and Saxo Bank. She is an experienced media relations consultant and trainer. Prior to Grayling, Eugenia had three years PR experience in the leading business news agency, PRIME-TASS, and also spent three years as Deputy Head of press-centre for the Federal State Program “Electronic Russia 2002-2010”.
  10. 10. Finance and Banking Technology & IT Industry / FMCG / Travel Corporate communications casestudies
  11. 11. industryexperience Grayling’s corporate communications team’s core strength lies in actively managing client reputations and building corporate brands in a way that resonates locally in Russia and Ukraine. We have extensive experience in handling Corporate Market Launches, Thematic Corporate PR campaigns, Mergers and Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings, Privatizations, Change Management and CSR programs.
  12. 12. Pringles Land Securities DoubleTree by Hilton Consumer Marketing casestudies
  13. 13. industryexperience • Using first-class media contacts, Grayling’s lifestyle and consumer team has unrivalled experience in delivering innovative and creative FCPA-compliant campaigns in Russia. • Grayling has excellent contacts with key lifestyle and consumer publications, as well as strong relationships with business and online media, TV channels and radio stations in Russia
  14. 14. Technology & IT Pharma & FMCG Finance & Banking PA & GR
  15. 15. industryexperience Our Government Relations team has a particularly close and deep understanding of the regulatory environment in Russia. We have strong crisis management expertise and a well-honed methodology for successful crisis and contingency training as well as media training
  16. 16. Community Management Blogger relations Digital & Social media
  17. 17. • We listen: Social media influencers mapping- who has impact on your reputation / brand / sales in the online community; blog monitoring; social media coaching • We talk: corporate blogging; blog commenting campaigns; social media releases • We engage: bespoke interactive campaigns; user/consumer groups management; viral content seeding industryexperience
  18. 18. Providing regular PR services to generate media buzz and position eBay as the best marketplace for Russian consumers as well as the best business partner for Russian sellers. PR SUPPORT ON A REGULAR BASIS casestudy
  19. 19. communicationsunlimited PR campaigns: from the brand launch on Russian market to overall support in turbulent times Grayling aimed to increase awareness about online marketplace among Russian consumers and business community, support all the new eBay launches. Grayling organized a number of events, including press-events, activations at fests and runaway shows. Campaigns we held: Qiwi Wallet on, Russian Sellers launch, Collections runaway show, Russian post, #openeBay, etc. As a result – successful work with eBay since 2011. Over 700 qualitative pieces of coverage in key business, consumer and lifestyle media per year. Head of Russian eBay Vladimir Dolgov presents eBay at one of press-conferences. eBay regional style tour organized to position eBay as a perfect place for fashion shopping. Pop-up summer office opened to meet Russian sellers and consumers in person and to answer all their questions. EBAY: ALL MEDIA TYPES CAMPIGNS
  20. 20. measurableadvantage 700+ 300+ 0$ Over 700 qualitative pieces of coverage in key business, consumer and lifestyle media per year Russian sellers set up a seller accounts on eBay after #openeBay project Without any PR investments holding media coverage on a certain level during turbulent years in Russia EBAY: FROM FASHION TO BUSINESS PROJECTS
  21. 21. HENKEL Henkel Corporate PR Support on the Russian Market that helps to promote Henkel as a long-term investor and a responsible company contributing to the Russian economy casestudy
  22. 22. communicationsunlimited Manifold PR tactics aiming at promoting Henkel corporate brand image in Russia While working with Henkel since 2013, Grayling team has supported multiple projects, aiming at positioning Henkel as one of the major investors in Russia. The agency communicates the company’s commitment to the country by increase media, public and government awareness of Henkel’s investments in Russian economy as well as CSR activities of the company. For 2 years of cooperation, Grayling team has supported multiple projects, including the launch of the Henkel Logistics Complex in Saratov region, opening of a new plant in Novosibirsk region a press- lunch with Henkel’s CEO in Russia Sergey Bykovskih, Henkel Global CEO Kasper Rorsted’s visits to Moscow as well as product launches (new Vernel, Bref, etc). • In 2015, Grayling has achieved great amount of coverage during Henkel plant opening in Novosibirsk (about 200 articles) and secured high media turnout at the event (20 journalists of leading Novosibirsk media). • Total amount of coverage generated due to corporate communication in 2015 amounted 4801 articles. Positive tonality of the articles has not only been maintained (according to the set of KPIs), but raised by 11 % in comparison with 2014 despite major household goods industry communication crisis in August, 2015. • Henkel Innovation Challenge PR Support (Career Opportunity for Students) Henkel Forscherwelt Project (CSR project – fancy master-classes on chemistry for kids aged 8-11) Henkel HBT Plant Opening in Novosibirsk HENKEL CORPORATE PR-SUPPORT
  23. 23. smartcontent HENKEL CORPORATE PR-SUPPORT
  24. 24. measurableadvantage The results for 2015 despite challenging economic situation are positive +11% 33% Positive coverage raise in comparison to 2014 (Total: 32%) Key message penetration in Tier- 1,2 media Increased by 11% in comparison to 2014 HENKEL CORPORATE PR-SUPPORT 51% Increase of Henkel corporate brand mentions Doubled in comparison to 2014
  25. 25. FORD Delivering lifestyle and corporate communications consultancy and reputation management for a leading automotive brand in Russia and globally casestudy
  26. 26. communicationsunlimited Grayling team supports Ford with projects aimed at promotion of the legendary car brand, its models, history, technology and innovation in Russian lifestyle and general interest media. Auto brands are getting most coverage through specialized automotive media, but to attract new customers Ford needed to open its doors into Russian lifestyle media. In terms of lifestyle promotion Grayling has created an advantage from Ford news on technology and innovation ahead of the competition by doing surveys, exclusive and inventive storytelling, creative infographics online imagery and promoted global news on Ford for the local media. Grayling team provided logistical and media relations support around 2 Ford plants openings in 2014 and 2015 as well as launches of 5 new models at the Russian market in 2015. Grayling also provided support at the Moscow Motor show in 2014 where Ford had to secure the widest possible coverage in broadcast, leading online and print media to highlight company’s commitment to the Russian market, the company’s development strategy and 6 premieres at the motor show. Moscow Motor show 2014 Clay modelling event for students and media with the specialist from European design studio of Ford Logistical and media relations support around the Ford Sollers plant opening in Naberezhnye Chelny in very tough conditions: short terms for event preparation and Prime Minister of Russia visit to the plant. FORD: LIFESTYLE PROMOTION
  27. 27. Smartcontent: highlights Promotion of Ford survey about danger of doing selfie while driving. Broadcasted by youth channel U TV FORD: LIFESTYLE PROMOTION Funky infographic aimed at supporting the news on increased Ford Focus ground clearance Ford’s Feb 14 prank aimed at Mustang promotion. Leading lifystyle media including Men’s Health covered this piece of news
  28. 28. measurableadvantage Auto brands are getting most coverage through specialized automotive media, but to attract new customers Ford needed to open its doors into Russian lifestyle media. In mid 2014 Grayling team was hired to work on this. Our results for 2014-2015 include: 20% 25+ Ford's presence in lifestyle and general interest media increased on 20% comparing 2014. Top-25 lifestyle media and loyal journalists are at the Ford media pool now due to systematic and permanent communication with them Ford coverage at The Moscow Motor Show 2014 has been the widest both in broadcast media and in overall number of publications among all other automotive brands at MIAS, according to TNS Monitoring. FORD: LIFESTYLE PROMOTION 250+ “The last time I received a press release written so well was several years ago, I think it was by Audi's PR team. Ford texts are creative, very innovative, and very funny. I would honestly publish them all if I could…” - Dmitry Mamontov, PopMech “Our audience prefers funky videos, especially if they're viral. Ford has been very successful in this respect because you can give our audience what it really wants: nice cars and nice ladies!” - Nikita Likhachev, TJournal
  29. 29. #WHEREEVERYOUARE Exploring the e-commerce frontier With this in mind the #WhereEverYouAre campaign PayPal takes us to a fascinating journey to the “e-commerce frontier” – highlighting how PayPal enables people living in remote areas of the world’s largest country to buy and sell things and to lead inspiring, fulfilled lives. casestudy
  30. 30. communicationsunlimited Exploring the e-commerce frontier The factual groundwork for the campaign was laid with a survey of the Russian e-commerce market conducted together with DataInsight, a local research agency. The research focused on the habits of people living in small cities (under 100 000 inhabitants) and surprisingly proved them to be actively adapting modern technologies. The results showed that customers in Russia come from all sorts of locations, including very far-off and exotic ones. Based upon the survey findings, Grayling and PayPal Russia developed the following strategy: create a campaign that will show PayPal and internet technology being adapted everywhere as a part of an everyday life. Introduce new users to PayPal as a helpful tool. Establish trust and a strong emotional connection to the brand. Social media team used PayPal marketing newsletter and social networks audience to reach out to PayPal’s customers and learn more about their experience with PayPal in remote locations. More than 700 people contributed with their stories. The five most unusual and inspiring ones were selected by PayPal to play a role in later stages of the video campaign. A professional video crew and a well-known photographer travelled to meet the five “PayPal heroes of the eCommerce Frontier” in order to capture their life in an authentic way. Gennady Khoruzhniy has arrived in Novy Uoyan, a tiny far-off town in Buryatiya. Despite living so remotely, he leads an active lifestyle with many hobbies - all made possible though the availability of internet connection and a PayPal account. Alexandr Kuzminov is a pensioner who left big city life for a farm in Rossoshinky Khutor in Rostovskaya oblast. He uses PayPal for his small online store - he sells fretsaw patterns to hobbyists around the world. Diana Ustinovksaya, a self-made jewelery designer from Sakhalin, who runs a small online shop and sells her works via Instagram PayPal: #WhereEverYouAre
  31. 31. videocontent PAYPAL: #WHEREEVERYOUARE 5 videos about PayPal heroes were uploaded on YouTube and seeded via relevant social channels – Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. Footage was also shared via newsletters and partners websites. The premiere took place on the press-conference in Moscow for journalists and PayPal partners. All videos were translated in English and shared online; total views number reached 3,2 millions. The users feedback was fantastic: thousands of admired comments were left on YouTube and other social channels. You can enjoy watching videos and comments here PayPal #Whereeveryouare videos Also the Grayling team implements full social media strategy for PayPal at Facebook, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki as part of a retainer cooperation.
  32. 32. measurableadvantage The story resonated with Internet users, receiving a massive wave of approval from Russian consumers 78,900,000 100,000+ likes 10,700+comments 2,500+ shares 80+ Total outreach of the project on Youtube, Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte Pieces of coverage secured PayPal: #WhereEverYouAre
  33. 33. MEGA ACCELERATOR Have a MEGA start! One of the biggest retail players in Russia reaches out to a new specific target audience. casestudy
  34. 34. communicationsunlimited MEGA Accelerator Based on its positioning as an innovator in the retail industry, IKEA Centres Russia decided to launch MEGA Accelerator – a project aimed to find and help implement innovative ideas that can improve customer experience at MEGA stores beyond the typical shopping center experience. With the startup eco-system being a great source of revolutionary ideas, MEGA Accelerator became a vehicle for identifying and growing innovative startup companies to become potential business partners for IKEA Centres Russia. Grayling Russia provided a 360° support for the project in traditional and social media. More than 78 generated pieces (with 2 mln+ roubles in PR Value) during three months. Two special projects – on Meduza (interactive test) and Habrahabr (content project with 10 feature articles) were launched to drive application submissions. Social networks – during the stage of application submission a massive campaign was held to attract startupers. The campaign included relevant pages targeting, boosting posts, materials seeding, getting bloggers to write about the accelerator on a free basis (Maria Lapuk, Alena Vladimirskaya). Later during the acceleration process – Habrahabr and social pages were posting about participants projects, offline testing and other feature materials on interesting startup related topics. With the help of the digital tools, during the second month of the application submission process project coordinators received 3 times more entries than in the 1st one. 78 pieces of coverage including Vedomosti, Rusbase, The Village,, Firrma, Theories & Practicies, Secret Firmy MEDUZA special project “What kind of startuper are you?” Visitors had a chance to apply their knowledge of the start- up industry and learn about the project, also they could share their results via social media. Result is 50 000+ views Habrahabr, Megamozg and Geektimes 10 feature articles about startups, MEGA Accelerator and technology industries of participants. MEGA ACCELERATOR
  35. 35. socialcontent MEGA ACCELERATOR Working closely with the IKEA Centres marketing team Grayling answered numerous users questions on Facebook and VK about MEGA Accelerator. Within 1,5 months more than 100 questions were answered publically and in private messages. Our team developed a special design style for the project’s social media, based on MEGA Accelerator’s brand book. The friendly and human copywriting style gained popularity quickly. MEGA Accelerator communities on Facebook, Vkontakte Mega Accelerator blog posts on Habrahabr, Geektimes
  36. 36. measurableadvantage More than 200 participants were attracted within 2,5 months of application collections - MEGA Accelerator was held for the 1st time. Met client KPIs set up for the campaign. 28,700,000 1250 78 Total outreach of the project Social media fans attracted within 1,5 months (today 1400+ fans) Pieces of coverage secured within 3 months MEGA ACCELERATOR
  37. 37. Challenge eBay is a leading platform to sell goods from people and companies around the world. Launch in Russia had to highlight the profile of the company, enhance the client base and attract local sellers. Solution 360 social media support: reputation management, traffic increase, driving sales, customer support, influencers’ relations. Results eBay social networks have grown to 360k subscribers in one year. The weekly traffic to from social networks upped to 70k visits with high conversion rate. The post-launch activities resulted in more than 3 years collaboration with the top bloggers and celebrities, adding of social element to fashion and regional events.
  38. 38. Challenge Once the leader of P2P voice and video communication, Skype had faced a tight competitions from new comers. To support the image of the industry leader and a robust solution for communications in business, at home and on the move, Skype had to establish closer connection with its customers. Solution Social presence was established in the most popular channels – FB, VK, Twitter, corporate blog – to get the message across to as many customers as possible through multi-faceted content, and have their feedback heard. Several activations, promo campaigns and sponsorship programs helped reach out to an even wider public. Results The communities acquired 75k total subscribers with high engagement rates. The Russian-language corporate blog made it to the top-3 internationally by the number of subscribers. Activations and promotions had impact on thousands more people stimulating downloads and usage of the Skype family products.
  39. 39. Challenge SanDisk, one the storage industry pioneers, sought to increase its profile among the Russian customers in fight for a greater share of the market filled with cheap alternatives to its high end products. Solution Cross-channel support was established, with the social presence in VK, FB and Twitter tightly integrated with the local and global marketing efforts. Russia-wide partner campaigns with World of Tanks, Nat Geo Traveler and Nikon with SanDisk products as prizes helped warm up the core audiences. CS function in social helped solve customers’ problems. Results The communities have grown up to 30k loyal followers in less than a year mainly thanks to the shareable content and partner activations. Promoted posts spread the company’s message to millions of Russian (potential) customers.
  40. 40. Challenge Scripps Networks operating 3 TV channels (Food Network, Fine Living, Travel Channel) sought to expand its presence on the Russian subscription TV market by reaching out to its potential audience beyond the silver screen. Solution All three TV channels got their extension in the social networks – dedicated FB communities full of local and global engaging content and regular activations in close connection with the marketing and PR activities. The growth was supported by targeted promos in FB and on influencers’ pages. Results The communities demonstrated steady growth, reaching 20k total, and high engagement rate proving to be an effective means of winning a new audience.
  41. 41. Challenge Hilton, one of the world’s most recognizable hotel brands, sought to enhance its presence in Russia and to make the Russian customers be more active in the Hilton HHonors loyalty program with rewards across the world. Solution The Russian HHonors page in Facebook became part of the global social presence, with FB apps, activations, and engaging content covering HHonors promos and featuring Hilton hotels around the globe and in Russia bringing local flavor to the global hotel chain. Results The page reached 25k dedicated followers in a year with minimal budget through shareable content and targeted activations. The local hotels of Hilton brands had had the chance to address potential clients.
  42. 42. Challenge PepsiCo sought to establish one of its juice brand ‘Lyubimii’ (stands for ‘The Loved One’) as a natural choice for the Russian consumers to fight the competition and attract customers to the idea of ‘natural’ packeted juices. Solution A Russia-wide campaign ‘Russia’s Heart Full of Love’ was envisioned with large pulsing hearts installed on 7 city rinks across the country. Lovers and families were attracted by the social media ads and partner communities to visit the rinks and take pictures to take part in the social contest and be part of the Heart on the campaign web site. Results More than 13M people were reached across Russia by the campaign message in social, thousands came to rinks. The Heart on the campaign web site was filled with dozens of images full of love. One year supply of ‘Lyubimii’ juices for two were shipped to the winners of the social contest.
  43. 43. Challenge To create buzz around the first Krispy Kreme restaurant opening in Moscow so that people form lines to try doughnuts, given the brand was a newcomer in Russia. Solution Having combined both viral content and smart targeting we managed to raise interest to Krispy Kreme’s opening. More than 2000 people registered online for the opening event. Results The queue started to form 24 hours before the opening with 500+ people in line by the opening time, 40 people spent the night sleeping in front of the cafe. Moscow media compared the record line to the first McDonald’s opening back in 1998.
  44. 44. Challenge 360 degrees digital support to the relaunch campaign, that took place in September 2011 Solution The website was totally renovated with new design, and advertised by special promotion activity “Which taste do you have?” Activities were supported in social networks, pages and top-bloggers were reached to advocate the new premium taste of the chocolates. Results In less than 1 month website gathered more than 23 000 hits. 2/3 of visitors completed the test. Pages “I love chocolate” on FB, VK and OK hit 3000 people in 2 months with talking about index 50%. Top bloggers like Eugeniy Kozlov received Korkunov boxes and wrote about new taste and design.
  45. 45. contactus Let’s talk Eugenia Skobeleva Country Manager, Russia T: +7 495 788 6784 I M: +7 909 912 8818 Milana Valieva Deputy Country Manager, Russia T +7 495 788 6784 I M +7 903 006 7142

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