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Lessons Learned from Building a CSB Part III


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How You Can Become a Cloud Service Broker

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Lessons Learned from Building a CSB Part III

  1. 1. Praveen Asthana Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Copyright © 2013 Gravitant, Inc.
  2. 2. A Cloud Service Brokerage allows you to provide a suite of integrated IT-as-a-Service products with a Unified Services Delivery Platform that harnesses the full potential of cloud and managed services. Captured cloud infrastructure spend Make consumption of your managed services easier Improve your customers’ experience Outpace your competition by satisfying new customer needs Copyright © 2013 Gravitant, Inc.
  3. 3. The New SI Business Model 3rd Party Public Clouds IaaS PaaS SI Cloud/Managed/ Consulting Services Managed Security Services SaaS Managed Backup Service Cloud App Consulting Third-party Managed Services Managed Performance Monitoring Hosted Private Cloud Cloud Application Integration Volume discounts from CSPs Unified Services Delivery Platform (managed by System Integrator) Gravitant cloudMatrix platform Markup for brokerage services High Margin High Volume Business Dedicated Cloud Services Brokerage for Enterprise IT CIO/CFO CTO/IT Architect Procurement Sys Admin/IT Ops Copyright © 2013 Gravitant, Inc.
  4. 4. With Channel Partners Service delivery platform for public cloud infrastructure and its managed and consulting services for mid-market enterprise customers Cloud services brokerage (CloudCuity) for US FED agencies; awarded Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium contract (geospatial applications) Cloud services brokerage optimized for state and local governments and US FED agencies that offer affordable and manageable hybrid cloud computing solutions. Copyright © 2013 Gravitant, Inc.
  5. 5. • Cloud Service Brokerage is a significant business initiative. Important to set up a dedicated team or business unit focused on cloud. Multi-tasking is not the answer • Success in the cloud requires new skills. Must invest in training, particularly for sales resources • Your best bet is to develop a consulting and managed service practice around cloud. Very profitable and sticky. • Customers like to start small, but cloud usage grows over time Copyright © 2013 Gravitant, Inc.
  6. 6. Channel Partners Enterprise IT • Improve Sales Velocity • Shorten request-to-quote-to-order cycle time from months to days • Improve Agility • Go from slow IT service request model to a fast designorder-fulfill model • Increase Revenue • Participate in the shift to cloud • Easily aggregate, deliver & monetize new cloud services • Cost Savings • Eliminate cost leakage in the cloud • Optimize architecture to workloads and find best cloud fit • Increase Margin • Add >20 points of margin to your cloud managed services business • Ease of Use • Single consumption interface for all cloud services (private and public) • Increase Customer Retention • Users can switch cloud providers but remain your customer (on your portal) • Improved Security • Security hub • Embedded security Copyright © 2013 Gravitant, Inc.