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The Gospel According to Jesus: Session #8

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The Gospel According to Jesus: Session #8

  1. 1. The Gospel According to Jesus– Session 8Mark 2:13-17Sunday 21st October 2012
  2. 2. Getting On the Right Side of YourDestinyDon’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
  3. 3. Mark 2:13-1713He went out to the seaside again and whenthe whole crowd came to him he taught them. He went on from there and saw Levi the son14of Alphaeus sitting at his tax booth. Jesus said tohim, “Follow me.” And he got up and followedhim.
  4. 4. Mark 2:13-1715 Later he was having dinner at Matthew’s house and many tax collectors and sinners were eating at the table with him and the disciples because there were many who had followed him.16 The scribes of the Pharisees saw him eating with sinners and tax collectors and said to his disciples, “Why is it that he eats with tax collectors and sinners?”
  5. 5. Mark 2:13-1517 Jesus overheard them and said, “It is not the healthy people who need a doctor but only those who are unwell. I have not come to call the righteous people but only the sinners.”
  6. 6. Mark 2:13-17 Read/Read Tell& Check/Tell & Check Ask the Questions Pray and be Accountable
  7. 7. Mark 2:13-17Three questions……….
  8. 8. Mark 2:13-17Three questions we want to ask…….1. WHAT is God wanting us to know?2. WHAT IF this happened in my life?3. What do I need TO DO?
  9. 9. Mark 2:13-17Question 1 There was the call of Matthew to follow Jesus There was Jesus proclamation of who he had come to rescue
  10. 10. Mark 2:13-17Question 2 I would be following when Jesus asks me “Follow him”. I would recognise who “the sick” in my world are and I would go to where the need is. I would be asking who I needed to say “Follow me” to?
  11. 11. Mark 2:13-17Question 3 I need to listen to God and go where he tells me I need to find the “Matthews”, find those persons of peace I need to seek and rescue his people
  12. 12. Mark 2:13-17Matthew, the Tax Collector
  13. 13. Mark 2:13-17
  14. 14. Mark 2:13-17
  15. 15. Mark 2:13-17