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Christ Divided


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Rob Holmes at Grace Canberra, Sunday 5th August, 2012.

Published in: Spiritual
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Christ Divided

  1. 1. Christ Divided Robert I Holmes
  2. 2. Consider Jesusand our faith of perfector the author
  3. 3. Greek or Hebrew
  4. 4. 16/7/12 Prophetic word about handling money/resources
  5. 5. • My work • God’s work • Family work• My money • My time• God’s money • God’s time• Family money • Family time
  6. 6. Why do we segregate things out between us and God...• Righteousness?• Legalism?• Safety?• Selfishness?• Honour?
  7. 7. 18/7/2012 God asked me“Is Christ Divided?” 1 Corinthians 1:12-13
  8. 8. Christ as God inheaven (beforeincarnation) Pre-incarnation (the Angel in the Furnace)
  9. 9. Christ as Man (child Christ the Carpenterson of Mary) (son of Joseph)
  10. 10. Christ the Judge (coming back)Christ the dyingMessiah
  11. 11. • Jesus is not actually compartmentalised like that.• He brought all of Christ was Himself to every undivided encounter• Right from the very beginning…
  12. 12. Baby Jesus was worshipped by magi and angels
  13. 13. This is my Son in whom I am well pleased - but hadnt even started his ministry yet!
  14. 14. Healing done with the calloused hands of a Carpenter
  15. 15. God is in heaven with wounds from the crucifixion... "behold the lamb that was slain"
  16. 16. Like DavidDavid was undivided:• Harp to the sheep fold (minstrel shepherd);• Shepherd’s purse to kill Goliath (shepherd warrior)• Dancing before the Ark (worshipping king).
  17. 17. • Am I facing God? (He is not divided) Core issue• Am I like David? (he was undivided)• No… instead, I am mostly facing people… and being the compartment they want!a Kingdom divided against itself can not stand (Mark 3:24)
  18. 18. Why then do we split things up in our minds?This belongs to us and that belongs to him…
  19. 19. Application 1Provision for “work”laptop from “education”money for kids Provision for a birthday party through money on a treeProvision for homebroadband on businesspackage from ministrystructure
  20. 20. E.g. Jesus blessing Peter’s business
  21. 21. Application 2Worship at work? CD toCampbell Page Prophecy at work... you found me!Gods advice during sport?
  22. 22. • Once God has expressed his will, we still need to put it on the ground Legal• E.g. pay tax when it is due requirements• “Go and show yourself at the temple” (Matt 8:4)
  23. 23. God paying tax (but by a miracle) Matt. 17:24-27