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Executive speech


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Executive speech

  1. 1. Executive SpeechGood afternoon everyone. I’d like to thank Jennifer Smith for thatintroduction. [Pause] Wow, being on a college campus definitely brings backmemories. I’ve been out of college for quite some time now. I won’t tell you howlong. Let’s just say it’s been a while. [Laugh] But being here on Rowan’s campusand seeing all of these young people with bright futures really makes you feelyoung again.Thank you all for taking time out of your day to join me for the grandopening of Chick-fil-A on Rowan University’s campus. This is a very excitingventure for the company so I felt the need to come out here myself to open thenew restaurant. This Chick-fil-A is the first Chick-fil-A on a college campus inNew Jersey. It is a big step for us and a big step for the university. For Chick-fil-Ait marks the opening of another restaurant on a college campus, making a total of25 on campus locations across the country. For Rowan University it marksanother business partnership and growth of the University.
  2. 2. [Pause]Today I would like to talk to you about the two E’s Chick-fil-A and RowanUniversity are very supportive of, education and the environment. These twothings both relate back to the opening of this new Chick-fil-A on your campus.We at Chick-fil-A believe very strongly in education. Education is the basisof everything. If one does not have an education in today’s world they will mostlikely not get where they want to be in life. Chick-fil-A likes to do everything it canto support education. We help students of all ages. Grade school to college.Over the past three years, almost one and a half million dollars have beendonated to support sports programs that teach kids about teamwork andleadership. You may be thinking- how do sports programs help education? Atthese sports camps the children are taught how to work well with others whilelearning, which is very important for success at school. Working with others issomething you will have to do throughout your entire education and in life, andteaching children at a young age is very beneficial. I have been told that students
  3. 3. that go through these sports programs excel further in school and showleadership potential, which makes Chick-fil-A very proud.Last year, Chick-fil-A also became a founding partner on the JuniorAchievement’s Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center. The center helps overthirty thousand middle school students in the Atlanta area. It’s a literaryexperience that offers classroom curriculums. The center offers a day-longprogram like regular school. It’s new but it is doing very well and the children whoattend are learning a lot.[Pause]Who knows? Maybe some of these students Chick-fil-A are helpingthroughout their youth will one day be attending Rowan University.Now after hearing that, don’t feel like we only help out younger children.Chick-fil-A also likes to support higher education. Chick-fil-A has put over sevenmillion dollars toward scholarships and educational development to universitiesacross the county just in the past three years. I am lucky to say one of those
  4. 4. universities is my Alma matter, Barry University. Maybe one day RowanUniversity will be one of these as well.We also help out our Chick-fil-A team members with the S. Truett CathyScholar Award. Each year 25 one thousand dollar scholarships are given out toemployees who display leadership and a high work ethic. I know some of thestudents here at Rowan will be working at this Chick-fil-A location. This may be agood opportunity for them. They can check out our website to learn more aboutthat.There is yet another thing Chick-fil-A is very proud of in terms ofeducation- the WinShape Foundation. My father, S. Truett Cathy, created thisfoundation in 1946. Its purpose is to strengthen families and bring people closertogether. [Pause] However, it also offers a lot of opportunities to students. Aboutone thousand students have been involved in the WinShape College program,which provides each student with at least four thousand dollars annually in
  5. 5. scholarships. This helps these students go places they might not have been ableto go before.As you may be able to tell, Chick-fil-A really cares about students andeducation. This makes opening a Chick-fil-A on a college campus that muchmore special.Next, there is the environment. As I have been walking through campustoday I noticed a lot of recycling bins across campus that have phrases on themabout being green. I spoke to Jennifer about this and she informed me that thecampus is very green and environmentally friendly. I know some of you may beworried that the opening of a Chick-fil-A may affect this. There is a commonstigma attached to fast food restaurants that we hurt the environment. This couldnot be less true about Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A feels it has a social responsibility tokeep the world green and clean. The owners of Chick-fil-A and all of itsemployees have to live in this world so why would we do anything to mess it up?
  6. 6. Chick-fil-A has taken many steps to make sure all of the products we useare environmentally friendly. All of our napkins, Kid’s meal bags, and tray linersare made from one hundred percent recycled content. Our foam cups are alsomade from polystyrene which can be recycled. This is different than other fastfood cups. We recycle the foam cups in over one hundred Chick-fil-A locations,including the new one here at Rowan University. By the end of next year we planto have the program nationwide. We are constantly looking for new ways torecycle materials like this one.Chick-fil-A also watches how much water it uses and tries to conserve asmuch as possible. About nine hundred of our restaurants received energyefficiency retrofits, which included the installation of faucet water restrictors, aswell as more efficient lighting systems and energy saving refrigeration retrofits.We are in the process of looking at new technologies and seeing what fits therestaurants best. These new technologies include enhanced building controlsand variable speed exhaust ventilation hoods.
  7. 7. You all may have noticed the unique design of this new restaurant on yourcampus. We modeled this one with the environment in mind. We did not chopdown any trees or interfered with any wildlife. This restaurant utilizes low-flowfixtures with an underground cistern that collect rainwater. This will help therestaurant use up to forty percent less water than an average fast foodrestaurant. There are also skylights in the dining are and kitchen which mayresult in up to a fourteen percent less energy usage.There is only one other design like this in the country in Fort Worth Texas.That restaurant was LEED GOLD certified, and we hope this one will be as well.It goes beyond the restaurant itself. Being socially conscious of theenvironment affects our supply chain as well. We look at ingredient packaging,transportation and materials and how we can change any of these things to begreener.We have also decided to buy our produce for this restaurant from localfarms. New Jersey is a farming state so I know for a fact it will be high quality.
  8. 8. Because the environment and education are important to both Chick-fil-Aand Rowan University I am glad we are embarking on a business partnership. Ifeel we fit with each other and that this restaurant will prosper. I hope to visitRowan again soon and maybe sit down and eat our signature chicken sandwichwith a few of you. Thank you all for your time, and enjoy.