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Online Video Trends 2015: Personal & Business Use


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Online video has seen a huge increase over the past few years and is carrying over into the business world and how companies are hiring.

Check out the latest statistics for video, online media and digital interviewing in our new Infographic.

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Online Video Trends 2015: Personal & Business Use

  1. 1. Sources: brought to you by: Share Candidate Rate Candidate Pre-recorded Interviews Reduces Time-to-fill by 23% Reduces Screening time by 47% of organizations currently use Live Video interviewing on a regular basis. 63% Businesses BIG & SMALL take ad- vantage of Online Video to improve their Recruitment process. @goWePow The use of video conferencing reduces business travel by up to 30% Video is KEY to the future of business. 60% of young executives say they will rely more heavily on business-class video during the next five to 10 years. 16 hours of Online Video will be streamed per worker by 2016. 59%of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text. 4 out of 5Executives say online video is an effective tool for business. Video has also changed the way we do business. 41% Percent of 65-69 year olds watch at least one online video every week. Among users that uploaded an original video, 45% included their pet or other animal. 55% In 2014 Mobile Video accounted for more than half of the mobile internet traffic. 2nd largest Social Networking site, used by 63% of adult online. 12.5days worth of video Every minuteusers upload 196MPeople in the US watch Digital Videos every month, that is more than 60% of the population! +800%Video Consumption has Skyrocketed in the past 6 years. InternetTraffic Internet Traffic by 2018 90% Video ... and WOW! There is a lot of video out there. of the information sent to the brain is visual. 90% The brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds. The average blink takes 300 milliseconds. 36,000visual messages per hour is the amount our eyes can process. We are all visual creatures, making video one of the most powerful communication and collaboration tools. WhatPeopleSee WhatPeopleRead WhatPeopleSee,Hear&Do 20% 80% 10% Better Information Retention Why are we in love with Online Video?brought to you by