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SharePoint Saturday Helsinki 2019 - Unite your Modern Workplace with Microsoft's AI ecosystem


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Your workplace is an important topic. However, it's not a tool or service you buy of the shelf. It is an idea. It's your very own concept of teamwork. Microsoft is investing heavily in this area. For example, think of productivity tools like Teams or SharePoint, and their amount of out of the box features ready to use today. But we believe there is even more. By connecting the modern workplace with Microsoft's artificial intelligence ecosystem, we showcase how your concept of teamwork united with smart services opens the door to new use cases.
This session introduces services of the Microsoft AI stack customers use in their modern workplace. From information stored in your SharePoint lists to exposing your data warehouse KPIs in a dialogue, think of bots as a tool to break up those silos to surface the essential data in your intranet and collaboration spaces. Our demos leverage the platform capabilities of Teams and SharePoint to demonstrate how to unite Office365 with Bots and Cognitive Services and therefore open up your workplace concept to new ideas of combining Office365 and Azure.

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SharePoint Saturday Helsinki 2019 - Unite your Modern Workplace with Microsoft's AI ecosystem

  1. 1. Unite your Modern Workplace with Microsoft's AI ecosystem @stephanbisser @thomyg SharePoint Saturday Helsinki 28. September 2019
  2. 2. Kiitos, thank you our dear sponsors…
  3. 3. AGENDA
  4. 4. ABOUT US THOMAS GÖLLES MICROSOFT MVP (O365) SOLVION @thomyg Head of Modern Workplace Solutions Graz, Austria STEPHAN BISSER MICROSOFT MVP (AI) SOLVION @stephanbisser Technical Lead Graz, Austria
  5. 5.
  7. 7. Source:
  9. 9. OFFICE365 IS LIKE A SWISS ARMY KNIFE … Source: Sam Marshall, Clearbox Consulting @sammarshall
  10. 10. … BUT IF ONLY IT WAS THAT SIMPLE Source: Sam Marshall, Clearbox Consulting @sammarshall
  11. 11. FOCUS
  12. 12. ByBradGrissom@grissombrad WHERE WORK GETS DONE
  13. 13. “YOU CAN’T BUY A DIGITAL WORKPLACE, IT IS A CONCEPT NOT A PRODUCT.”Source: Sam Marshall, Clearbox Consulting @sammarshall
  14. 14. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE I’ll be back
  15. 15. AI Vision Speech Language
  16. 16. AI Vision Speech Language • Face ID/Windows Hello • Document/Image Tagging in SPO • Image-content search in OneDrive • Seeing AI
  17. 17. AI Vision Speech Language • PowerPoint Live Captions • Stream Auto Transcripts • Siri/Cortana • Skype Translator
  18. 18. AI Vision Speech Language • Teams/Word Translate • Sentiment Detection • Auto Meeting minutes • Multilingual bots
  19. 19. 0 ≤ 𝑥 ≤ 1 EVERYTHING YOU SEE TODAY ... “Do I need an umbrella today?”
  20. 20. “… At the moment computers have an advantage of speed, but they show no sign of intelligence. But computers roughly obey a version of Moore’s Law, which says that their speed and complexity double every eighteen months. …” This is not surprising because our present computers are less complex than the brain of an earthworm, a species not noted for its intellectual powers.
  22. 22. AZURE AI Machine learning Azure Databricks Azure Machine Learning Azure AI Infrastructure AI apps & agents Azure Bot Service Azure Cognitive Services Knowledge mining Azure Cognitive Search For every person and every organization
  23. 23. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION + AI Artificial Intelligence
  26. 26. 2000s: Mobile • Social • User download apps from App Stores The future: Conversations • Natural language between people and technology • Conversational canvas • Bots and agents • Conversational AI 1990s: Internet • Search • User “visits” websites 1980s: PC • Desktop The evolution of computers and IT
  27. 27. • A new user interface paradigm • Exposes software services through conversational interface • In apps, browser and on IoT devices • Pro-active capabilities (Virtual Assistant etc.) • Bots CONVERSATIONAL AI Conversational AI is a subfield of artificial intelligence focused on producing natural and seamless conversations between humans and computers
  28. 28. CONVERSATIONAL AI Software as a service, SaaS solutions To enable out-of-the-box conversational AI services for key solutions Pre-trained AI, Cognitive Services To add and customize language, speech, knowledge & vision Managed bot service, Azure Bot Service To accelerate building, management and deployment of conversational AI Popular open source frameworks, Bot SDK on Github To fully integrate and customize your solution with any AI technology Solution accelerators and templates, PaaS To accelerate conversational AI solutions From the Intelligent Cloud to the Intelligent Edge Customer Care Bot Template Virtual Assistant Solution accelerator Enterprise HR Template LanguageSpeech … DecisionVision Web search Customer ServiceCortana, Teams Virtual Agent BotKit SDK Bot Framework Azure Bot Service
  29. 29. BOTS 101 “a computer program designed to have a conversation with a human being, especially over the internet” * • Solves the user’s needs in the quickest/easiest way compared to any other option... • Introduce AI in a friendly way *
  30. 30. MODERNIZING THE COMPANY FAQ Company info Departmental knowledge Troubleshooting/support + ++
  31. 31. Office Graph Knowledge Sources Manuals (PDF) Data Sources General Knowledge Points of Interest Mail Automotive Custom Other Bots Skills (Customizable) APIs Directory Tasks Calendar 3P Assistants Virtual Assistant Bot Framework + Cognitive Services Cognitive Services Your Assistant Your Brand Your Personality Language Understanding Speech VisionQnA Dispatch Type Speak Tap User Input Devices Channels Azure Bot Service Adaptive Cards
  32. 32. BOT FRAMEWORK SKILLS Skills include language models, dialogs, and cards that can be reusable across bots. Skill == Bot • Dispatcher within your core Assistant supports Interruption • Skills contains a self-describing Skill Manifest  Skills are open source, fully customizable • Skill Template • Skill CLI • C# and Typescript support Office Graph Knowledge Sources Manuals (PDF) Data Sources General Knowledge Points of Interest Mail Automotive Custom Other Bots Skills (Customizable) APIs Directory Tasks Calendar 3P Assistants Dispatch
  33. 33. CONVERSATIONAL MECHANISMS • Text, with optional media attachments • Traditional chat, can contain media attachments (e.g., image, video, audio, file) • Input prompts • Suggested actions: Buttons, numbered items in a list, etc. • Rich cards • Images, buttons, audio, animations, etc within one frame – Adaptive Cards
  34. 34.
  36. 36. • Machine learning-based service to build natural language into apps, bots, and IoT devices. Quickly create enterprise-ready, custom models that continuously improve. • New People and Geography entity recognizers • CLI tools and v4 SDK integration • CSA STAR, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, HIPAA and PCI DSS Compliance LANGUAGE UNDERSTANDING (LUIS) Always learning & improving Enterprise Grade, available worldwide
  37. 37. LANGUAGE UNDERSTANDING EXAMPLE Book a hotel in Helsinki. Intent = BookHotel Entity = Helsinki
  38. 38. LANGUAGE UNDERSTANDING EXAMPLE { "query": "Book a hotel in Helsinki.", "topScoringIntent": { "intent": "BookHotel", "score": 0.921233 }, "entities": [ { "entity": "Helsinki", "type": "Location", "startIndex": 10, "endIndex": 13, "score": 0.7615982 } ] }
  39. 39. • Data - Aggregate and extract knowledge from non structured data • Architecture. The data and runtime hosted in your Azure subscription. • Data privacy and compliance. QnA data is hosted within your Azure compliance boundary. • Seamless chit-chat integration with personalities like: Profesional; Friend; Comic. • Azure Application Insights integration. QNAMAKER
  41. 41. DEMO
  42. 42. TeamsBot Planner FlowExchange HELPING SALES Text Analysis
  43. 43.
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Please give some feedback <3