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Sponsorship globaltru


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Sponsorship globaltru

  1. 1. 4 SIMPLE RULES: 2009 – The first #truLondon No PowerPoint 2010 – 4 eventsNo Pitching 2011 – 6 events 2012 – 30 events No Name Tags 2013 – 100 eventsNo Dress Code 2014 – 150 events    
  2. 2. An unconference is a gathering of minds, experiences and opinions where the attendees are active participants and lead the conversation.WHO LEADS THE TRACKS?Track leader is someone whohas experience of the discussiontopic he or she wants to leadand is usually a thought leaderin the industry. The role of thetrack leader is to start theconversation and let theconversation evolve towhichever direction it goes.
  3. 3. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT?•  100 events 2013•  Truly global reach – events in all the continents•  As a global sponsor you can propose a locationand we will bring #tru there for you if we don’t yethave it in our calendar•  50 to 200 participants per event at the eventplace and global reach through social media
  4. 4. VISIBILITY AS A GLOBAL SPONSOR IN ALL THEEVENTS:- Global #tru web page: •  Front page •  Sponsors page- All event related printed and online material and viral effect – blogs,tweets etc.- #tru Facebook page and mentions in the Tweets- Bill Boorman’s blog: •  Front page
  5. 5. EXTENDED VISIBILITY AS A GLOBALSPONSOR IN 5 SELECTED LOCATIONS:-  #truLive (live stream) track from the event -  Example: Jobsite, KellyOCG-  All event related printed material including white paper released after the conference -  Example: Jobsite Visibility  on  all  printed   material:  - Host’s T-Shirt worn at #tru unconferences Flyers,  invita5ons,  programs,   etc.    - Verbal recognition by the unconference MC
  6. 6. Visibility  on  the  sidebar  of  the  front  page  
  7. 7. Visibility  on  the  Sponsors  page  
  8. 8. Visibility  at  the   unconferences  and   via  live  streaming  Visibility  on  host’s  T-­‐Shirt  
  9. 9. Visibility  on  Facebook  #tru  page  
  10. 10. • Publicity and professionalassociation with the #tru brand #Tru is the• Networking with and exposure to BIGGESTthe industry leaders globally ongoing series of HR unconferences• Free of charge registrations to worldwide#tru unconferences• Track leader positions for yourrepresentatives
  11. 11. Being a global #truSponsor means reaching the bright minds of today’s recruitment, internal and agency recruiters, executives, your clients and suppliers, united by a common interest, all in one place and getting your brand noticed via number of social channels. Sponsorship proposal includes:1. Visibility for the rest of 2012 and 2013 We  will  adjust  the  including all the events – estimate 100 contribu3on  and   customize  benefits   to  your   2. Extended visibility in 5 selected locations preference!  
  12. 12. Happy to answer your questions: Aki Kakko +447887473424Bill 876173